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This is the right decision, and I welcome it as a sign that anyone else caught can expect the same.

David Cameron has done the right thing.

You can't be a Conservative and steal public money - they just don't fit together.

Oh well, he deserved it.

On the plus side this means we get Jacqui Foster back in Brussels!!

Excellent for Jacqui Foster. A superb MEP who should have been top of the NW list to start with.

Fantastic news. They all get smoked out in the end.

Good to see us being tough with people breaking the rules. If we want to be serious in attacking financial irregularities in the European Commission, we can't have thieves on our benches.

Good to see this MEP go. Shame he doesn't have the decency to resign now.
I guess, sadly, he will recoup a lot of the £500k he has to give back by maximising his allowances in the next six months.

Will Fiona Bruce be regretting not taking her slot on the MEP list?

Given Camerons supposed 'war on corruption' -- this ejection comes far too late in the process.

If the EU actually admit that something is wrong in Brussles and impose sanctions - then this means it is not only wrong 'on the balance of probablity' or wrong 'beyond reasonable doubt' or wrong 'and every one bloody knows it' but more than this it is wrong "and even the unitied power of the european superstate can't gloss over it"...

Personally I would be fuming over the fact the **** is there on a stupid 'party list' system (a disgusting attack on democracy), and even then when the 'party' withdraws the whip the **** isn't immediately ejected and replaced by the first candidate on the list that didn't get a seat...

However I am not fuming, because the EU is like mandleson -- so deeply encased in mud that it makes no real difference if another ton or so sticks or not - it is too far beyond the pail for another mile or so to matter.

p.s. In reality I have no interest in trying to repair a 'party list' system - the whole principal is too disgusting to even address.

Good news, corruption must not be tolerated.

Good riddance. Sadly not missed one iota.

OH DEAR........!

Excellent result though it seems to have gone on for a long time without anyone noticing or being bothered about public money. Plus ca change.

Dare I mention the scariest of truths about our new President and the American Public’s decision to put him in office? In the past, bad presidential decisions (Clinton) at least met with a significant amount of resistance or at least a voice of sanity in the House and Senate. Well that's now gone as well, as the majority of American Voters (the vast uneducated sheep that they are) have seen fit to give all the power to the left. There IS no buffer and there IS no sanity check. Any socialist, tax-raising, wealth-spreading initiatives he decides to put through, he's gonna get it, and there isn't ANYTHING we can do about it. The American public has basically put into place, a socialist dictator. This will be a lesson in American History and why we should study it so that we don't repeat it.

The man stood up and said I WILL BRING CHANGE...and the sheep followed. He never really told us WHAT he was going to change....The Sheep elected him without finding out. I guess now, we're all about to find out to our most certain demise. Our way of life and what's left of our economic strength and our standing in the Global Community will be not any greater than that of a small European Country. I sure hope when he pulls everyone out of Iraq, he brings all the troops home and stand by.....because as our "glorious" Vice President pointed out, "It will take 6 months for Obama to be in office before his foreign policy is tested, his strength and his will, will be tested".

I'm so angry at the American People right now for not caring enough about the American way of life, to just blindly follow along with the first guy that stands up and says "Change We Need", but nobody ever challenging him to explain the change he was going implement.

Americans make fun of Canada for their economic state, and leftist/socialist values. Well, get ready to be just like them. There is nobody to blame but the General American Public. It's not Obama's fault, it's not the Government's fault, it's the American Public's fault. Because of your apathy (REPUBLICANS/CONSERVATIVES) that just couldn't seem to make the time to go and vote and the (LEFT/SOCIALIST/DEMOCRATS) for just blindly following along and the MEDIA for carrying this man on your backs and completely destroying any chance for a true and fair election, It will be YOU that will bear the brunt of the blame for the demise of this country and it's way of life. You made the bed, and now we're all going to have to lie in it.

I'm at my wits end...it's very hard to just sit back and watch this happen and say nothing.

Thanks for playing along!

Good riddance.

He should be made to pay back every penny. If that means selling all his belongings and surrendering his pension, then so be it.

Thieving scum.

I disagree. Den was a hard-working constituency MEP who supported plenty of places the Party had long since disregarded. Presumably the Wintertons and Spelperson are facing similar rebukes, not to mention Yachtgate?

Is this not more about Cameron wanting to appear macho than fair?

Personally speaking, Den was the only MEP who showed up to do anything in this constituency.

On behalf of the Party, I thank Den and his family for all their effort in this area.

"Wirralinans for Dover" I've not met DenD and he's never bought me dinner so I won't comment on this article directly. I have however met NeilP and GilesC MEP's when on their numerous visits here to Gib and I will at every opportunity on this blog pay tribute to their support for my bit of the world.

Credit where credit is due to them. It's their job and also, of course, they get paid well for it.

Could I ask you to venture your opinion as to why you are the only person on here defending DenD? It seems odd that everyone else is universally hostile. I'm just curious? Is he a good egg after all?

Being open-minded I'm interested in any intelligent rebuttal before I plant my flag in the sand for or against him.

Wirrlians, I'm sorry but you must be on a differnt planet if you think embezzlement is being "hardworking". We're trying hard to drive a narrative that socialists are profligate with people's money and we're more careful. Expense-gobblers like Dover and the Wintertons need to be made an example of for the greater good of our electoral chances.

DC has done the right thing here, and I hope he moves swiftly on the greedy Wintertons and has them expunged too.

David Cameron has clearly done the right thing here against unacceptable behaviour but please keep language and accusations (particularly against others) under control.

As I read more on Guido and others, "Cleethorpes Rock" my going-to-give-him-a-chance-to-explain-himself position is now gone. There are too many specific examples and hard numbers out there.

I always want to give someone the benefit of the doubt just in case. The fact that there was only one supporter on this thread who was vague and complete sock-puppet material speaks volumes. The hard facts are damning.

Game over.

Den is a decent bloke on a personal level and undoubtedly was a hard-working MEP in the North West however what he has done is profoundly wrong and against the Parliament's rules. David Cameron had no option to expel him from the Party. However I don't see how the emotive language from the extremely agitated "Cleethorpes Rock" helps anyone.

Those who resort to abuse don`t realise that this spoils their case. Unles I`m mistaken, most come from noms de plume.

That said, I can understand why behaviour like Mr. Dover`s make people angry. No wonder politicians are held in such low regard.

I accept that I became agitated and that my legitimate criticisms of Den Dover MEP may have strayed into attacks on Den Dover the human being and friend to some of our contributors.

I think that DC's actions here will ensure the story is put to bed quickly for the benefit of everyone.

This isn't being macho, it is being intolerant of sleeze - excellent.

Once the euro-tories are fully cleaned up, time to come down just as hard on all the others - regardless of party or nationality (you don't think its just the british do you?).

Still disapointing to know that any money saved/recovered will not be returned to the taxpayers - the EU will just find another, different black hole to lose it down. If the EU wasn't awash with so much money (our money, that we can ill afford), they might be rather more careful about what happened to it...

Absolutely the right thing to do. However I do feel a small pang of pity for the man.
£500,000 is a large amount . I suspect that in truth this was not a theft but a miss interpretation of the rules. A man has lost his livelihood and has tarnished his honor.
Indeed lets put this thing to bed.

Like many of your correspondents, I have met and socialised with Den and his wife and he is a thoroughly nice guy.He did a lot of hard work for the Party in the North West and will be missed.

It still means that we are lumbered with Sir R Atkins as our number one choice. Now he's is who should be deselected if nothing else for his so pro-Europe views

"Like many of your correspondents, I have met and socialised with Den and his wife and he is a thoroughly nice guy.He did a lot of hard work for the Party in the North West and will be missed."

What a joke

The Conservatives party basic premise is we need less government and more freedom, both at the national and EU levels. Taking loads of money from the EU taxpayer through dodgy accounting set-ups does not count as a way of working towards less government

to those who feel sorry for Mr Dover - wake up and smell the coffee

At least Cameron has shown some understanding of the word integrity.

All those speaking out for Den need to take a real close look at what he has been guilty of.

Den's problem was not with being a 'nasty bloke', nor of being 'anti social' nor being 'lazy' - his problem was a lack of integrity when handling taxpayers money in relation to his friends/family.

If I could trouser an extra half a million, I'd work really hard, and have great parties too... However I wouldn't take it dishonestly.

"If I could trouser an extra half a million, I'd work really hard, and have great parties too... However I wouldn't take it dishonestly."

If he had taken it dishonestly he would be faceing chages. He used the rules creativly prehaps but there is no suggestion that it was anything other than breaking the spirit of the rules. He is finished becuse of this have a little heart please.

Sorry Bishop - zero tolerance from me.

He has let himself down, he has let his family down, he has let the party down, he has disgraced politics (by confirming the publics worst suspicions).

You are lulled in to the EU torpor that it seems a victimless crime - if he didn't misuse it, then the EU would waste it on something equally worthless. Whereas with proper accountability the public would be less passive about their money being misused.

If the 'work' needed to be done, then he has deprived some genuine small business of that income - if it didn't need to be done then...

Den has at least supported local associations throughout the NW in various ways and in more ways than I remember his colleagues doing. In fact, he's also the only NW MEP to bother responding to constituents' queries. However, none of this excuses the appalling abuse of our money and his office. I find it hard to believe £500,000 was misdirected as a result of a 'misinterpretation' of the rules.

Still, one down, one to go. Where is Sir Robert, these days?

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!!!

Den was wrong but he supported the NW Conservatives more than any other regional MEP and his 30 plus years of effort should not just be forgotten even at a time when he is correctly being held to account. Pity that Spellman does not get the same robust treatment and has been allowed to carry on despite releatedly changing her story along with some MP's raising the issue of removal with the 1922 Chairman. Den has clearly done wrong but let us be consistent across the board and show no favouritism or PC bias at all.


I agree its to easy to forget all the very good things about Den. This will always be a blot on an otherwise impressive Career. I met Den a number of times, and found him to be a very dedicated member of the party. There will be no way back into the top flight from here for him. I great shame, but I do agree it sends exactly the right signal.

2005 1990 circulation extreme current

please lay off him he has done nothing wrong leave him alone. your putting him and all his family down leave him to sort it out and then when he clears his name ur will all be eating ur words!!

reading these comments makes me soo upset and i can tell u one thing he is not a Thieving scum.

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