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Boris was elected as Boris, not a Cameron clone.

Let him get on with the job as he sees fit and give him as much support as possible.

No, if he wants to be successful and win re-election.

although some of the things he's said so far may not be directly about London, they are issues that will effect London the most - like the Thames estuary airport isn't being built to serve southend, or where there's a high proportion of immigrants in London so is relevant that he speaks in is capacity as Mayor, or just a columnist.
So no danger he's gone to far out of his authorised zone (venezuela).

People know he's acting for London and so doesn't and shouldn't toe the party line if it doesn't suit so it helps electoral chances really.

Does "maverick" mean adopting Red Ken's policies?

Getting rid of Ian Blair... Freezing council tax... Scrapping City Hall's Morning Star order...

If this is "maverick" I'd like more of it.

I'm surprised that commentators have missed the real story here.

Boris is not particularly interested in an amnesty for illegals. He blurted out support for such a plan in response to tough questioning at an ethnic minority hustings during the campaign. Why? Because he was under severe pressure for penning supposedly racist newspaper articles ("piccaninnies", etc). Supporting the amnesty must have seemed like a good way of deflecting suspicions that he was a racist.

Now the issue is being driven within City Hall not by the Mayor himself but by Anthony Browne, his new director of policy. Like Boris, Browne has been smeared as a racist as a result of his journalism. Positioning the Mayor of London to the left of both Cameron and the Government on immigration helps to dampen accusations of racism.

In other words, two right wingers, traumatised by leftist race smears and fearful for their reputations, are endorsing an irresponsible crackpot policy that would have the effect of encouraging further waves of mass illegal immigration while sticking two fingers up to migrants who play by the rules.

Browne will oversee the 'study'. No prizes for guessing what its conclusions will be.

Boris promised us "new Boris" when he was elected mayor of London. I have always had mixed feelings about the man on the one hand he is able to make my sides hurt with his very funny style and his non PC outbursts, on the other hand he makes me cringe sometimes with his out of step views and policies. Scrapping the commi Londoner was a typical move of a maverick, most politico's would have sacked most of the editors and turned it into "a good solid read", mostly it has to be said about, Boris and Dave. So round 1 to him ,he is not a typical political animal.

"Let him get on with the job as he sees fit and give him as much support as possible."

Mostly I agree but his plans to allow all the illegal aliens an amnesty is going a bit to far. So although I do love Boris I want a return to the old Boris not this new commie bleeding heart pinko imposter, who seems to have taken his place. Is it Ken in a blond wig?

At the end of the day Boris is Mayor of London first and a Conservative 2nd. Granted, the fact that he is a Conservative is a great part of the reason that he is Mayor of London (that he is Boris is another part), but now he is the Mayor that is his primary responsibility.
In much the same way that local authorities of lesser stature sometimes go against their 'party lines' in the interests of local people so Boris is doing the same.

"In much the same way that local authorities of lesser stature sometimes go against their 'party lines' in the interests of local people so Boris is doing the same."

Except an amnesty for illegal immigrants is NOT in the interests of local people. It is in the interests of Boris and Browne as they attempt to cleanse themselves of the taint of the mortal sin of the contemporary age: racism.

There's an easy way to settle this: a London-wide referendum. Boris would be thrashed.

Behind the bumbling exterior - is a shrewd, ambitious and talented politician...

He is after the top job - make no mistake. Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party.....

Might sound absurd but we will have to wait and see..

Kemal Ataturk, was I understand, a distant relative of Johnson's. Kemal discarded the wearing of the Fez, a traditional piece of Turkish headwear because he believed it made its wearer look odd and therefore the wearer could not be taken seriously. Boris (even his first name is amusing) has decided to return to wearing the Fez full time, just like Tommy Cooper and with the same hilarious result - just like that (now you see me as a Conservative - now you don't).

The results of this month's winner of the Sport of Foot Shooting will be announced shorty. Johnson, the originator of the sport is expected to win his own prize. Another serious contender is Hendry, shadow minister for something or other. He told us that the Earth had never been warmer whilst outside there was a snow storm. Nominations are still flooding in by telegram and email. Watch this space.

If you want to take Johson seriously read Melanie Phillips

You said we should look to London to get an idea of how Tory Britain would be run. Do you stick by that?

Thames Estuary Airport is not him being a maverick at all. He supports it, the party membership overwhelmingly support it, our MPs overwhelmingly support it.

Then Thereas Villiers says she opposes it.

On Thames Estuary Airport, the only maverick is Theresa Villiers.

I probably would not have voted for him if I had been able, but he won - and fair play, I did not expect him to - the most powerful political role outside Westminster. To date, his performance has been a solid B, if actually something of an anti-climax.

I don't know about him being too much of a maverick. If he became Conservative Party leader, I would vote Conservative again in a heartbeat. I am not sure how well Britain would be governed, but it would sure as hell be fun.

Jonathan - the airport and the amnesty are the only real issues which have raised eyebrows. Ultimately, elected politicians can't please all of the people all of the time. Even Margaret Thatcher (PBUH) sometimes got it wrong.

Given that we have to have a Mayor of London, then Boris is proving to be the best choice by far.

It is precisely because Boris is a maverick that lots of non Tories like him and voted for him. He won because he is a maverick so it's no good now bemoaning that trait.


Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was not a relative of Boris's. Boris's Grandfather was a minister in the government of the last Sultan and was murdered because he signed Ataturk's arrest warrant.

Boris has reduced - and is reducing - the size of the public sector. Surely that is very Conservative? Perhaps Cameron and Osborne could learn something?

Amnesties don't work. They encourage more illegal immigration. The policy is sheer lunacy. We live on a small overcrowded isalnd. The projections are for the population to reach 72,000,000 by 2030. There will be gridlock and water shortages. Boris is being a buffoon.

I went to the Southfields hustings. All the candidates, considering it was the fourth such event, performed abysmally. A journalist friend who sat beside me was scathing in her comments. In the end, Boris was only the Tory who could beat Red Ken. Lynton Crosby must take the credit for a clever and professional campaign. He stopped Boris making gaffes by restricting media access.

So far Boris's performance has been erratic. Nick Boles filled Team Boris with his Policy Exchange cronies and Cameroon insiders. The Cameroons have a bunker mentality and do not trust any one outside their clique. The resignations damaged the Mayor's credibility.

The silly amnesty policy, very unpopular inside the local associations, is the initiative of Anthony Browne, another import from PX. I dread to think what other nonsense he and his Clutha House imports are dreaming up.

The arrival of experienced council leaders, e.g. Kit Malthouse and Sir Simon Milton, has has brought stability and financial nous to the team. There are several key issues that will test Boris -

1. Sir Ian Blair's successor and PC madness in the Met.
2. 2012 Olympics finances and delivery
3. Transport services and finance, incl TfL efficiency gains and Crossrail delivery.
4. Housing those who homes have been repossessed.
5. Dealing with the impact of massive job losses in the finance and retail sectors over the next two years.

Team Boris's responses to those challenges will shape the public's views on whether they made the right choice. The fate of many marginal seat PPCs and his own result in 2012 are in his hands. At the moment, the jury is out.

Is an amnesty necessarily a bad idea? If the resources used to track current illegals and the increased revenues from bringing the activities of illegals out of the black market are deployed in aggressive action to prevent new illegal immigration it might be a good thing, particularly if there aren't the resources to ensure in fact that current illegals are identified and deported quickly and cheaply. The problem is more that this isn't a national policy but a local one which could be frustrated by inaction on the national level.

If Boris wants to get re-elected, he needs to remember -- and stick with -- the promises he made during his recent campaign, e.g. saving and restoring Ward's Corner in Tottenham. He has allowed Grainger, the controversial developer, and Haringey Council to bend his ear. Not good!

I agree with the sentiments of Wearside Tory.

Boris is Boris,outspoken and PRAGMATIC!

At a time when the Party is crying out for (a) a Leader and 9b) a Leader who can adapt and adopt to changing times and changing circumstances - Boris is EVERYTHING DC is not!

He is not afraid to say what he thinks rather than say what he thinks the media want him to say,he is not afraid to adapt new and maybe unusual policies given the time and the circumstances and unlike Cameron he is actually respected by his political foes as well as those who would normally be his hardcore support.

I know of Lib Dem/Labour members and voters who think he is not only doing a good job in London but think he is a political breath of fresh air.

Make no mistake - IF BORIS was Leader of the Party now (a) we would have coherent policies (b) we would be further ahead in the polls (c) we'd have greater airtime and (d) we would CERTAINLY win the next election.

Lets never NEVER forget - DC was Boris's spiv - his lackey - at Eton - In all respects BORIS YOU ARE THE MAN!

People love Boris because they know he isn't just another grey suit mindlessly spouting the party line.

He's fun and interesting, and when he says something he means it.

Boris also has a quality which is sadly lacking in many politicians - the courage to take an unusual or different position on an issue.

If only we had MORE people like Boris with energy, vision, intelligence and creativity running the country we would not be experiencing the current utter shambles bequeathed by the junta of despotic,PC, self-serving idealogues loosely described as Nu Labour.

If Boris is a maverick then please let's have lots more where he came from. (Although in of all order to be a maverick, of course, you have to be different from everyone else...)

Why is it that Tories love to undermine their very best people? Boris won London when everyone said it was impossible. I campaigned for him for months on the streets and at the tube stations: it was obvious from the beginning that he is much loved by Londoners of all persuasions. They are proud of him.

If being a maverick means thinking independently, having brains, energy and humour, then I really really wish there were more politicians like him. Britain would be a far far better place.

Boris is a maverick and there should be more mavericks in Westminster and the GLA. His views and policies are practical and realistic and might not "sound good" on paper sometimes. The case re: illegal immigration is one such issue, and he is absolutely right in dealing with this through an amnesty (or at least, opening up a discussion about it).

As Mayor of London, Boris has taken office to do the best for all constituents. Regarding an amnesty, he has listened and encouraged sensible debate on this topic. Immigration control has utterly failed under Labour and these poor unfortunates are being penalised and threatened as slave workers; they have no rights. In the name of humanity wouldn't it be better to solve this problem with amnesty?

His advocacy of a new Thames Estuary airport is eminently sensible. It could have four runways, operate 24x7 and would reduce noise pollution over London.How many Londoners have been frequently woken with the arrival of early flights from overseas?

LHR has reached capacity and is geographically challenged. It has been a building site for the last 40 years.It cannot expand any further as it would become too intrusive into the populated areas of the South East.

Far better for a fresh start. Build a new airport using the latest technology with the latest facilities to improve the travel experience of passengers and staff working there. Build the latest road and high speed rail infrastructure right into the heart of the Capital. Only this way will London be able to compete with the newest airports such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Narita, Osaka, Singapore, Boston and so many more.

Building a new airport in the Thames Estuary is a win, win situation.

"Don'tmakemelaugh" says: "Kemal Ataturk, was I understand, a distant relative of Johnson's. Kemal discarded the wearing of the Fez, a traditional piece of Turkish headwear because he believed it made its wearer look odd and therefore the wearer could not be taken seriously. Boris (even his first name is amusing) has decided to return to wearing the Fez full time, just like Tommy Cooper and with the same hilarious result - just like that (now you see me as a Conservative - now you don't)."

Besides this being pretty racist, you are an idiot: Johnsons ancestor was Ali Kemal, not Mustapha (Ataturk) Kemal (never known as kemal Ataturk), who's thugs murdered Ali Kemal. You really are a sick racist tw*t whoever you are! And no, you don't make me laugh at all. I hope you apologise for your sick attempt at a joke you sad left wing plonker

Re Post by: NigelJ | November 24, 2008 at 17:32

I don't know where being a "racist" comes in, but to many Turks Kemal Ataturk was a hero for modernising Turkey. Apologies if I have got the wrong relative. As for being a "sad left wing plonker" that in mho opinion is more often than not likely apply to your man, but we live in hopes.

The sound of gunfire. At last some good news.
The results are now in for the latest competition of our sport of Foot Shooting:
Thousands of nominations were sent in (all sent in by my good lady and myself - Boris Johnson and Charles Hendry, Shadow Minister for Snow, were barred from nominating - each other)

After several count backs, six cups of coffee, four gin and tonics (the Missus) and breaking off to watch Strictly Come Dancing we finished up with a winner - actually it was two winners; Boris Johnson and Charles Hendry were in a dead heat. I don’t want to be rude, but there was not a nose in it, but there could have been.

We had hoped to get John Sergeant to come and present the trophy, but we believe he would not present any trophy that had anything do with feet (especially as the trophy was of a Left Foot - it brought back bad memories.)

Instead something special: we hope to have the trophy presented in Trafalgar Square to Boris by none other than whom, we now believe, to be a fan of Boris - Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP.

To present the trophy to Charles Hendry we hope to have AL Gored author of an Incoherent Truth, if we can track him down; he was last seen swimming with polar bears in the Mediterranean.

All are welcomed, especially illegal immigrants, BNP supporters and the Greens.
The Nation Anthems will be sung and will take about an hour and a half (Somalian, Iraqi, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan,Romanian, Bulgarian,Hungarian,Polish,Bangladesh,Pakistan to name but a few. The British National Anthem will not be sung because we would not want to offend anybody.

The prize giving will be concluded by all joining hands and singing what some believe is the Scots National Anthem - Auld lang sine (or however you spell it).

The price of tickets has been deducted minus the 2 and a 1/2% VAT as recommended by the Chancer of the Exexchequer , Alastair Darlink (tuppence - old money).

A recent excellent robust performance by George Osborne has disqualified him from being a member of the Sport of Foot Shooting Club for the forseeable future.
What's going on?

BJ lacks focus, self-discipline and a work ethic. This episode is a wasted opportunity.

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