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glad Saj is ok!


people have been killed. It is not funny.


I know its all hear say but from the news it seems that Indian Government Officials have been targeted too. The last time something of this magnitude happened India and Pakistan ended up having over a million men lined up at their borders and a pebble skip from the spectre of nuclear war.

I wish them well and commisserations to the injured assistant! It must be a truly frightening experience!

Bombay police are reporting "at least 78 dead" according to the BBC at the moment, although no reference on the site to any Britons (let alone MEPs) involved.

The BBC obviously playing catchup to CHome news!

My thoughts and concern are with everyone there, regardless of nationality or religion. I pray, as YMT worries, that it doesn't escalate and there are no more deaths.

apparently Saj is still trapped.

Appalling stuff.

Oh, and clearly it's "Bombay".

Sky showing the Taj Hotel on fire!

Sally, have you got a decent up to date news source, because as I said at 21:24, the BBC are well behind the game and I want to keep up with what is unfolding.

The latest online Telegraph report is here

go to Sky News Geoff. They are very up to date.

Cheers Sally.

this is really terrible :(

Geoff if you go to fox news website they have a live link of the coverage of the Indian tv station report.

A good spot, Meli and thanks. I can't get Fox in my part of the (non-UK) world so I tend to forget that website. Nice one.

A terrible event - our thoughts are with all those involved, and their families.

I travelled to Delhi on a business trip in late September on the day when the first series of bombs exploded in markets there - while we were still in the air - so from the number of anxious texts and calls we all got when we landed I have some tiny appreciation of the torture some families in the UK must be going through right now.

I have been expecting to be sent on a following trip to Mumbai early next year, which I guess will now be dependent on the security situation.

As I say, my thoughts are with the victims and others caught up in this, including the two MEPs and their staff.

I might also take the opportunity to remind people leaving political comments on this thread regarding for example the EPP that this is completely inappropriate in the circumstances, and I hope that they are suitably ashamed of themselves.

Yes, I'll echo Richard in regard to very inappropriate comments. There is a time and a place, and this is not it.

I had base lockdowns because of the IRA a good few years ago when I wore a uniform and by a fluke of a delayed train I missed the Madrid station bombing by two hours. Nothing like that compares at all to our corresponents seeing people shot, that MEP having to hide in the kitchen...these people are going through hell.

Spot on Richard, certain posters should be ashamed.

Geoff: I had base lockdowns because of the IRA a good few years ago when I wore a uniform...Spot on Richard, certain posters should be ashamed.

Thanks, Geoff - and more importantly, as a civilian, thank you for your service. If our paths should cross, I'd like to shake your hand and buy you a drink...

Does ayone know if our MEPs are free? or are they still trapped?

This is appalling.

I haven't heard anything yet but hope they come out of it ok, with as many people as possible who are still alive.

True Blue I haven't heard any more. The last thing we all knew was that Sajjad Karim was barricaded in the basement, in the dark, and the battery on his mobile had gone. We all hope and pray that he is one of the people that has been rescued but am afraid we must all wait for news.

P.S. Sorry - just to add to that, Syed Kamall was outside the hotel and therefore is believed to be safe.

Latest - Have now heard that Saj Karim is safe.

Sky News now reporting that "The hostage situation in the Taj Hotel is ended". Apparently many guests still in their rooms but the hostages have been rescued.

Sky is reporting the situation is still very much ongoing. Over 120 apparently dead and a gun and grenade fight going on at the Oberoi Hotel.

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