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Would that pledge be similar to the one to leave the EPP?

What on earth is "a transparency agenda for MEP's expenses"?

Who exactly do you think is going to warm to your proposition?

I don't think I'd be able to bring myself to canvass for the Conservatives for the European elections. Nor any party, for that matter. I can't bring myself to lie to people to their faces by telling them that it will make any difference which way they vote.

All decisions of the EU are made by unelected, unnacountable EU "Commisioners".

"MEPs" have no power to block or ammend any of this legislation.

So whats the point of MEPs, whats the point in 'European' elections?.

The EU is a Dictatorship.



"It is the duty of the Conservatives to ensure that voters feel their concerns about European integration, immigration and crime are being heard"

Absolutely Not.

It is the duty of conservatives to ensure that that voters' concerns about european integration, immigration and crime are acted on and that resposibility for those matters (and many more including justice) is repatriated to the UK.

It is also fundamental that all Conservative candidates are committed to forming a new group in the parliament and will not countenance remaining in the EPP.

It should also be a condition precedent that all Conservative MEPs will demand a referendumon on Lisbon/The Constitution in all memeber states.

I would like to see a Tory government refuse to pay over any money to the EU until its accounts have been passed. Which as far as I am concerned is no more than basic due diligence when you're handling billions of pounds of someone else's money. And yes, lets also campaign for a referendum, and for a Europe of less regulation and of repatriating powers to national governments. And slashing expenditure - for a start, lets end the ridiculous arrangements of having two Euro "capitals" in Strassburg and Brussels.

"UKIP are a shadow of their former self"
You wish......
The Tory strategy here is to big up the BNP to try and damage UKIP's prospects but this is a very dangerous game CCHQ is playing.
It's because the Tories are such self-serving fibbers I'll never vote conservative again.

There is absolutely no point whatsoever in voting Tory in these elections. It will merely boost the Cameron aloofness and certainty that he is right when on Europe he is totally wrong. [He is a bad leader in many other ways too but that is for a different topic)

If you read the Open Europe bulletin each day you'll realise that Britain is a cipher in the power play that is the EU. Look at today and the items being put forward and/or implemented - A European army, the crippling EU energy policies, France trying to extend its own presidency of the EU, the EU trying to take on the regulation of our banks, a £230m FINE levied on the UK, EU pushing for dfull licensing of GM crops, compulsory emission caps on airlines, linking of member states' criminal records. THAT's a typical single day.

And Cameron ratted on his only promise to get our Tory MEPs out of the federalist EPP Group and won't guarrantee unconditionally a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty even if the EU bullies Ireland into a second vote of YES.

The only thing he could offer that would make the Tory Party attractive to vote for would be - a promise that wee would not stay in the EU as it is at present (or proposed to be) constituted. Many want out altogether even more want us in an associate status. I'll not vote Tory but who I will vote for depends on what else is on offer. (It won't be Labour or LibDem!) . If the BNP gains it will be Cameron's fault.

Can we start placing bets for what the excuse, um, genuine reason, Cameron will offer for 'delaying' the EPP exit beyond 2009?

The financial crisis? The new EU rules on group sizes?

I can't wait!

Only a few comments on this thread after many hours? Does that mean people have said all they want to say on this subject?
I expect that the lack of profile of most MEPs, the fact that most people have no idea what they do will as usual result in a derisory turnout.However without a strongly EUsceptic message I do not expect a particularly strong Conservative performance.

Maybe it's the credit crunch or because it's my birthday, but I now agree with a frightening number of Malcolm Dunn's posts.

I was Chairman of Sevenoaks Conservatives at the last euros. Of my Management Team of 7, 5 (including myself voted UKIP). Much as we liked and strongly supported Dan Hannan, the weak Conservative message was too much. Moreover, there was a widespread view that whatever one did at the Euros, you could always revert at the General Election.

As for next year? I think it could be very mixed, but a comparatively strong UKIP showing will take place. The Conservative message is still confused, far too pro-European and recent political dynamics have remived the aura of inevitability of a Cameron-led Government.

Malcolm Dunn

"Only a few comments on this thread after many hours? Does that mean people have said all they want to say on this subject?
...I do not expect a particularly strong Conservative performance."

Maybe because there is not a lot to say that hasn't been said before. No-one actually expects the Tories to match even their 'almost sceptic' words with actions. Thus anyone who is EUsceptic cannot vote for any of the three main parties in the Euro elections.

Suggest read Lord Tebbit in the Telegraph today "We can never be part of a federal Europe". Trouble is, too many Tory MEPs are federalists and they face a drubbing at the Euro elections. Exceptions are, of course, those excellent MEPs Hannan and Helmer.(How much longer will their view be accepted by the Tory leader?)

Is UKIP as shadow of its former self? I don`t think so, but time will tell.

Just one example. William Lord Dartmouth wrote in the UKIP magazine about how he became gradually disillusioned by the Tories. The outburst from Mr. Cameron (a fellow old Etonian) finally made him decide to join UKIP and he is a candidate for the S.W.Region.

That cheap sneer (fruit cakes and closet racists, backed up by his sister-in-law using a quote from Operation Black Vote)) did UKIP a lot of good. Let`s hope for more of the same in the coming months. Many Conservatives will be voting UKIP - I know several.

"Many Conservatives will be voting UKIP- I know several"....I know many! It's the "Referendum" we have been denied, it's a chance for us ALL to say, as Lord Tebbit says, "We can never be part of a federal Europe".

Key policies:

New slogan: "In Europe and ruled by Europe!"
Double "carbon tax" on aviation
Double MEP travel allowances (see above)
Make expenses totally transparent - that way no one will be able to see them.

Trebles all round! (Claim on expenses)


County Council elections
C 45%
Lab 27%
LD 22%

Euro elections
C 36%
Lab 26%
LD 12%
UKIP 12%
Oths 14%

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