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"..defends Belfast celebration.."

I see nothing to 'defend'.

More a case of staunchly upholding the achievements of a unit upon its homecoming.

Quite simply, ignore those who wish to introduce other elements into this particular situation.

Those referring to "The British Army", rather than "our army" made their thoughts clear in an alternative parade.

A few of my friends got the Easyjet over last night to support the troops on their parade through Belfast.

The Royal Irish Regiment and its forerunner, the UDR, holds a special place in the hearts of many people, on both sides of the border, both Protestant and Catholic and it is entirely appropriate that should be allowed to hold a procession through Belfast city centre, just as their comrades from the other three corners of the United Kingdom do in their cities.

The actions of Sinn Fein and the dissidents in opposing the parade are beneath contempt and show what they really want - a de-britishing of Northern Ireland. So much for 'Unionist Outreach'.

Looks like the protest didn't put too many people off turning out anyway...


In Ireland the criminal fraternity known as the Irish Republican Army (with or without a particular prefix), has been responsible for an array of crimes against both the Irish people and the dictats of the Catholic Church throughout the course of its squalid history.

That Mark Thompson is free to put his view in the Belfast Telegraph is in no small measure due to the sacrifices made by the men and women of the British Army down through the generations.

Shame on you Mr Thompson and your bigoted views.

Exactly Giles. Owen Patterson shouldn't have to defend anything.He should instead by attacking the Mark Thompsons of this this world and other scum who make up the leadership of Sinn Fein.

Don't Sinn feinn realise that without the British army the EU Gendfor would have been on our streets long ago.
glad to see people welcoming the troops back home once more.

On another matter entirely, I wonder if you bloggers and friends of bloggers might not benefit from a little more excecise, shall we say Nov 5th, in London.



I am pleased that Owen Paterson has spoken out in support of the Irish troops who have bravely and quietly carried out their duties in support of the Afghan people. It is easy for us to forget the terrible conditions women lived under in Afghanistan while it was under Taliban rule.
Owen does not speak out lightly or in search of the populist vote. He knew that it was right to honour the brave soldiers and so he did it. We need more leaders of his calibre.

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