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The Tory poster is much, much better than the Labour one, which is far too complicated.

But we'll have to wait for next week to see if the tax con is big enough for the struggling taxpayers to not care about the future, just the benefit now.

I agree GB£ although Labour's is a web campaign, not a poster campaign.

The Ghost of Christmas Present

-it's turkey and all the trimmings this Christmas paid for with the misery of a Christmas yet to come (in about two years time is my guess).

The tax bombshell is good but should give give details as to how much taxes have already risen - £Xm already, £Ym to come.

Here's a soundbite I've thought of:

'The only thing still made in Labour's Britain is the recession.'

How about Groundhog Gordon. Every day is the same, borrow borrow borrow, spend spend spend, he doesn't plan for tomorrow because he doesn't think it'll ever come. (And that's how he got us into this mess in the first place.)

Has Michael Gove checked to see where they got the questions from? Given the dumbed-down and politicised state of GCSEs, these could be real questions! -

Over the last few years I have started to come round to 'Cameron' and his thinking, but this financial crisis has opened my eyes. Of late I have become a bit disillusioned with him and George and this is the final straw for me.

I will no longer be supporting the Tories at the next election. Slick PR from a man who has no idea how to reverse this country's financial fortunes and has no answer about the current financial situation. The man really is pathetic. If he spent a little more time with little George and came up with some ideas instead of making posters then he might be a credible option.

Good scope here, surely, to point out that not one single specific example of government waste is likely to be eliminated here so as to fund the £12bn VAT cut rather than put it on the national credit card. "We would have paid for this by scrapping ID cards" might strike the right note.

Slightly OT but having yet again seen Vince Cable capture a TV audience, is there any good reason why our largely invisible Shadow Treasury Team, assuming no short term change to the line up, cannot set about raising their profile by making better use of Justine Greening? After all, 30 years ago, Margaret Thatcher captured public attention far more effectively than dull men in grey suits (I speak as one!).

Jack, I doubt you ever supported them in the first place.

Am I to assume that Tories who are against this, will not be enjoying the cuts? HYPOCRISY!

"Am I to assume that Tories who are against this, will not be enjoying the cuts? HYPOCRISY!"

What is to enjoy about having to save the tax cuts to pay for future taxes?

Great idea - a tax bombshell passed off as a present!


Will those who are for this be enjoying the resulting tax rises? HYPOCRASY!

Just had this from CCHQ:

"Conservatives launch nationwide ‘Tax Bombshell’ poster campaign

1. The Conservative Party is this weekend launching a nationwide campaign to highlight how Gordon Brown’s £100bn borrowing binge will mean higher taxes in the long run. Poster vans will be used in London this weekend in busy shopping areas such as Westfield and Oxford Street and around the country on Monday in Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

2. Leaflets will be handed out on Monday at the following major stations:
- Liverpool street
- Euston
- Victoria
- Paddington
- Westminster tube

3. Leaflets will also be delivered to target seats around the country; this could be around 200,000 leaflets."

Nineteen second animation here:

The irony in Labour’s attack ad is palpable.

Failing an exam? That can’t be the case under New Labour. It simply means that the pass-mark needs adjusting.

Detention for getting homework wrong? Since when do New Labour do this sort of classroom discipline?

I have watched events unfold with something approaching bemusement over the last few weeks. I don’t really understand economics (and I suspect nor do most ordinary people), so I have to bow to other peoples expertise when they pronounce what is best for the country in these matters. They could be right, or not, when they suggest solutions. I simply have no idea.

What I have noticed though is we seem to have a nice streak running through our leadership. Quite laudable at times, but it can be really frustrating watching them pussyfoot around rather than going in for the kill.

George Osborne reminds me of a boxer. He has his opponent on the ropes and needs to summon up the courage to go in hard, that one last push to secure the knockout that would assure his victory, to put his opponent out of the game once and for all. Yet, his terribly nice streak prevents him from landing that one last blow, he shies away. So, his opponent comes back to fight again another day, psychologically stronger because he knows that there is no killer instinct to be faced, just niceness.

I think that is what has happened over the last few weeks. I loathe this Labour government with a passion. I hate what they stand for, their hypocrisy, their nannying, and their betrayal of the country. But we cannot summon up the nastiness to finish them off, as finish them off we must, decisively; ideally once and for all. Failing that I will settle for another 18 years.

It is now time to do the business. Stop being nice Mr Osborne.

They should put that 19 second animation on the new electionic tube ads on the Oxford Circus tube station escalators- would be very effective.

The tory Ad should have had a timer on it to show it will be a tax bombshell after the next election

The labour attack ad is crap and open to plenty of better jokes on the back of it about the failure of Labour on education. Also they've had 11 years of Brown failing his tests - visit numerous warnings from IMF telling him to cut debt and haul back the housing boom that would lead to bust. Labour just shot themsleves in the foot, again.

Labour's ad should not be dismissed so quickly. The text content isn't very elegant, but the concept could work for them. This is the same style of ad they'd have used under Blair.

Nevertheless, I think our ad has broader appeal and the message has more credibility now than it would have had even a few days ago.

Looks like their next bit of spin and making smoke is to say they will increase taxes on the rich. Labour are making this up as they go along.

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