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Fire Osbourne - the Conservatives should be 200% ahead!

By the way the actual changes are:

Conservatives +3
Labour -1
Liberal Democrats -1

This is on the last ICM poll, not the last ICM poll for the Guardian.

That is the BEST retaliation for what has been going on over the last 36 hours, AND the one that will be 'noticed'!

That's more like it.

Chuckle chuckle chuckle

But will the BBC report it? I doubt it.

This is just a reaction to the PBR and huge Govt debt. Do not underestimate the anger out there over the arrest of Damian Green. its going to get very ugly for Labour....

I expect the head of ICM will be arrested tomorrow for damaging our Glorious Leader's Government.

not a surprise from the doorstep!

Oh yeah baby! Just like Callaghan and co in the 1970s, Brown and co have bankrupted Britain and the public has finally twigged and are turning on Labour.

p.s. I'm using an assumed name because I'm worried the Socialist Stasi of Whitehall will come and arrest me for daring to speak out against our Glorious Leader and engage in 'deafeatism' on the economy.

good news! By the way I am using my real name as I am looking forward to being a political prisoner!

No, and UK Polling website is on the blink again!

The fieldwork was done on Tuesday and Wednesday and therefore before Damian Green was arrested. Of course if this poll does include anger about that issue it would add credence to the idea that Labour knew about the arrest plans prior to them being carried out ;-D

It's only one poll.

However, hopefully any remaining criticism of DC and Osborne has been shanked into the long grass.

Well done to Osborne for a very strong fortnight.

So Brown's smoke and Mirrors fooled nobody.
This is very good news indeed. See GO shoots and yes its a goal. About time as he has had an open goal in front of him for weeks.

Edison Smith

"Well done to Osborne for a very strong fortnight"


Sally Roberts

"good news! By the way I am using my real name as I am looking forward to being a political prisoner"

L.O.L. & QFT

I wonder what kind of dirty / cynical move is Brown /Mandleson ( the opinion poll obsessive ) going to make now on hearing this?

QFT??- The Bishops wife?

thank you Patsy! A.F.T.?

I mean Q.F.T.?!

The bad news is nobody wants to buy UK gilts and we stand to inherit the worst financial mess ever. Mind you a new Government might make a lot of difference and start to mend the broken society and the broken finances. I am heartened by this poll but still wish we could have an election sooner rather than later!


I believe it stands for Quoted For Truth.

I wonder if labour will rise in the light of the Green affair - that's the stupid sort of thing that seems to happen.

Thanks Norm!

Cameron should call for an election. We need this lot out soon as possible.

George Osborne has had a storming week, including, but not limited to completely owning Douglas Alexander on Question Time.

With the most realistic Lib Dem figures, it's the most believable poll too.

Great stuff!

I for one would like to hear from Resident Leftie.

It does always seem that opinion polls underestimate the Lib Dems, especially come election time.

As George Michael said one swallow does not mean its summer

Where are the trolls?

The details, linked by the Ed, seem mixed, e.g. with more people approving the plans announced by Darling (50% approve 11% who disapprove), while 74% agree with the “broad thrust of Conservative criticisms” that borrowing should be kept under control to avoid storing up problems. Also 39% say they’d be better off under a Conservative Government compared to 30% saying they’d be better off under Labour – perhaps a bit of a soft lead (what about the other 31%).

But hopefully this poll indicates polls are moving in the right direction again. Maybe DC’s and George Osborne’s message is beginning to penetrate, and which we need to continue to hammer home: Labour’s temporary short-term measures will be paid for by huge permanent tax hikes hitting everyone later. Maybe voters are beginning to worry about Labour building up huge debt, realising they the voters will have to pay for it.

We should be aiming for a majority of at least 250, hopefully helping to ensure Labour can never govern again as surely they cannot be trusted with the economy, nor indeed with other aspects of national life - security & immigration (ref Damian Green affair) social breakdown, crime…

Good news. In large part due to a strong narrative on the economy that we stuck at.

Lib Dem figures at 18% rather than 11
when they decapitated poor old Ming though.
Perhaps Gloy Plopwell has been talking some sense afterall.

I wouldn't get too excited. The Ministry of Truth has just announced that ICM never existed.

I wouldn't worry about the Lib dems. they are about to get hit by some big claims from Michael Brown's victims and a possible reopening of their case by the ELectoral Commission.

This information should never have been published.

I am going to authorise the arrest the chairman of ICM Research for releasing this information.

I wish to offer the enemies of the masses at ICM, who have commited treason against their Glorious Leader, political asylum. I really need you to bring your money with you though as we do not have any.

Robert Mugabe

The Government's problem is that is must maintain its ludicrous VAT policy until the next election. People know their taxes will rise!

Raj don't be ridiculous, it should be at least 500%. We should fire the lot and bring back Disraeli.

I believe that more and more people are starting to realise that Gordon Brown is the author of most of our problems and they see that the temporary reduction in VAT is so badly timed, coming as it does with businesses like Woolies collapsing and high street sales before Christmas, so that 2.5% off the price (if it is actually passed on) is a mere drop in the ocean against 20%-30% real reductions.

They just don't get retail, do they?

When the polls reflect people's feelings - right across the political spectrum - about the Damian Green affair, I hope our share will climb still further - and then stay there until the election.

I hope this is an indication that the people have stopped being taken in by the pro-Brown media and are coming to their senses. Even as we speak, the first ID cards are being issued - which we will soon all be coerced into obtaining unless we get rid of this Labour government.
A wonderful poll result - righteous and proper. If the government want to arrest me for saying so then let them!

QFT??- The Bishops wife?

quoted for truth

As an aside I saw Shaun Woodward on the BA flight from Heathrow to JFK, flying first class, in seat 1A no less. I hope someone as wealthy as he is not flying first class on taxpayers expense at a time of financial crisis


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