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Yup! George gave them both barrels. The post announcement reactions from the commentariat isn't good and after a day to reflect I expect it to get even worse. The final nail in the coffin of this government.

Did George mention that this is the first rise in an income tax rate since 1975 ? How long before Darling has to go cap in hand to the IMF to bail out the country ?

If this is what you think is "outstanding" then I'd hate to see what a poor performance from him is like.

The problem is he still looks and sounds like a schoolboy and that reduces any confidence people might have in him.

"The problem is he still looks and sounds like a schoolboy and that reduces any confidence people might have in him."

As opposed to a lying badger?

I think George Osborne can be confident that his members survey rating will be back to October levels after that performance.

The problem is he still looks and sounds like a schoolboy and that reduces any confidence people might have in him.

Posted by: NorthernMonkey | November 24, 2008 at 16:55

When you are a Liebore drone, all decent people look like schoolboys when placed against your wonderful, charasmatic and superbly turned out psychopath of a so called leader. George WAS GREAT! Get used to it. I can see why Liebore and Mandy have been trying so hard and failed to unseat him. Excellent.

I agree. It was a powerful performance,he sounded really angry. I was very impressed.

My only criticism of his performance is that he sounded shrill, at least to start with. Fortunately the excellent content and indeed his passion soon overcame that initial impression. I do hope his voice training will enable him to adopt a lower pitch.

Yes, GO did put in a very strong performance today

Does this mean many of you lot will stop being sucked in by our Labour-biased media and stop attacking him for the time being?

We now know what he is made up off. Absolutely wonderful response (concise and effective).I hope with this , his critics will now shut up.

Very good response by GO. Especially liked the £20bn tax reductions paid for by £40bn tax rises!! Brown looked very uncomfortable!

BBC saying the borrowing is "eye-watering"!

I also thought the Parliamentary Party did a very good job supporting George!

The nice thing about specifically funded tax cuts is that he can stack them up directly against the parasites in the to be cut quangos and psuedo "charities"

The guardianista should be quaking in their looted wallets

He expressed the anger we ALL feel! All of us of course except the NuLiebore Drones...

Just noticed that FTSE has closed up the highest single day rise.

However biggest risers appeared to be overseas companies.

I am not one of his supporters, however today he gave an outstanding performance. Well done.

It was a good solid performance, to say it was outstanding may be exaggerating slightly. I wish there was something substantive in regards policy although obviously it is difficult when a loud aggressive response is expected in the House. As an aside Kenneth Clarke's question was excellent.

I've given Osborne his share of stick recently, but today I thought he was wonderful. He seems to raise his game and hit the nail on the head when the chips are down.

George did ok but it was a real presentational mistake for him not to unveil one or two ideas of his own, with regards to stimulating the economy and helping individuals through the recession - made it look easy for Labour to palm him off with "We care, they don't" etc

I find the repeated use of the sun and roof mending analogy embarrassingly clunky.

I thought was good on his analysis of the economic problems and the responsibility of the government in creating them BUT and it is a big but I did not hear him say anything at all on the effects of the recession and how it will affect people caught up in it.In that respect and purely from a political perspective Cable was far superior as painful as that is to admit.
Pity this poor country though with a couple of jokers in Darling and Brown steering us on to the economic rocks only concerned about the electoral concerned about their party and not the country.

I'm sure Osborne will continue to get into the nitty gritty in the coming weeks, but surely the goal of today was to destroy what Darling said and highlight Labour's epic failings? If Osborne mentioned a couple of policies in there - and I actually think he did quote one or two - I very much doubt they'd be mentioned at all in the media. This was all about the narrative of Labour taking us into very dangerous territory, and that's why what Osborne said was right.

I, too, have had very serious misgivings about Osborne -in particular his bad mouthing colleagues to Mandleson! I absolutely cannot tolerate two faced people!

That said, Osborne was excellent, apart from his shrill voice (Get acting lessons Mr osborne as a matter of some urgency!!)

I do hope Cameron and Osborn and others will finally slay the Lib Dems, especially Cable, lets not forget that whilst the Labour Government has placed us standing in the pawnbrokers the Lib Dems supported them most of the way.

This is going to get dirty now. although the reaction from the City and elsewhere is not good news for Brown.

Stand by for the next opinion poll showing +50% Tory support!!

A huge gamble by Labour. By so publicly blaming the US, if the US economy recovers by 2010 but ours doesn't, then Brown and Darling will have nothing left to blame but their own incompetence.

I actually think this could make an early election much more likely, as the lie will be well and truly exposed by 2010.

Labour have blown it, just like they always do in the end. Pity is that the country suffers.

George Osbourne has already missed the first hurdle - the Lib Dems and Labour have their people on the PM programme yet "no one was available from the Tory treasury team to speak to us"

What the h*ll is going on? Is he scared of interviews?

At last we are fighting back! We need to keep hammering on that we are in the worst position of all European nations to wirthstand this downturn as Brown taxed us to the hilt in the good times and squandered it all.

What an absurdity to cut VAT! 2.5% off won't attract anyone to spend and the cost to business of readjusting all their tills, paperwork etc. must be eye-watering.

The rise in alcohol duty negates the 2.5% VAT cut on it, and the duty rise will remain when the VAT rate twitches back in 13 months. So Darling has made alcohol cost about the same this Christmas and even more next year.

Can our Treasury team get an estimate of how much it will cost businesses to adapt to the new VAT rate?

"no one was available from the Tory treasury team to speak to us"

Exactly and his performance was only adequate.
Its not just George there are other people who are not being thrust forward right now.
We really should be hearing from a number of people on a daily basis. Is it the outside interests that are cramping team play. I think its because there is not a strong president of the party ensuring that the BBC,SKY etc have plenty of people to interview. It’s embarrassing the opposition is being lead voiced by a Liberal. If Winston was here now he would be telling us that we need exposés, exposure and exposition we need a front bench that is known to the mass of the public not just a few “Guys” in the right sort of club.

"And the borrowing is very significant. £118bn next year – that’s a 37-year high. You have to go back Edward Heath in 1971 to match it. That represents 8 per cent of GDP."

This was on the Channel 4 blog! Quite something for the pinkos there to admit...

All this hooha for what is a really a rather small stimulus ie 1% of GDP.

Any effect is likely to be ephemeral. It will be overwlemed by the scale of the economic contraction. Spending money on reducing VAT as opposed to spending it on capital projects will come to be seen as shallow and irresponsible.

Time is the Tory's side.

I agree with the positive sentiments echoed about George's performance. However I am still perplexed why he and other front benchers refuse to mail Lanour's lie on the size of public debt as a % of GDP. PFI debt has to be included as a debt, if we are going to compare our borrowing to other countries who don't have the same "off balance sheet debt". The Labour spin so amiably picked up by the BBC, runs that we are starting from a low debt base, when comparing us internationally. But this is simply not true when you add up all the things that this government has to pay back (eg debt) properly. And this is before I even get going on public sector pension liabilities and defecits.

Osborne brilliant.

However Coulson needs to up his game to counter Darling/Brown soundbites "on the side of ordinary people, helping the country etc etc". Mandelson/Campbell have upped NuLab propaganda and have developed a communication strategy that is leaving Cameron flatfooted and behind.

Not difficult to come up with a counter that incorporates the virtues of integrity, recognises the intelligence of public, acknowledges that all will suffer. Think Churchill's message for the gist.

They need two or three mantras directed to the British Public that will stick.

Andrew Langley at 18.13:

"I agree with the positive sentiments echoed about George's performance. However I am still perplexed why he and other front benchers refuse to mail Lanour's lie on the size of public debt as a % of GDP. PFI debt has to be included as a debt, if we are going to compare our borrowing to other countries who don't have the same "off balance sheet debt".

GO was much better today, more passionate, even though I suspect he had a prepared script, unlike Vince Cable. I hope he will be full-time on the economy from now on for, as Andrew comments, the whole team have a lot of work to do to nail Labour's selective facts and figures.

I wonder if our team has considered the idea of the government asssisted banks selling their toxic debts on commercial terms to Northern Rock on condition that the receipts were only to be used as working capital for mortgage lending and loans to businesses?

That might get things moving more quickly at less cost.

A strong performance by Osborne and he needs to continue in this vein. It seems to me that Osborne is the sort of person who needs 'a boot up the arse' to fulfill his potential. It's good he's listened to the justifiable constructive criticism of his past performance rather than his fan club.

Now George, don't rest of your laurels we need a performance like that every single week until the election.

Osborne demolished Darling and exposed Browns
Fidgeting and smirking like a guilty child our
bully PM shrank under pressure. Lets hope the
America excuse is now laid to rest.
Well done George Osborne.

The BBC coverage of GO's rebuttal was pretty positive

THAT'S how good it must have been (I'll see what I can catch on the news, I didn't see it live)

I was impressed with his performance. He flattened Darling who had me slumped to the floor with his boring delivery, only the dire figures were keeping me awake. But Osborne now needs to go on and say what the Tories would do. I think once the public realise you have to spend £1,000 to see a £25 saving on VAT and then work our their NI that's coming, Labour's plans will be seen as real bad.

I'd echo the comments on the good performance from George - well done. We now need the top brass to push a comprehensive alternative in time for a 2009 election. Labour have now to jump before both the recession and their tax rises bite, otherwise the electorate will know they don't hope to win. January anyone?

As for Cleethorpes Rock's question on the cost of VAT implementaion, I think I can easily answer that one - virtually nothing. I work in IT support and from the small businesses I have spoken to, some have computerised systems that require just one small change, but other retail outlets aren't going to bother as the change isn't significant enough to bother with anyway - they'll simply adjust as they change stock etc. One customer has already asked me to export thier stock database, work back from the retail price using new VAT rate and mark up the ex-VAT to compensate! Why? Well it saves them an estimated 30 man hours times 3 stores to go around and re-price all the shelves! I can apply the former solution via a remote connection in under 5 minutes. This, and the small amounts involved for the average shopper is why it won't work as a stimulus. The amount you have to spend to make 2.5% VAT reduction a significant amount is way beyond what most consumers are willing to part with in an uncertain climate.

Nice to see George Osborne getting some praise for a change!

Matt Wright @ 17.41 -'Labour has blown it like they always do in the end. PITY IS THAT THE COUNTRY SUFFERS. (My capitals) I agree.

I have seen Ms. Ivette Cooper interviewed twice in the last 24hrs, and what a change, no more arrogance, in fact she looks almost deflated!

Osborne threw red meat to his critics within the party and on boards such as this, and in terms of covering his own back, he did marvellously.

In terms of providing answers to the economic problems -- "pre-cooked soundbites" and faux anger simply won't do.

My support for George Osborne has never waivered... its just a shame so many others allowed theirs to wobble.

I hope in future, people give him a fair hearing because he does actually make a lot of sense. Eventually, he'll be proved right and we all know it.

As the guy quoted by The Sunday Times recently to criticise Osborne, let me say he was very good, but not a knockout. His preparation and command of the facts were sound. His message, very well crafted. His delivery was average (he just sounds like a shrill 6th former when he gets excited), but that should not materially detract from a significantly improved performance.

Now if he promises not to increase the top rate of tax, he may well have won back my vote.

Best performance from Osborne ever - brilliant!

Looks like Osborne is going back up the tables again.

NorthernMonkey, desperate attacks about his appearance are no better than any other appearance based discrimination whether that be sexism or racism. It is not how he looks that we are concerned with, it is his mind, and Osborne has one of the finest minds in politics.

Hope to see more performances like this from Osborne

Osborne was great today. I think the whole front bench needs to be more aggressive in its attacks on labour's economic record. + as someone said above, we need to articulate and repeat 2/3 Conservative economic messages ad nauseam

Osborne was superb. He nailed this pathetic mess of a government at every opportunity. The country is in an awful state and it's down to the hapless Labour Party and its farce of a PM..Brown is all about himself..he couldn't care less about the country.

The man has pulled the goods out of the bag again. Well done, sir!

I would hardly hail shakily reading predictable soundbites from a sheet as 'outstanding'. Osborne's speech was good value for money (no pun intended) for the media, but wasnt in anyway constructive, and far too controlled, save for when he lost his pitch when he got excited. He should take note from the more astute and calm Cable.

Oh you gotta be kidding. Osborne sounds like a shrill schoolboy at a debating society, with a complete lack of undersatnding of Keynesian economics. Alistair Darling put him down with precision and wit. Your desperation to make Osborne look competent is frankly pathetic.

Excellent response from GO!

I'm afraid that I cannot complain about the media's pro-labour bias today.
Labour got quite a (well deserved) pasting on most TV and radio outlets.

However I think we need to settle down and see how people's reactions pan out over the next few days.

"I would hardly hail shakily reading predictable soundbites from a sheet as 'outstanding'."

That wasn't the outstanding part; it was mixing the soundbites with examples he had to work out there and then - such as the impact of the NIC rate increase.

"Alistair Darling put him down with precision and wit."

He was so precise he didn't answer a single question put to him.

Cameron and Osbourne show their true strength when under massive pressure. Where others would self-destruct, they prove themselves as resilient future leaders. When the election is called Brown will be politically obliterated by that hidden strength.

P.S. New Labour phoneys who post lame attacks here are wasting their time. The difference between genuine criticism and moronic attacks on George Osbourne's voice is plain to see.

As a vitriolic outpouring of old and trusted slogans and soundbites - made for ITN me thinks! - it was world class.

As a constructive piece of parliamentary and economic common sense and to show the wider electorate he is up to the job - it was an unmitigated DISASTER!

George - you had the chance to basically tell the world our Party DOES CARE!, you had the chance to OUTLINE our proposals - costed and balanced and sensible, you had the chance to slay the Labour lies and espouse the Tory values.


PS This mornings performance on TV Breakfast shows and last nights daily Hammond faux pas proved again Osborne and Hammond HAVE TO GO!


Yes it was a good performance.

But - it's not about speeches or soundbites, it's the next tory manifesto that matters.

This PBR gives the perfect platform for it.

I want to see a commitment that all tax rises will be cancelled and that the books will be balanced through reductions in public spending. We all know it's easy to reduce public spending by a few hundred billion without affecting frontline service. Get on and do it...

An oratorical sizzler from Messr Osborne, as ever. Georgey boy rarely fails to impress as a communicator - punchy, concise and impassioned almost invariably, with a cheeky grin and endearing manner to boot.

It's a pity so many quadrants of the press like to brand him as an inept manchild who couldn't be trusted temporarily overseeing the running of a sweet shop, let alone a country with a tattered economy. He needs to speak more often and be afforded the opportunity make concrete policy announcements. I know Cameron and Co are (justifiably) terrified of Labour nicking their policies, but I think it's high time they let people in on the big idea. The election campaign is commencing...

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