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Excellent :)

Very very funny. And about time too that this was done. It's a disgrace that Brown is profiting from circumstances he engendered.

Brilliant.Would make a great Tory broadcast without edit.

Sadly, he's the joke not the situation he has made for us all!!

There is an old countryman`s theory that a dog will always return to his vomit. It seems this idea can now be extended beyond the canine race

Get the 'need a recession' quote in the first 10 seconds and ensure maximum exposure outside this forum. Excellent production.

Brilliant ... should be shown on TV straight after the BBC News!

Completely unfair. Although guilty of a lot of very serious mistakes, all supported by the Tory High Command, Brown went through hell at the start of the crash and has emerged with the right policy - one admired around the world.

Goodness me ConHome posters. You don't latch on very fast do you?

Where's George? What is the point of the Useless Tories? Mr Brown has you exactly where he wants you. You are just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Excellent - at the risk of lowering the tone (which I'm normally against)

Possibly it could end - "he seems remarkable happy for someone that has just landed us all in the BROWN stuff!"

Brilliant :))


we should put this in cinemas.

This clip concentrates on Brown enjoying himself, however, I think there needs to be a flip-side to show how ordiary people have to struggle because of Browns policies.

Another point to focus on is Labour's historic record and recession, their mismanagement of the economy has been a feature every time they have been in power.

Good stuff, and yes, let's see some more of the same!

Do you really think this is good? It is small time thinking

Put this out and people will think that we are a joke ! not Brown . it,s just childish.

You reap what you Sow !

The US elections saw a huge surge in YouTube videos often laced with humour and sarcasm, often mischievous and often downright dirty.
But this curiosity and scepticism makes for healthy politics and a good dose of cynicism, laced with humour doesn't go amiss. Thank you for making my day.


Let's face it, Labour have us by the cojones. Since George Osborne went on the wrong holiday and lost his self-confidence, it's been downhill all the way.

And the fact that that our party seems to be devoid of any policy initiatives to revive the economy...

Jay: The Conservatives remain 11.8% ahead in the ConHome poll of polls and that's AFTER such a good period of publicity for Brown and BEFORE the reality of his recession bites. The Tory response hasn't been perfect but the 'Britain in the red' message will prevail. No need for any panic.

George's hols have us back into the teens lead. You trolls are so, so obvious!

Posted by: gezmond007 | November 10, 2008 at 11:47

The odd joke in the face of dreadful circumstances is good old fashioned British tradition. Socialists do not "do" humour. Hubris and arrogance yes!

Great video. More like this please - the job of an Opposition is to attack, not to be consensual. The Conservatives have been far too gentlemanly to date.

Tim - by saying that you sound like you are panicking. Complacency is the thief of general election results. Just ask Neil Kinnock.

I'm not sure I want more negative publicity from the Tories. Although we need to go on the attack, remember Labour will always be able to trump that with their "initiative". As the government they are always able to plaster the wall with what they will do. We have to get Brown into a policy auction of sorts before we can attack - using a manifesto to do that, not silly cartoons.


I like "we are all in Brown's debt"!

@Mdowding - in one poll. The others took a distinct slide afterwards.

If you're going to accuse someone of trolling, get your facts right to begin with.

Where's the 'So What?'?!

Icing on the cake methinks, get it in there!

Posted by: m dowding | November 10, 2008 at 12:17

The odd joke in the face of dreadful circumstances is good old fashioned British tradition. Socialists do not "do" humour. Hubris and arrogance yes!

Yes, all the best comedians are right wing: Bernard Manning, Jim Davidson, um...

Good video, this and others like it would be an excellent way of taking the fight to Labour on Youtube, particularly reminding younger voters that it is they who will have to pay off Brown's debt.

Surely at the end is should say:

"We are all in Brown's shit"


Good video.

Doh! Please excuse my typo.

We need to regain the initiative in this recession.

I like George Osborne and look forward to his day, but today we need a cigar smoking, beer swilling, belching son of a bitch to take on Brown with intellect not rhetoric.

Will the Rt Hon Member for Rushcliffe please stand up and report for duty?

Yesss!!Thats the ticket!! And the residentleftieHenryMayhewLkipper duo can go back to Macbeth with one other, that I am sure that someone can provide a name for!

This is a message that needs to be heard by the masses! Brown's smugness over the last month has been sickening.

Remember what they say.

Having a comedy video is more inportant than having a shadow chancellor who has a clue what he's doing.

thats "important"

Conservative supporters* will enjoy this, but I think it's rather too childish for general consumption. The point still needs to be made somehow. Even Lab activists have noticed he is enjoying this too much.

*I am not naturally one, but will certainly vote for them at the next GE. I don't naturally support rat-catchers either, until I've got rats. Westminster has a bad infestation at the moment.

Brilliant, but far too restrained. These clowns have to be removed before they kill anyone else or destroy our country completely.

About time too someone did this.

For years, long before the US troubles, economists were warning that Labour was creating circumstances for a severe recession in the UK.

Absolute scandal that the guy and his Party have benefited from a disaster they helped create.

FFS please stop arguing amongst yourselves. We (ie the people) need you to put forward an effective opposition.

Some of us wake up each morning and know what's at stake and some of us don't. It's now down to you to set a clear agenda for the whole of Gt Britain.

Brilliant! Just brilliant! Especially the last line :-)

Seriously good stuff.

In the face of Blair/Brown/Mandelson/Campbell as the Opposition can you imagine John Major being at all jovial if an economic disaster half this size had happened on his watch?

Poor old Major really must wake up at 3am and wish he'd had Dave and Boy George to face in his time. He can then drift back to sleep with the thought that if he had, he'd still be in power now.

Very good. More please - satire is a perfectly legitimate weapon. If only we had been able to produce this weeks ago.

In the face of today's anticipation about tax cuts from this government, here's a suggestion for our response. It is no more appropriate for the arsonists to have sought to pass themselves off as the firemen, than for muggers to claim to be saviours if they return their victim's wallets only after plundering most of the contents. Another satirical webcast, please?

Be careful not to lay all of the blame at his feet there is real possiblity of his recession being follwed by his recovery.

How about a poster campaign with a picture of him laughing, captioned, "he's laughing because you've just fallen for another Labour trick".

The way this Government treats the British people is disgusting.Brown believes his publicity about having a big Brain.the only thing about his Brain is, it makes his head lean even further to the left.
Soon his gang will be wearing "Brownshirts."
Their is a scottish word for it "Keech",and Brown is full of it.
Also why is Mandelson being allowed to sidle about(like the snake he is),and putting all his crap policies into practice.

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