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Do you feel the Conservative party should be taking a more skeptical stance on climate change ?

Should we build "Boris Island" airport ?

Should the next manuifesto contain a commitment to a referendum on whether we remain in the EU ?

Do you think that it is the responsibility of the Government in power to cut public spending in the face of the huge debts that we are increasing in every month that goes by?

Should public spending rise in real terms, stay static in real terms or fall in real terms?

Should the next manifesto contain a commitment to introduce national and social service ?

Not Cameron's stupid 6 week volountary scheme

Should there be an English Parliament

People's views on co-operation with the Lib Dems might be interesting, given recent speculation.

Should the Conservative Party allow its MPs and Parliamentary Candidates to publicly support the Freedom Association's Better Off Out campaign or campaign for withdrawal from the European Union?


Should the Conservative Party withdraw the whip from and deselect Parliamentarians who

a) support publicly the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty


b) oppose Britain holding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, before or after ratification


c) advocate Britain replacing Sterling with the Euro?

Re Party membership you could ask the following questions:
1) Should the Party Chairman be elected by the members and accountable to the members?
2) Should the Party Treasurer be elected by the members and accountable to the members?
3) Should the Party have an Annual General Meeting to which all members are invited and at which there is a Chairman's report presented and the Party's accounts adopted?
4)Should the Party conference have motions for debate?
5) Should the constitution of the Party be determined by the members on the basis of one member one vote?

Until the Party understands that until you involve members and allow them to participate in the running of the Party, membership will continue to decline. Incidentally it is much worse than The News of the World suggests. It is now below 200,000. The only consolation is that the Labour Party's membership position is worse, but it has also followed the Conservatives in centralised control.

Should the Party support James Purnell's welfare reform plans?

Should the Party support the part-privatisation of the Post Office?

Should Ulster Tory get a new member's badge after his last one got mucked up in the washing machine?

I agree with John Strafford's questions on Party members involvment.

(1) Should more attention be given to localism in politics?

(2) Should the Church of England seperate from the State?

(3) Has the Damian Green affair shown that our Police are already politicised?

(4) Is the Conservative Party doing enough to oppose the Government's ID card scheme?

I second JC's 'Boris Island' question.

I like number 4 of Julian's.

Why not do an Iain Dale style end of year award thingy too?

I can't remember seeing the breakdown of ConHome support for the Presidential candidates from a previous survey, which would be interesting.

As for questions this time:

Should David Davis be brought back into the Shadow Cabinet?

Should the Tories advocate cutting public spending?

Which Labour minister do you think has been the most effective in terms of getting the government's message across and damaging the Tories?

In the event of a hung parliament, would you support a coalition with the Liberals?

Thanks for your suggestions. I've used a good number of them.

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