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It could be worth a gander at the Army Rumour Service as linked above. There are logistics implications as per official MOD advice but have a look at the comments of frontline servicemen.

This may be a better destination:


But all credit to you.

From my brief time in the Forces, I know most troops would be particularly delighted to receive herbs, spices and things like tabasco sauce so they can spice up their 24-hour ration packs, as a week on burger-and-beans can get a bit boring!

Magazines like FHM and Nuts are also popular, but be sure to check with Michael Gove first!

So has the Army blocked these parcels, or does Anastasia have a way of getting around the reported block on parcels coming from non-friends and family? There certainly is an argument about the logistics problems of all the parcels.

I may consider a donation to one of those charities instead.

hi, I think this is a great idea but am unsure now that I read the comments on the soldiers' website. They are basically saying that such parcels clog up the logistics systems and stop presents from family getting through in time.

I wonder if there is charity that packs things up that I could spend a few hours helping? does anyone know of one?

THese guys and women out there are so much more deserving of our help than so many at home frankly. They are doing a horrendous job, without complaint, for a cause that many don't believe in. They get low pay, and go without the equipment and back up that they deserve.

I hope either this initiative or another one work - Anastasia, any thoughts on the links posted above?

Jonathan, excellent post, thanks

Would have thought kevlar plates for body armour would be a thoughtful thing to send, given how the MoD refuses to help. As an example you can get an Aegis panel now for around £20 at:


Just wanted to respond to the commets about the logsitics of the project. I am aware that the reason the MOD blocked the parcels going out to "a serviceman" and "a servicewomen" was due to them stopping presents from friends and families getting through. However, every soldier taking part in our project has agreed to recieve the parcels addressed personally to them and distribute them amongst their fellow men and women on their various camps. :)

Thanks for all the support and the first packs for Afghanistan left earlier in the week. KEEP THEM GOING GUYS!!

Anastasia Beaumont-Bott

I cannot pretend that I do not great trouble with the morals of our war but I am reminded that it is a Labour war not a conservative one. The best festive chair we can give them is the certinity that things will be less awful once we have got this shower out. Our commitment to our troops will continue to be an important plank of the next election victory. As for the Arabs, I wish we could find a peace.

I have read that this was being discouraged this year as last year the Postal services received such a large amount of parcels that personal parcels from the soldiers families werent being able to get through. Perhaps it is best to run it past the MoD first?

er, shoe boxes are all very well but if your party had had some balls and voted against the iraq war, those troops would be spending christmas at home.

Just a thought, folks.

And a Happy Christmas to you too Comstock! :-)

And an (early)Merry Christmas to you, Sally, but the simple fact remains that politicians have put these poor chaps in the firing line, so for a politically party (who supported the war) to be collecting shoe boxes for them seems slightly sick to me.

Can anyone else see my point here?

Comstock that isn't fair! Many of us feel that we were taken into this war under false pretences (WMD ring any bells?) and we believe in supporting our troops who do a fantastic job under very difficult and dangerous circumstances. If that involves sending them shoe boxes full of goodies then I for one am absolutely in favour.

(i'll make this my last comment on this thread because I've made my point)

If Conservative Future wanted to bring 'some festive cheer' to the troops, they could join the groups campaigning for the withdrawl of our forces from Iraq and Afghanistan.

I'm sorry you feel this isn't fair, Sally, but soldiers are dying, and your party prefers to send shoe boxes rather than try to bring them home.

Just another quick note to "comstock."

The Packs for Troops project isnt a party initative. It is an idea put together by the individual folk in the Conservative Future Social Action Network as part of our Christmas projects to reach out and help those less fortunate. We have also launched a fundraising project to help build a water well in Luwero, Uganda as well as putting together 14 Christmas hampers to go to various charities and salvation army branches across our country to help folk at Christmas during econimal hardship.

Supporting your troops isn't about being pro-war or anti-war. We have a choice about what wars we do and don't support, if any. They don't, but they go out there bravely and put their lives in the line for us and others. The least we can do is say, you know what chaps, you're doing a bloody good job, we admire you for it, and we're thinking of you this Christmas.

That is what this project is all about and I am proud of all the friends and families of the soldiers who have helped CFSAN and myself do it.

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