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Track 8 is a great pic, and a bit of an unofficial West Wing anthem to boot. Well done Dave!

Top bloke is DD.

Bad taste in music though (except for Pachelbel's Canon in D Major)

He was daft to say he didn't prepare for his 2005 Conference Speech enough, though. It raises questions over his political judgement that essentially preclude him coming back at some point.

I agree - a top man DD.
Good to know he has a wine cellar.

Some need reminding - he succeeded in his objective on 42 days, but there are other battles on freedom to come.

I refuse to believe he actually likes Pink. I can't bear her myself, a typical conveyor-belt tedious chart idiot.

You'd be better off with a bit of Elvis Costello.

Still one of the better Tories though!

Top geezer. But I'm surprised he didn't choose anything from the Buena Vista Social Club.

No Handel or Lully. Can't have everything I suppose...

Some need reminding - he succeeded in his objective on 42 days, but there are other battles on freedom to come.

Posted by: Joe James B | November 16, 2008 at 14:32

Only time will tell if his political gamble "succeeded" - I wouldn't bet on it. I believe he was rather foolish to engage in hysterics.
I am surprised he never he chose, "Giddy Up A Ding Dong” or maybe, "Rocking (the boat) All Over the World,; finishing up with, "I did it my Way" (Latin translation: Sod the lot of yer)
Favourite musical note and the key in which he sings: Me Me Me Me Me!

A Desert Island would suit him, I think.

Worthy of the blog space I'm sure.

That'll get the socialists running for cover.

A very eclectic selection. Has Gordon Brown ever done DD? If so he might have chosen 'Beg, steal or Borrow' by the New Seekers or how if George Osborne did the show how about 'Money's Too Tight To Mention' by Simply Red? Any other suggestions seeing as its a slow sunday afternoon?

Other DD favourites junked by party HQ...

I'm Not Important To You by Sia
Throwing It All Away by Genesis
The Party's Over by Nat King Cole
Wasted Life by Stiff Little Fingers
Silly Little Man by Badlees

Tony Makara: "Has Gordon Brown ever done DD?"

Thank you for putting that image in my head on a Sunday, given the context of the thread...

Can't see it somehow, though!

I've got one for Louise Bagshawe 'Lady Willpower' by Gary Pucket. I think of all the Conservative candidates Louise has the greatest will to win! Come election night Corby is going to be one result I'll be watching for with great interest. If there is a god, then Louise deserves that seat.

Richard Carey, I apologise profusely for ruining your Sunday afternoon, of course what I meant to say was has Gordon Brown ever done DIDs! One thing is for sure, Brown has done for our economy and has torn open the last sphincters of economic prudence!


"Any other suggestions seeing as its a slow sunday afternoon?"

How about Gordon Brown picking Fleetwood Mac's
"Little Lies"?

Or the PLP could sing the chorus of the Wombants "lets dance to Joy Division" at PMQ's.

"Let's dance to joy division,
And celebrate the irony,
Everything is going wrong,
But we're so happy,
Let's dance to joy division,
And raise our glass to the ceiling,
'Cos this could all go so wrong,
But we're so happy,
Yeah we're so happy."

Good to see you posting Richard Carey.

Bit miserable selection - or should that be melodramatic? ;-D


Seems the real business of the tories isnt of interest to this blog.

Tony Makara: "Richard Carey, I apologise profusely for ruining your Sunday afternoon...

I assure you Tony, you haven't done that - it's been a busy but useful weekend.

ChrisD: "Good to see you posting Richard Carey."

Thanks, Chris - I like to pop in now and again, don't always get the time to post!

Despite popping in to work yesterday, we were out collecting surveys in my home ward - got some good casework for local councillors etc. This morning, I went to help a councillor colleague of mine with a community action project that they had organised in their ward.

Why do I post this here? Well, not out of some sense of self-aggrandisement, if that's what your're thinking. Just that with the number of people carping in the comments sections here recently, I thought I'd take the opportunity on a light-hearted thread to poke them gently and remind them of the good work that Conservatives are really doing in their local communities up and down the country.

In a world of cant and hypocrisy, of lies and dishonesty, of cowardice and cynicism, listening to Desert Island Discs this morning was a breath of fresh air. Are we in the Conservative Party so awash with talent as to so easily dispense with someone of David Davis’s honesty, courage, integrity and instinct for freedom? Never mind Pink and Dire Straits, his choice of the Ashokan Farewell, Theme from Schindler’s List and Un Bel Di said it all. And didn’t Stealing our Democracy strike a chord?

It raises questions over his political judgement that essentially preclude him coming back at some point.
He already rather did that when as Shadow Home Secretary in a position to argue against what he saw as oppressive Anti-Terrorist legislation, he instead chose to resign and fight a by-election which inevitably ended up with those who wanted him because he was a Conservative regardless of what they thought on the issues he was fighting a by-election voting for him, and those voting against him being largely those who thought he didn't go far enough, or thought that he was being irresponsible in fighting a by-election, or who were unhappy with his position on the Lisbon Treaty, or wanted more recycling, and in the end it will be most remembered for how well the Greens, English Democrats and a few Independents did, and for the problem of fitting the candidates on the stage for the declaration.

Sam - Talking of "Stealing our Democracy"...


I've been working on some electoral research which might shed light on how much postal vote or other fraud might have distorted the last election. I'm still trying to get someone to look at it seriously - it is pending with the Electoral Commission and my local newspaper ran an article on me the other day. There are massive reasons why Stealing Our Democracy is a good track for Davis to have on his DID list.

I'm not blaming Gordon Brown here, this rather goes back to how big our parliamentary party should be and whether or not Michael Howard actually won the last election. I'm not saying I actually know direct instances of fraud, it's just that my statistics based on tests on actual general election results in the public domain look highly bent.

Fundamentally it looks to me that my feelings on the ground regarding the Tory campaign (larger actively pro-Tory support, even more so than right now) are borne out. This site is not the best place to display the figures and graph but I urge anyone interested in seeing the results to contact me through my blog.

Although to be honest DD didn't get my vote in 2005 (neither of them did, I and a lot of my friends spoilt our ballots), he is brave to include such a track on DID. However he still annoyed me with his flippancy about his leadership campaign and he is not the person I would like to see in charge of the party.

@ YAA - sadly I agree. Any talent he had was wasted. A simple resignation from the Shadow Cabinet would have sufficed.

What an idiot DD is. If civil liberties is your concern, what better place to fight the cause than as shadow home secretary. All he did was throw away an opportunity to make a cheap political point in a stunt that most people have forgotton about and he's now no longer in the public eye. What a douche.

Pachelbel's Canon in D Major ?

A practice tune for grade 2's

Get the Party Started - Pink

A drug song

Another Day in Paradise - Phil Collins

PC tripe

Ashokan Farewell - Ungar and Mason

Better !!

Un Bel Di from Madame Butterfly - Puccini

Is this the only opera he knows but still great.


Stealing my Democracy - Mundy-Turner

Should that be mandy turner...?

Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits

Oh my I hate this song...its nu-labor

Main Theme from Schindler's List

Oh my no no no...dross.

I see Derek Draper's pals are out sneering at Davis. I'm unlikely ever to vote Conservative, but I admire him.

I have always been a strong supporter of David Davis and voted for him in 2005; listening to Desert Island Discs only confirmed my view that he would have made a great leader of the Conservative Party.

"It raises questions over his political judgement that essentially preclude him coming back at some point." - 22.46.
Might it not raise questions over others' political judgement who had to be dragged into taking a stand over the 42 days for fear that to do so might not be "popular"?.
"ended up with those who wanted him because he was a Conservative regardless of what they thought on the issues he was fighting a by-election voting for him" (also ANA). As someone who helped canvass that by-election, I found that many who would not normally vote Tory in a fit were prepared to vote for David.

When listening to DD yesterday, I was extremely impressed by his warmth and honesty, and the obvious strength of his convictions. He needs to be back on the Shadow Front Bench soonest - he speaks well, he is obviously a man of integrity(when did anyone last think that about a politician), and brainpower - AND - he comes from a state-educated background. By that I mean his family weren't rich and he didn't go to an expensive public school - unlike most members of the Cabinet in the current Government!

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