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I wouldn't have thought any of them would have time to read over Christmas! Constituency drinks parties, wives making them go out and get the Christmas tree, put up the Christmas lights, play Father Christmas, talk nicely to the mother-in-law, read the lesson in church, carve the turkey etc. etc. etc. - I think you get the picture! They will probably want to come back to Westminster for a rest!

What a dull list of books - get a good thriller novel or Terry Pratchett's latest offering and have a good laugh.... If you haven't already read Spike Milligan's war memoirs then it is time you did.

Do you know, when I read the list I felt sure that there would be a UKIP troll comment about Chris Patten's book. Ah well, perhaps they haven't visited yet today.

I'm still working my way through the summer list, although this lot actually looks rather interesting - my 2009 list for sure!

Look at the length of that list!

Jeez, how long do these guys get off for Xmas!?!

No Alan Furst?

A list in need of amending :-)

Do you know, when I read the list I felt sure that there would be a TRG troll comment about Chris Patten's inane book. And so it proved.

Crumbs, is this list designed for insomniacs?

My problem with most political books, and to a greater degree business books, is that the lessons to be learnt from them can be had in the first quarter to a third of the book.

I have dragged myself through the first half of Goodwin's book on Lincoln, Nudge remains three quarters read on my bookshelf and any number of must read books remain unfinished. The only non-fiction that seems to get finished is military history, I can highly recommend The Iron Marshall by John Gallagher.

Or why not ditch the whole lot and try this instead: White Elephant

Only one novel, and that by a liberal wannabe MP whose entire ouevre I would have expected to be a sine qua non for any candidate, let alone an Hon member. How depressing. Ditto the inclusion of the works of cod sociology masquerading as behavioural psychology. Actually, I don't know what's more depressing; the list itself, or the notion that educated adults should have their reading directed.

I read a book once.

Delighted to make the list. May I just correct the spelling of my name? It's Barton, not Bartin.

Last Christmas I read Balfour: The Last Grandee by RJQ Adams.

This year I will read Bonar Law by the same author.

I want to apologize for my earlier comment, I was in a right bah-humbug mood- the kettle broke so crap tea via saucepan, Christmas cards unwritten again etc etc. Had a bath. Smoothed a cat. Some sort of genius electrician partner fixed kettle. Sorry for prior negativity, it's an interesting list!

I think I'm a manoeuvrist - the last few times I have played Axis and Allies with my friends I been able to keep my opponents on a back foot by constantly launching attacks, even when I knew they wouldn't be won. Thus retaining the initiative (what a clever clogs).

I wonder whether DC is a positionalist or manoeuvrist?

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