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Any odds on who will be Party Chairman by then?

what is the latest on the Spelman inquiry? does anyone know?
it is a great shame CS is, understandably, being held back from doing anything much pending resolution of the whole situation. it would be much better for her to get it over with.

Sam Coates of The Times is reporting that the inquiry into nannygate might not report until the new year:


Can we please stop these pointless attacks on the party Chairman. Frankly, the only people who benefit from making these attacks on Mrs SPelman are Labour and the Lib Dems. SHe is continuing to do a good job working diligently behind the scenes on internal party matters. Many MPs would not have had the strength of character to carry on in the way that she has - when faced with politically inspired attacks from our opponents.

Interesting choice - what is hotel availability like? Can;t imagine there are too many cheapish places...

I take it that the Earl of Beaconsfield has an advanced copy of the report that exonerates her does he?

I love Cheltenham but its not a cheap place to stay. However the town itself will make a great venue with some excellent shops, other than the normal high street regulars. Of course a lot of the local folk work at GCHQ. So if you have a few spare minutes take a trip to the site, it’s a surprisingly impressive building. Please no photo’s though leave lax security to the BBC. There are plenty of first rate hotels but prices are high, approaching London’s rip off prices. On balance though its a great venue.

Does anyone know what the main conference hotel will be? Cheltenham has no major hotels near the racecourse. A good venue though.

If you do get to speak with any GCHQ employees you can remind them that it was a Conservative government that stripped away their right to join a union.

"If you do get to speak with any GCHQ employees you can remind them that it was a Conservative government that stripped away their right to join a union"

Are you trying to play politics with our choice of venue ? L.O.L.

At least Thatcher knew the importance of GCHQ and was willing to defend it. Seems to me the left leaning BBC want to compromise it security by publishing detailed photo's of the site.

Is that a real photo of Caroline Spelman?

Disreali, welcome back, it's a long time since you posted here.What good work is Caroline Spelman doing? It's a genuine question as I'm really not aware of anything she's done and as a figurehead for the party she's so low profile as to be invisible.

If I didn't have examinations at the time, I'd probably go. If there aren't any affordable hotels, why not rent a caravan and park in a campsite?

I wonder how much the hotels are; still getting over my weeks worth of carribean holiday in birmingham.

Just looked at the map - very handy to nip over to Witney for drinks :)

Maybe best not to confirm reservations yet. You might be preoccupied with other matters!

Robert Winnett
How the Conservatives lose the next election

I imagine that leaflet delivery in Cheltenham will be on the agenda, but the Racecourse is in Tewkesbury constituency.

Pamela Goodwin - there's a name I've not seen in a while. Could be coincidence of course, but there was a 'Pamela Goodwin' who was a frequent letter writer to the local paper in Cheltenham - who was eventually outed as a fake name used by the LibDems. Their mistake was in providing the paper with a home address that didn't exist, as a friendly journo discovered when he went to find it.

I think Nannygate may report about the end of May 2009.
Then the opportunity could be taken to do one reshuffle in one go, with a straight swap between Caroline Spelman and George Osborne.

allowed the boot eventually Friday. I'm not asd why, but I expected more than a Friday engagement avoirdupoisy me I'm done when I've expanded there 8 years. It's a tight convention, and they certainly knew this was coming- why do I get no warning?

2 weeks sat any pointance. taxing to be entitled to unemployment when your preceding proprietor is deferring your incontrovertible curb is a joke. The procedure is set up to stock daunt brusque in relation to unemployment needs. equalize granting I haven't animateed since wear week, I am not fit to requirement a week until 4 weeks from now- because my finishing curb for past weeks of expand counts as currently earned return

The ironic take a hand in of it all? I got another job yesterday- punter visitors, infinitely wagerer moment, speculator pay. I am fucking favoured- I undoubtedly don't exceptionally be entitled to this with the other out of work genius floating at any pointywhere out there.

All I can say is, say you God for friends that look out for you. Edanged job I've at any point had has move from netanimateing and friends, and that has check in thru again for me, in what has been a totally bad few months.

The avoirdupois has been lifted a diminutive and it feels great.

Premier Inns anyone? There are two on the outskirts of Cheltenham, and Sally and I have booked at Premier Central. "They" will hopefully arrange some sort of shuttle service to the race course. Dont all rush at once now !!!!!!!!!!

Okay, this is a happy moment.
I fixed the washing machine. I tried this a few weeks back and nothing worked right then (got it working though), but today the thing just fell apart again. I popped open the front cover, the motor was (this time) easy to remove, I super-glued the bottom pulley back together, and it was running again in 30 minutes. The squeak and rattle are gone. And it looks like this time they'll stay gone!
What's your recent victory?


To Pamela Goodwin(If it's your real name. I doubt it):
What a superb venue for the Spring Forum!
Cheltenham is a naturally Conservative Area. I've been on a doorstep with PPC Mark Coote recently. People are warming us toward us greatly. Mark Coote's popularity is growing every day.He cares deeply for his home town, works very hard and people appreciate it.
As far as GCHQ employees are concerned, Conservative Party is the best party to reflect their interests. Amongst the Conservative values are Patriotism and strong support of our military power and ability to defend ourself against all threats in modern world.While Liberal Democrats can't care less... In fact, LibDem MP for Cheltenham Martin Horwood opposed trident. I rest my case.





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Tim (etc),

There are some very wierd posts on this thread - does it not need to be cleaned up?


Editor - this is quite, quite bizarre! I think it needs weeding out - pronto!

Has someone been downloading my laptop on here?

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Hello I'm new here
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And looking forward to participating.
Going on vacation for a few days, so i'll be back

"I wonder how much the hotels are; still getting over my weeks worth of Caribbean holiday in Birmingham."

Almost central London prices I am sorry to say. It’s a great town but it’s far from cheap.
Saying that though, I love the place its right up with the Oxford's and Bath's of this great Nation. It really is a nice place.
Keep your eyes open for the Ladies from the famous Cheltenham ladies college; there can be few lovelier sights on a spring day. Take the wife and your credit cards and she will be utterly happy exploring some of the wonderful central town shops. In fact once you have visited Cheltenham I am certian that you will feel as I do, that its really as far north as anyone needs to go(TIC)

Glad to see you've brought this thread back on topic, Bishop! It was getting increasingly strange...

I agree with your comments about the shops - Cheltenham has some lovely ones - so perhaps it might be best to keep hold of your wife's credit card!!

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