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Ken Livingstone is not "in the frame for the future". Dan Hamilton links only to Jon Worth, but Worth was just making his own muckraking post about "Why not put forward" Ken.

Ken is not going to be European Commissioner because it would distract him from getting Boris kicked out in May 2012.

Yawn to Boothroyd.

You're right David, I was only linking to Jon Worth's post about Ken being nominated for the Commission.

Whilst the Prime Minister's mental state has been a matter of debate for many bloggers, I won't join in that speculation - I wouldn't for one second suggest that even he has gone insane!!!

As for Ken "kicking out" Boris in May 2012, dream on!

Commissioners are loyal to the EU and the Commission only - not to their "mother country"; the rules are explicit on this. So, it really doesn't matter who we send - they are there to serve the EU and not the national interest. (Anyone proposing a Eurosceptic will find, however, that their nominee will be rejected.)

Is this another Tory ploy to distract the voters from the fact that Cameron refuses to pledge to repeal the Lisbon Treaty if it is ratisfied?

Perhaps Baroness Ashton is useless but she will be joining a lot of likeminded individuals.If we have the strength to prevent her taking the post fine but if all we are doing is making a pointless gesture then it's not worth it.

This should be linked to the much more important question of who will be the UK's Commissioner in the next EP term - we should trade support for any nomination at this stage for an assurance that there will be an interim post-June 2009 nomination which a Conservative government can change post the next election

Baroness Ashton "useless" !!!! Where does Malcolm Dunn get this idea from ? She was an outstanding Leader of the House of Lords and, agree with her or not, she handled the Lisbon Treaty debate with distinction.

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