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You can complain to the Independent Police Complaints Commission about Mr Quick here:


You may also wish to contact the Metropolitan Police Authority's members to ask them to launch an inquiry into Assistant Commissioner Quick too:


I'm reluctant to talk of a police state, but if the time did come, this prat looks like the right man for the job.

The police have behaved very badly. The facts are stark: they raided someone's office without a warrant (albeit with third party permission), they arrested and interviewed this someone for nine hours. That this someone is an MP merely compounds the vast number of screw ups in these two processes.

The police made a mistake, but won't admit it. They MAY have genuine (if ill-founded) concerns, however the manner in which they have continued to try and influence the perceptions of the public in the ensuing political fall out has been immature and wrongly motivated.

The thing which strikes me is that here is a Policeman who is in charge of counter-terrorism ranting in a slightly hysterical manner! Surely this is above all an area where a cool head is needed and for that reason I simply do not think Quick is fit for purpose!

The rights and wrongs here are beside the point, if there is genuine concern that an investigating officer has a prejudice against the person he is investigating (as now clearly seems to be the case here) then surely he must be replaced by somebody who does not appear to have such an animus.

Quick took up his post as the top CT policeman in the country in March. His wife's business's website - from which the Mail's pictures which Quick claims made it possible to identify where he lived - has been remianed on-line since then and even has their home address on it!

This strikes me as somebody complaining loudly about something to cover up something else, namely, his own incompetence.

I commented on this at length in yesterday's thread but, just to summarise in the right place:

This Labour placeman in uniform is not fit to investigate a missing cat. If he is really in charge of anti-Terror operations in this country, God help us.

Quick strikes me as an excellent choice of candidate for the Lib dems to run against Boris for Mayor.

After that a career in reality television awaits.

I'm sure Jacqui Smith will be addressing this. After all she said just last week that she doesn't want a "politicised" police force. No doubt she has now removed Mr Quick from the promotion list?

Amazing stories every day how the so called 'police' are mishandling so many cases and these are just the high profile ones we hear about - just imagine the rest.
Bob Quick has 'form' ask you Surrey members !! NuLab. and Livingstone are hugely to blame for this situation as they have slowly politicised the police force especially the met. I really big clear out and some strategic 'retirements to spend more time with the family' are called for.

There needs to be an enquiry into Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick's actions and remarks over the Whitehall leaks farce. He should be suspended immediately.

David Cameron needs to think twice about his statement, that he is "perfectly happy to work with Mr Quick on a professional basis and said it was not for him to decide whether he was the right man for the job".

As the forthcoming Prime Minister, Mr Cameron has every right to voice his opinion on whether Mr Quick is right for the job or not. He is far from right, and Mr Cameron should be far from happy from working with someone like this.

Brown and Smith, and the rest of their bully boys, might be getting their own way with the general electorate at the moment, but I think we would all like to see David Cameron and the Tories, standing up to them more.

Speak your mind David, do not be afraid of these people.

This man worries me so much its hard to put into words...

I watched a film called V for Vendetta on saturday...A really good film I thought.
Bob Quick would have made a great head of the secret police in that film!

Does he not understand the irony of calling us "corrupt" whilst he has the Labour party on speeddial! How can people like this be allowed to rise to such important positions.

I dont mean to politicise the police force...but surely this Bob Quick must resign!!...err quick!

These kind of allegations are nothing more than a distraction. What has happened to this guy with regard to the media chasing him is either something to do with the Conservatives (in which case provide the evidence) or it's down to the media (in which case launch a harrassment case against them).

Crying about this incident doesn't really demonstrate any substance to these claims.

I second that, "DJT". Let's hope for a "quick" resignation from Bob!

"Crying about this incident doesn't really demonstrate any substance to these claims."

Bob Quick ignored all the warnings that should have come from the Cash for honours scandal, that you tread carefully around political issues, instead he went charging into Damien Green's home and offices with his size 10's expecting to get a pat on the head from his political masters, if not a smooth path to the next selection round for the position of Met Commissioner. Trouble for him he did it so ineptly, both excessively and unlawfully, that he and his investigation became a political embarrassment, which has resulted in his career ambitions turning to dust just like the investigation , as a result this outburst from Quick sounds very much like someone lashing out in frustration and looking for someone to blame for his self inflicted predicament.

Full grovel'tastic apology has just been releaed by Bob Quick...Very amusing!

He seems willing to do anything to save his own neck!

I've just realised that Mr Quick has unwittingly just proved he's on the Labour payroll...

By engaging in the now traditional Labour past time of never ever resigning, no matter how much of a mess you make for yourself!

This mans apology reveals that he's clearly an idiot and not fit to hold his job.Very sad really.

Quick clearly can't continue to lead the Damien Green investigation.

Scalp him, his outburst shows that any impartiality now or in the future in regards to anything to do with the Conservative party is compromised.

In strange circumstances like this, you have to ask the question "who gains?".

I remarked a while ago that the government's "spin" line would be organised so that the Green investigation could be dropped, while maintaining distance between the decision and the Home Secretary (who otherwise would have some difficult questions to answer, particularly after some of her assertions in the house). The idea was to find some sort of operational reason to drop the enquiry, making it very clear the Jacqui Smith had nothing to do with it, and if possible give the impression that the Conservatives were guilty but had "got away with it."

I believe what we are seeing here is part of that process.

I think we have to be just a little bit careful not to go over the top in our criticism of the police. After all is said and done Mr. Green has yet to be totally vindicated. Bob Quick’s comments were extremely silly, but he has gone some way to apologizing for them. Remember there will come a time when the Conservatives will again be the ruling party, We have generally maintained a good relationship with the police. Clearly a few heads will roll after the election but for the most part I think you will all agree that the police do an excellent job for the most part, under extremely difficult circumstances.

JohnfromCamberley has some interesting ideas...

But as much as I would like to think this was all part of a greater planned conspiracy I have to be honest and look at Labour's track record!

With a history of cock ups too long to list I just dont think Labour have the brains for such a plan??
I seriously doubt it!

Certainly not ludicrus over promoted half-wits like Jacqui Smith!

I have now reflected on the comments I made yesterday at a difficult time for me and my family...

Imagine what comments he might have made if he’d suffered a really difficult time, such as being banged up for nine hours, such as having his home turned upside down, etc.

The policeman tasked with reacting to terror threats should be capable of retaining his judgement when under pressure.

Well said Mark Fulford!

Dominic Grieve's statement clearly demonstrates that he understands that this isn't helpful to the Tories to be seen at war with the police (even incompetent police officers).

How very NuLab of him to plead family circumstances as a reason for behaviour a man in his position should never commit. He sounds just like 'Speaker' Mick.

Sounds like a last-minute, desperate attempt, to get himself appointed to replace Sir Ian Blair, on the basis that, in the circumstances, the Tories couldn't oppose him. Has Mandelson written all over it!

Frying pan and fire comes quickly to mind for London.

Upon reflection, having to move your family for fear of their safety is a difficult time and we shouldn't judge too harshly. Bob Quick's comments did nothing that couldn't be fixed with an apology, and that is what he has done.

Would I be the only person to sense this is the covert work of the Prince of Darkness trying to discredit the Tories? It has his hallmarks and many of our politicised public employees are only too willing to oblige.Or am I being too cynical?

Unless we can turn this issue into an attack on the Govt, we should drop it.

The real issue in all of this still is, "we want to tell you about the government's lies about illegal immigration, and this Police business is all a bit of a diversion."

I think that the issues of Parliamentary sovereignty and the privileges of MPs that arise out of the Green case are weighty and important, but the public don't really get them yet.

Quick's Fit has likely guaranteed him a place on the TV in Get me out of here I'm a celebrity, whereas David Davis on the other hand was the epitome of rationality and is unlikely to be seen appearing next to him anytime soon.

The police Service must remain neutral and be seen to be impartial. Unfortunately, Mr Quick's comments were inappropriate.

However, he has since unreservedly appologised and that should conclude matters.

This sorry affair does indicate that his political masters at the Home Office have had some influence over his attitude. Senior Police Officers must remain detached, remain above reproach so as to maintain their professionalism.

Once trust and confidence have gone, they must be replaced.

I think this goes to show just how deeply the ranks of the Civil Service and major organisations has been infiltrated by NuLab protegees over the years; Teflon Tone first began by dismantling the HoL and putting his own cronies in place of unelected hereditary peers - some difference that was!
Since then we've seen the upending of rules and protocols that have been in place since the Magna Carta - in the name of "reform" - which has allowed this government to take charge of virtually every British institution via the back door.
Small wonder then that a senior (senior? - still wet behind the ears, more like) copper throws his dummy out of the pram and behaves like a spoiled schoolboy.
NOT impressed with the "apology"; the guy should have thought more deeply before opening his mouth in the first place.

Why does an apology negate the fact that Quick is unacceptable in his post because of his poor judgement and political bias?

First, the CT guy is not a prime terrorist target (he just likes to think he is). If he were, there would have been a D notice (or the current equivalent) on identifying family etc - also his wife would not be allowed to run a business because families have the same 'terrorism risk' rating as the principal.
Second, this only confirms my observation from ground level that as I look up the ranks of the Met I see nothing but increasing levels of incompetence.
Third, interesting to note that our Jacqui issues an official press release referring to Bob - first name terms huh?
Fourth, I propose to Boris as Chairman of MPA that all officers of Cief Superintendent and above in the MPS should be required to declare whether they are or ever have been members of a political party.

This man is obviously not of a suitable character to be a senior policeman.

If you take my advice, My Tory friends, you will just leave it at that.

I hate the fact the Conservative Party always seems to be warring with the police these days.

"Upon reflection, having to move your family for fear of their safety is a difficult time and we shouldn't judge too harshly. Bob Quick's comments did nothing that couldn't be fixed with an apology, and that is what he has done."

I know that by nature the average Policeman is a suspicious even paranoid person but:

Crazy allegation moving to a safe house out of fear of Tory reprisals. Gads what on earth is he saying? (Its one thing that communications are being intercepted; it should stop) But does he imagine that the Eton Mafia have machine guns in those case’s, no they are violins. This starts to sound even more insulting when you look closer. Who was he fearful would attack him or his family? Dave is hardly a psychopathic mob leader is he? Moving his children to safty what the hell is he saying?

Having to contend with a terrorist threat can be very irksome for all concerned. Coming from a forces family, I remember the tedious necessity of checking the family car before using it in the 70s and 80s due to the threat from IRA car bombs. I seem to recall the military police would not be happy if they found an unattended car with a window left open. Security was pretty strict in those days and it applied to husbands wives and children.

Quick's diatribe has NuLab written all over it. One of their more successful approaches has been to accuse the Tories of underhand methods they are not using but Labour are.

I recall a certain Ms Dick is reported to have NuLab contacts too.

He was certainly Quick to apologise

Can you smell a Mandelson here?
Trap you in a messy matter of principle issue whilst distracting you from what really matters ie the Brown sponsored economic meltdown.

So all the voters see is the Tories embroiled in some 'police leak inquiry'.
Meanwhile Gordon is 'working hard helping working families' (give me strength).

Nothing we say or do will change what they have done to Damian Green.

Focus on the economy. That is all that matters:

1. Repay the Government debt & live within our means
2. Build new power stations - coal & nuclear
- Labour's failure to act means we have an energy crisis looming
3. Lower & simpler taxes - in favour of WORKING people
4. Less regulation to help businesses and let us live our lives - enough means enough

Oh and one from me - Abolish TV license fee/make New Labour Media Corporation (aka BBC) compete with every other media organisation

The whole thing is thoroughly depressing. I would guess the source is internal petty malice. As Quick didn't make the shortlist to replace Blair, he probably has reached his ceiling career-wise and some previous "close friend" has jumped ship, or a disgruntled colleague has seen an opportunity for a free hit.
It is reminiscent of the Met Gay Police vs Met Christian Police fracas and debacle:

It would appear that the old Police value of being partisan to none has been replaced by "All be as partisan as you like and let's hope it evens out."

Disgraceful behaviour best left in kindergarten.

Bob Quick is in charge of anti terrorism right? Well I wouldn't want to be a Brazilian in London while he's in charge.

ACPO works against the public interest and should be shut down ASAP.

If such an organisation is needed then it should be an official public organisation subject to proper accountabily (including freedom of information requests).

Quick is unfit for his post, that he could have got into such a position shows that they system is not working. All top police jobs should be up for a total review at the earliest possible opportunity.

No doubt quick will be leaving of full pension etc in the not too distant future -despite having never been fit for the job, so having never really 'earnt' his salary at all.

I remember the Police and security, that would descend on my home village when a certain Mr Airy Neave, was at home. We took it all in a good spirit. After all we were proud of Mr Neave. Even when they searched me three times in the same quarter mile stretch, within ten minutes. I accepted that there was a real terrorist threat. In those days we took the police seriously, and we respected them. Just recently it seems that they (the senior ranks of the police that is) have lost their way.
I put it down to a combination of factors, chief of which is Nu-Labours corrosive effect on our traditional values. We lost Neave in London miles from home and in a place were you would have thought he was pretty safe. There was no blame game or any finger pointing, that I can remember, just sorrow at the waste of a good man. I think this Quick issue shows just how far out of touch our Police have become imagination has run riot now the Conservative party has become the enemy.

The promotion of thick political placemen must be exposed if the top Met police`are to be effective.It is unfair on the great majority of fine men and women in our police force to be led by people who are so manifestly unsuitable for their jobs. It is worrying to see the Conservatives criticising the police, but they should emphasize the fact that they are only targetting incompetent high ranking individuals, not the force in general.

The promotion of thick political placemen must be exposed if the top Met police`are to be effective.It is unfair on the great majority of fine men and women in our police force to be led by people who are so manifestly unsuitable for their jobs. It is worrying to see the Conservatives criticising the police, but they should emphasize the fact that they are only targetting incompetent high ranking individuals, not the force in general.

I would like to see a campaign started now.

Any senior police officer stepping down due to 'work related stress' or similar condition should be held responsible for 'contributory negligence' for taking the job (with all its benefits) in the first place, and forefit any additional pension or other benefits that were associated with the post.

If Quick or any other senior police officer 'retires' early at public expense on non-physical 'health grounds' - they can come and dig my garden, and do other odd jobs for me - I am paying, I should call the tune.

The public (well myself and many of my aquaintences) are sick to the back teeth of failed public servants becoming 'kept men' or 'kept women' at our expense - is Cameron strong enough to sort this out?

Just like leaving the EPP, I think he will wobble - he is still the only option for the country, but it would be nice to think he could actually do more than is strictly required.

You all make me sick. The Police have made sure that London is a safe City for years. When you dial 999 the Police will arrive within minutes with the knowledge that they could face injury or death when carrying out their duties. Bob Quick lashed out and now you all wish to punish and ruin another officer just like what was done with Sir Ian Blair. Talk about bite the hand that feeds you , this is the ultimate abuse of those that protect and care for us . Just how much more can you bash the Police Force without demoralising the entire Force. This is clearly selfish Political games that must stop. You are all complete fools that dont deserve a good Police Force that has succesfully protected you all. Maybe Poetic justice will come one day to all those that want to destroy what is good.

I know this is the season of goodwill but what a spectacularly thoughtless post from Dr Simmons. The people who post on this blog want a good police force. Quick may be a good officer but his crass behaviour in recent days suggests that he is not the man to lead the anti terrorist squad.

Dr Simmons

You are a nutter - your unreserved adoration of the police is preumbaly matched by you unreserved adoration of the NHS, Foreign Aid and loads of other 'motherhood' tags.

So having told us that we must give all of our money to support the police, how do we then give all of our money to support the NHS, how do we then give all our money to support the Fire Service, how do we then give all of our money to support blah blah blah.

Give me access to the PNC, a website to log crime to receive a 'crime reference number' (to keep the insurance companies happy) - and I will probably never bother the in my life again...

Anti-terrorism/national-security should never be a primary purpose of any police action - these are things for the security services.

Dear PP or whatever your name is

You give a clear example of a complete fool , you dont know exactly what your name is : PP , and you address me as Nutter. Obviously this accounts for the type of person like yourself that regularly uses these Blogs to let of your sad steam. You dont even know what you are talking about and prevaricate like a sad looser . Please try and have a good new year and try and look on the Bright Side of Life. Please have a drink on me.

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