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We have just seen and heard your latest cost cutting initiative. It was the most boring and listless performance we have seen so far. Whilst we want to vote for you as soon as possible, at this rate the shadow cabinet will remain a shadow of the Conservative Party and will not get into power. You seem to have lost the impetus and youth that appeal to us and the young generation. We look at the future with apprenhension. At this rate, unless you can become more of a prime minister and put some more challenging questions and be more aggressive, we fear another Labour 5 years. It is a dreadful thought but where your "ad lib" speeches? your aside cutting comments? Your sarcasm? Where it is all gone? The liberal have more fire than you.
You and all are too quiet and do not seem to take the fight to your adversaries.
Come-on we are tired and getting old and cannot wait to see labout out.
D & AA Leoni

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