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Splendid and very, very well done!

A good effort, it's vital that we debunk Labour's latest lie before it takes hold - though the TV media appears to be doing that for us

Tomorrow morning's front pages will be illuminating as to how the PBR plays nationally though

Well done team.

Talking of hitting the streets, word hits me that Melanie Hampton has been selected for Mitcham and Morden - top campaigner by all accounts, and will work tirelessly to try to overcome a seemingly insurmountable 10,000 majority: definitely the right gal for the job.

Why on earthdid noone contact CF Scotland about this...we must work together more on reserved issues!

Good night out at Liverpool's Lime Street and Central stations.

The literature was excellent and went down really well!

How do I join up?

Well done People! More please....

We might not get the coverage, but it was fun and an immediate response was certainly the best course of action!

@Tom (above): It depends which area of the country you're in. Most CF branches are in cities. To find the one nearest to you use this map:


good stuff

Just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets; Tory Boy 2: The Gurning.

Nice work guys!

I just don't think this stimulus will work at all, the first indications of Labour's failings will be very poor retail sales figures at Christmas.

Girl on the left in the bottom picture isn't bad.

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