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There is the law and then there is the use of judgement in implementing law enforcement. Did you know that it is against the law for a woman to eat chocolate on a public conveyance? It is also a theft to keep money found in the street but these are rules which Mr Plod very sensibly does not pursue with vigour - he uses his discretion.
If we conclude that the police have some discretion about the way in which they go about their business then they had some discretion about the effectiveness or wisdom of jumping all over an MP.

...unless they were leant on ... just a little bit?

"Did you know that it is against the law for a woman to eat chocolate on a public conveyance?"

HELP! They're coming to get me! :-(

Will somebody please bring me a cake in prison with a file in it?

So you think that the police should have bee physically and illegally prevented in pursuing a lawful investigation? I'm not saying that you are wrong, I merely want you to acknowledge it.


Until such a time as parliament can decide whether or not to let them in... Speaker having not the eyes nor ears and all that.

..and then I would say unless they had an exceptionally good reason they should decide not to let them in to protect their constituents.

MPs aren't above the law, but they should be expected to break it if necessary for the good of the people, the same as any person would break the law if they believed it right to do so.

There is a rather disturbing piece on The Mail Online which hints that the Police may be planning "further arrests". It looks as though this may turn into a witch hunt.


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