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David Davis has rendered himself irrelevant to mainstream events when the Tory Party needs as many of its more experienced MPs on the frontline as possible. He put ego before Party.

Funny... David Davis can't really joke about David Cameron not getting the North when David Davis is never seen in the North of England - and never was even when he was Shadow Home Secretary. I keep reading in the paper about visits from David Cameron. From what I've heard, David Davis would never do any visits as he was far too important...

And he wonders why people don't like him / he didn't win the leadership!

Let's not forget the Yorkshire Post backed Cameron for leader not Davis.

I still say well done to David Davis. I believe some things are worth fighting for and personal freedom is one of those things. I care more about this then I do about my bank balance or the fact I can't sell my house at the moment. Some things should have no price tag.

He was wrong to force a by-election and he's wrong to give this interview.

Both decisions show flawed judgement and questionable motives. As Shadow Home Secretary he was in the best possible position to oppose ID cards. His letter to possible suppliers, warning that a Conservative government would cancel their contracts, had real credibility. In resigning and forcing a by-election he achieved absolutely nothing positive.

This is all we need now David Davis is putting the boot in suggesting that DC is panicked by events. Not good coming on a day in which he has proven that he can be pushed into anger. Davis should shut up, his stunt cost him his position, and David should not have him back.

Davis is reasonably talented but guilty of 3 big errors:

1. pathetic campaign for leadership when DC wiped the floor with his well organised one.
2. weird resignation causing a by election for nothing and wasting public money.

3. this disloyal interview.

DC, with whom I do not always agree, is well shot of him.

Nothing much new in this. David Cameron sees himself as the natural successor to Tony Blair (though he will not be surprised tha a lot of us prefer him to Blair). Tony Blair can't do principle; and neither can David Cameron. Both assume that the political tactics of the moment are everything. Davis' story shows Cameron getting in a fuss (very like Blair) but does not show him panicking.

Davis does do more principle and more frankness than most politicians. Nothing new there either.

This headline is a bit mischievous - the transcript doesn't mention panic on the part of DC at all. Of course they discussed it. And the story is?

David Davis. Not winning many friends - or influencing people.
I am from Yorkshire.
I neighbour his constituency.
I backed Cameron.
Still do.
I was pleasantly surprised by his conduct after the election.
Recently, I have been sadly disappointed.
Can't stand disloyality.

"This headline is a bit mischievous - the transcript doesn't mention panic on the part of DC at all. Of course they discussed it. And the story is?"

Goodness is somebody playing party politics with this interview ? How very unfair..

We can now see clearly how right the party was not to elect Davis as leader. This is pure spite, destructive without any constructive points; an admission without any motive save malice.
I even sent David Davis a donation towards his by-election. Fool me!

Having read the transcript of the interview, Macintyre is misleading the reader in saying: "Davis went on to describe how a panicked Cameron was repeatedly ringing his outgoing shadow home secretary's mobile phone". The actual transcript reads:

NS: And he tried to persuade you not to do it?
DD: Yes of course he did, of course he did.
NS: How rigorously, for how long?
DD: Well, several times during the course of the evening. Leaders don't have great tranches of time.
NS: What calling you on the mobile?
DD: Yeah. And he wasn't the only one.
NS: Who else? Osborne?
DD: I'm not going to get into that [laughs].

This account makes no mention of Davis describing a "panicked Cameron". Macintyre and The New Statesman should try harder next time to provide an accurate and balanced version of an interview, rather than settle for feebly disguised slants at Cameron & co based on events conjured up in the journalist's imagination.

David Davis you have gone down in my estimation. Just like the other losers, you must have your say. You are not the man you think or say you are. Smaller by far.

I don't really know what Davis is up to here. It might be the New Stateman stirring it up (hardly the best publication to get a fair balanced story).

I hope he's not going to become a menace. The shadow cabinet is weaker without him and his talent could be well deployed at the moment. Such a pity he's potentially going the wrong way.

I've skimmed the article, and I don't see anything menacing.
I supported him in his by-election, as he is right about freedom and 42 days, but I just think it's such a shame that a street fighter character of his distinctiveness should have put himself on the backbenches, and I hope at some point he comes back.

I've read through the whole transcript and can't find anything at all from Davis that suggests Cameron was "panicking".

Well, surely we have to question his judgement about giving an interview about this to the New Statesman - he mut've known how they'd spin it.

Oh dear. Davis has blown any possibility of a government post in the next administration. Sometimes it's best to keep your mouth shut. It's called political judgement.

The man's a fool. DC just should never ever be tempted to give him a job and then Davis can idle away on the back benches to which his irresponsible behavior has forever condemned him.

Too bad. If he hadn't lost his mind, he could have been a powerful person and the next Home Secretary.

David Davis is an oddball but he has a good character. Honesty & plainspeaking are not foolish qualities in a man. 42 days was scrapped, that's what mattered to him.

The title of this is editorial is extremely misleading and not in the positive sense; he excerpt doesn't mention panic on the part of DC.

The excerpt also says that DC was "desperate", which is incorrect.

Not sure why he gave this interview,what did he hope to achieve. It makes a big man look smaller in my opinion.

It's a great shame that DD was not elected Tory leader.

It's a great shame that DD was not elected Tory leader.

Well the fact is he was not and now it is also clear that it would have been a mistake.
Who ever else you may undermine in the Party you never go after your own Boss.

Tim M, When Davis resigned you ran a poll which showed how much support Davis had amongst the grass roots. I challenged you at the time to run another poll later on when the dust had settled to ask that same question again. Now might be a good moment to do so because I bet you most of those all those who said they supported Davis action then would say that he was now wrong and foolish to resign.

Such a poll now might put an end to this story once and for all. Tempted Tim?

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