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It is time we had a democratically elected Chairman accountable to the membership. Then we would not get into these recurring problems. Perhaps Lord Ashcroft might stand? I am happy to nominate him.

This mess is the perfect cover to move Osborne, as Iain suggests, into the Chairman role where his skills will be best placed.

No loss of face, simply moving personnel to reflect the changed world, and state of the party.

How many more people need suggest that Osborne would be perfect as Chairman before Cameron listens?

I wouldn't be interested in becoming another chairman. Too busy with projects / relaxing / posting on ConHome etc.

I'll call you, Dave. Let Osborne do it.

In the next hour or so we're going to get a new poll on voting intentions. To be honest I'm not expecting a great result, but this is Populus we're talking about. Unfortunately, I think the Queen's speech was given favourable coverage, and this "Gordon Brown said" line continues in the media as it has since September, despite everything with Damian Green. But fingers crossed.

We have it on good authority up here that Sayeeda Warsi will be the next Chairman of the Conservative Party. You heard it hear first!

Britain unaffected by the Conservative Research Department.

That's a relief, though I suspect its a u-turn and the blogosphere was actually on to something.


You are a guest here and I'm grateful for alternative views but there are limits to hospitality.

If you offer constructive critiques that's helpful but constant negativity serves no purpose.

You didn't like my comment re. Mr Cameron's speech on 'International human rights' did you Ed!

I supported you yesterday when you were being negative about CCHQ's profligate spending.

I will give it a rest out of respect for private property not because the 4% lead Conservative Parliamentary Party deserve plaudits.

Time is running out.

Supporting me when I'm being the awkward squad doesn't count as balance Henry!


I always support you Ed. because you have earned my respect.

Evening Dewsbury Tory. Perhaps we could meet up, together with Wearside Tory and North East Tory and form a Tories in unpromising areas club. The inaugural meeting could be held on a council estate in Stoke :)

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