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Eric Pickles put it very well on Any Questions last Friday:
"You can't live on tick 'cos sooner or later the tally man always comes round".

David - I'm sorry you will have to do FAR FAR better than that!

6/10 at best before an audience who want to be receptive!

David Cameron is right in his analysis of the situation. However rightly or wrongly business and the general public are looking for government to take the lead in providing solutions. Is what we are proposing enough to make a difference? Or is it possible for any government to propose solutions to bolster an ailing economy. At the moment and looking at the experience of Japan I rather doubt it.

"Never, ever again enter a downturn with such a massive budget deficit.
Never again allow personal and public debt to spiral out of
Never again let our economy become so dependent on such a small number of industries and markets like finance and housing."

"How?, How?, How?" we call replied.

The trouble we are in is the fault of the ruling political class. Parties need voters. They will do anything to attract and keep voters. Voters come sacond only to self regard and personal advancement, nothing else matters. Labour has spent the country's wealth on establishing the largest possible client state with a huge public sector full of unnecessary jobs, and a huge population of benefits recipients as well as unlimited immigration, with one purpose in mind, the unending rule of socialism. The ruling elite all have the same objective and their three parties are insulated from the public in the certain knowledge that the voters are contemptable idiots, easily led, fooled and defrauded of their wealth. They find it simple to take the people's money and use it to buy their client's votes.
The present economic problems are due to one simple cause. Governments in the West (The "Democracies") have all run their treasurie's printing presses until they are white hot. They have debauched the currencies as they always do when buying votes of the underclasses. Remember that the average IQ is average and that the majority of voters are, as their MPs realize quite stupid. Why else would they vote for the very gang renowned for eleven years of lies, fraud and dishonesty on a scale never before seen in this country. Could one of the other parties be better? No, they are all drawn from the same matrix.

Good. Some beef.

We need David Cameron to appear more.

What I would like to see is an emergency loan fund to get credit to small businesses. The government's plans look too timid to me.

This has to be a priority - perfectly healthy firms are being demanded outrageous terms and they will fail unless something is done very soon.

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