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Well, Mr. Clarke has just gone up in my estimation immensely.

What odds can I get that someone interprets these comments as meaning:

a) he's unhappy with the way things are going;
b) he wants to replace George O;
c) he thinks the Tories can't win the next election as things are going now;
d) all of the above?

Clarke does not need to go on the frontbench. He can make more dosh on the backbenches. His fellow Bilderberger Osborne (both have attended in the last 3 conferences) will ensure that the Conservatives remain Europhile.

Anyone here who thinks that the Cameroons will leave the EPP or renogotiate EU membership are very naive. This is most EUfanatical Tory leadership since Grocer Heath and Tont Barber. The policies are virtually identical.

Oh, and I think some members of the party could take a lesson from Ken on what to do in a crisis.

When the going gets tough, Ken gets behind the leadership.

Best leader we never had.

Please, Lord Clarke of Rushcliffe, please!

Best leader we never had.

After being rejected in 1997 and 2001 you can't blame the guy for giving up on the frontbench....

Oh AND 2005 - nearly forgot that one.

The man is an absolute liability. The sooner he retires to spend more time with his Hamlet cigars and his cigarette peddling job the better.

PS What he knows about VAT isn't worth knowing.

He's the most popular Conservative MP that I can think of. Why doesn't he get the job of advising George Osbourne? Surely doesn't need a frontbench job for that.

So Ken Clarke doesn't want to do anything in opposition but would more then happy to take a senior Cabinet position once people like Cameron and Osbourne have done all the heavy lifting of getting us back into office again. This man is considered a "big beast" why?

Although I abhor Clarke's views on the EU he camw across in this interview as intelligent and likeable.George should seek his advice.

This man is considered a "big beast" why?

Prehaps he is now a lazy old has-been. I am sorry to hear that he has lost the desire for the fight. Prehaps a little less good living would get the old Beast back up to speed. Maybe the real trurth is he simply can't stand the Eton in club and its old school habits. After all Ken is an old school real Tory not some public school twit.

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