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Happy New Year everyone :) Not partying here, still have the flu + I am too old anyway :P
Let's hope 2009 brings a General Election and a new government.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Happy new year Tim and all contributers. (Particularly Patsy to whom I am not related.)

Happy New Year all!

Happy New Year All!

Happy new year one and all...just soaking up a little Brandy by the fire.

Happy New Year all - except trolls.

oh Happy New Year Trolls too! You make me smile :-)

I will be wishing you all a happy new year as well, when we have one - as far as I know it is still 2008.

It is in Europe...now...!

Off to bed shortly but a Happy New Year folks.

Happy New Year to all bloggers, staff and even resident leftie.

Happy New Year everyone,including our Resident Troll. I mean you Mr Draper.
We have stayed at home, as its colder than a walk in fridge round here, and I am too old to be bothered by a horde of jolly drunks. Thank you NuLab for the 24 hour drinking that made all this possible.

Happy New Year, to all contributors - it's been a bit of a rollercoaster. I'm having a quiet time at home but I can see the mayor's fireworks from my window.

A Happy New Year to you all!

Happy New Year All. :-)

Particularly to Tim and now Jonathan for their hard work.

Happy Hogmanay! First footing in Virginia...

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