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What proof is there that Ed Balls' decision was based on direct PMQs questioning?

Cameron would still have been better discussing the economy as well. Doesn't mean Baby P couldn't have made an appearance, but he missed out on a significant topic as well.


Of course there is not going to be any proof, but Labour clearly feels that damage was done at PM'Qs. A very messy way to get things done but well done DC.

"What proof is there that Ed Balls' decision was based on direct PMQs questioning?"

Because Brown was unable to even hint at any other enquiry at PMQ’s, instead sought to suggest sending some worthy on a fact finding trip round the councils of the country was sufficient.

PS ITV has a very different take on the issue to the BBC's, and has managed to dig up some internal documents from Haringey Council where the head of Social services tried to block any investigation, even one that she ended up heading, which lends further support to Cameron’s line of questioning.

Heard the latest about Den Dover?
Sacked and has to pay back "a six figure sum" to the European Parliament.

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