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If a bread roll lands in Osborne's lap, remember he did not go out to solicit bread and merely discussed the possibility of having something to dip into his soup... ;-)

I'd be quite worried if Peter Mandelson was fumbling around with my baguette.

Ah richard, you clearly didnt go to eaton then.

Because only those who went to Eton know how to spell the school's name correctly.

i think it was a pun...

A pun?

No, no...not a pun...What's that thing that spells the same backwards as forwards?

A palindrome.

It's not a palindrome! The palindrome of "Eton" would be "Note"!! It don't work!!

I do hope mandleson gets an an award next year... now which one would that be...

It would be interesting to see an annual table of MP's financial 'net worth'.

It would be a quick check on how much we (the public) are rewarding them for their time in office.

Did Mandleson and Osborne have the 'Odd Couple' theme playing in the background? If not why not??

Tune ... songster ... Boy George sings "O Mandy"!!!

Careful, all this talk of Mandelson will be getting Henry Mayhew over excited.

While Ozzy and Mandy are swapping holiday snaps, the Clunking fist is in New York making a play to become the 'international Chancellor' the obvious play for a politician who has messed up the economy of his own country. Shame there is no one to hold him to account in the UK, unfortunately the person tasked with that job is too busy swapping holiday stories!

I agree Iain. I thought the banter between the two was funny, but in the eyes of the public it must cement the image that the political parties are really a cosy club.

If only Cameron could get half as angry about unemployment, repossession and fixing the economy as he does about Ross-Brand and Baby P.

Politics is clearly a fun jape for the Cameroons.

'Note' does work, if the stories of his old cocaine experiment are to be believed.

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