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This is dire so far - lets hope he really raises the game in the bulk of the speech.

I'm falling asleep watching this...

A bit distasteful for him to be making jokes about suicide as well I thought (especially given the current climate in the financial world).

Labour trolls obviously sitting by computers rather than TVs.

Gordon Brown made only two mistakes - everything he said and everything he did!!

Agreed David. A great speech so far.

I'm not usually gushing with praise for David Cameron but so far so good. He's really succeeding in portraying himself as a statesman and a serious politician with a chance of becoming the next Prime Minister. Not spectacular stuff, but I reckon it's the best that he could deliver, given the economic circumstances.

Boring ! Boring ! Boring ! No Tax Cuts , great conservative policies , I don't think so.

"Boring ! Boring ! Boring ! No Tax Cuts , great conservative policies , I don't think so." Gezmond007

Get real - your party has screwed it up for all of us.

Is that all he's going to offer for my small business ? Thanks Dave !

The only thing broken is your promises !

Great statesman-like speech.

What party John , I,m not in any party , just a small businessman who is trying to make a living .

I'm no troll - i run my own business, hoping for some positives from DC

Positives so far:

- big cuts in government spending
- tax cuts for business

- very woolly on banking regulation

I didnt like the suicide joke either - I thought that was in bad taste, particularly given what happened in Derby yesterday

Gezmond007 how can an opposition break promises?

What was the suicide joke...missed it? Unlike Cameron to make a mistake and say something poor taste.

Sick of the sleaze , I don,t belive what I just heard , what a joke .

What about all the Spivs who pay money to Cameron at the same time as short selling and ruining the economy .

Don't feed trolls folks. Ignore them!


BBC has a nicely done variant running. Live with unfolding comments in the main body.

Great speech so far... Love the bits from helping entrepreneurs through to the strong attack on the arrogance of Labour especially.

Good words on trying to get public trust back into parliament too.

45 mins in:

Positives so far:

- big cuts in government spending
- tax cuts for business
- tackling westminster sleaze
- high speed rail link + no third runway at LHR

- very woolly on banking regulation
- dissing the standard of care in the nhs (distasteful)

Sorry Tim, not trying to pinch the punters.

Yes, I did notice the Union thing.

Yo Gezmond007

You are aware that Jesmond is the posh part of Newcastle?

David has hit the nail on the head on social responsibility and addressing the causes of crime. He is articulating the problems people see all around them but Labour claims is overblown.

Thank God we have someone who is prepared to fix our education system.

Speech is very good so far, impressed.
I wonder if Labours blogger information team will be out in force today.

Don't you think your party leader promises an awful lot given he's from a supposed tax-cutting party?

More flexible working hours
A high speed rail network
More funding for defence equipment
More schools
No cuts to the NHS
A new relationships quango to ensure Big Brother can keep an eye on our marriages

Glad to see even the Tories recognise that small government is well and truly dead.

Brilliant stuff on education.
Strong sensible words (what we've all been thinking) that still serious without being dull (the confusion of brown).

Going to upset a few libdem types I think!

Hmmm What was DC saying about spelling Norm?


NorthernMonkey, you could probably pay for all those things by scrapping the four NHS complaints systems...

I doubt it, there'll be plenty of complaints once you lot get in charge of it.

Hmmm What was DC saying about spelling Norm?


That's how google told me it was spelt :)

Glad to see even the Northern Monkey recognises that Labour socialist government is well and truly dead.

The big finish

He really has that Tony Blair feeling about him, he's an excellent politician. It was a great speech. I hope he wins.

I think I love him!

I'll now write another TD explaining why I think this was his greatest ever speech.

Superb speech - verging on the exceptional

The speech was sincere and incisive. This was a presentation scoping out what a Conservative government will feel like. Not every Tory will agree with everything that was said, but that reinforces that the message was genuine and there is a man with a real plan to improve Britain.

Cameron again all PR and no substance , lets get real he's just boring , no policy anyone can call for change , sounded like Nick Clegg !

I think Andrew Neil got it right calling it a 'Daily Mail' speech.

Fantastic speech - now get out on the streets, folks, and campaign for a Cameron government. We have the ideas to transform Britain for the better. Canvass, deliver, write letters to the press, donate money, talk to your neighbours, friends and relatives, blog - do whatever it takes to get this dreadful Labour government OUT! Over to you...

I agree , the Daily Mail prints rubbish everyday , which nobody takes seriously!

We need a "Labour Rapid Rebuttal Unit" alert button on this site, don't worry Becky, we have a few Trolls with us today.

"The speech was sincere and incisive. "

Incisive? I thought it was a bit rambling.

If the referendum pledge extended beyond Lisbon ratification, I'd have no reservations, and would even campaign for Cameron (both GE and Euros), however discounting that, Cameron has done more than enough to call time on Labour's time in office.

So, based on the lack of a post-ratification strategy, it will be Tory for the GE, and UKIP for the Euros.

I'd certainly urge ukippers to vote Tory in the GE and Tories to vote UKIP in the euros.

So Gezmond and NM have slated it. All we need now is passing leftie to lambast it and we know that truly it was a great, well-pitched speech

...just a small businessman who is trying to make a living...

Gezie, I suggest that your living would be improved by spending more time on your business and less trolling here. A short course in English may help, too.

Anyone who does not worship at the altar of Super Dave is a Troll ?

I thought the tory party was inclusive , it used to be when we had good leaders , not this shower of watered down wooly LibTories!

A colossus of a speech. The clarity of vision and the precision and tone of attack were superb.

Well done Dave.

Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Cameron exuded maturity - and showed up Brown for the childish man he is. Cameron is so much better than any commentators convey - a bit like Shakespeare - he's so much more intelligent, has more breadth of vision, more subtlety, more wit than the paltry press pack around him. The handling of the experience issue was masterly (and very funny). And although he didn't namecheck Gordon Brown much, criticism of him was implicitly in nearly every sentence. I watched it on the DP and it was awful to hear Nick Robinson sound off straight after this magnificent speech that this was a 'back to the future' 1980s Daily Mail speech. For one moment Cameron lifted us out of all the spin and articulated matters of real concern. But then the BBC has to spoil it all.

Gezmond I know you're a troll and insincere, but how can you even pretend that the speech was PR and not substantial? Amazing really that Labour and the Brownite hacks could drool over the appearance of Sarah Brown to introduce her husband without any of them saying it was a PR stunt, even tho' it was the cheesiest of PR ploys. Cameron comes on and gives a speech without tricks and suddenly it's all about PR. I suspect the absence of substance resides in your braincells.

Excellent speech from an excellent leader.

Strange “passing leftie” is missing – although as “passing leftie” is constantly posting on here, I think they’re more like a resident leftie.

Gezmond007 constantly sneers at the Conservatives, and then wonders why people think he’s a Lefty.

Northern Monkey is part of Labour Home. Like Becky I missed this alleged suicide joke. And I’d like to know what Northern Monkey thinks about Polly Toynbee’s remarks – as reported in the Evening Standard on 16 September 2008: “Polly Toynbee jokes about City boys jumping off buildings at last night's Standard debate, Polly Toynbee surprised the audience with an off-colour joke about possible suicides among City types in the wake of the Lehman collapse.
The Guardian columnist quipped that she wouldn't mind seeing a few more pin-stripes leaping off buildings.

“Here's her quote: "Now that the credit crunch is turning perhaps into a depression - although actually we've seen rather a dearth of bankers jumping out of window ledges and maybe we could see a bit more of that. There's not much mea culpa about - or if they do they've got golden parachutes".”

LINK: http://waugh.standard.co.uk/2008/09/polly-toynbee-j.html

Yesterday Cameron said in relation to the financial crisis "We need to understand how this happened, and how we’re going to get out of the mess. I will address those questions in my speech tomorrow."

He DIDN'T ! Yesterday he was good . Today he didn't rise to the moment of history which we face or follow up some very valid points he made yesterday which desperately need enlargement.

"Cometh the hour --- But where was The Man" ?
nb the live feed kept breaking ("not broadcasting") so I am reliant on CH:'s live blog.

"3.37pm: We will keep our manifesto promises and we fight the European elections on a pledge to hold a referendum on Lisbon."

not quite this

"Today, I will give this cast-iron guarantee: If I become PM a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty that emerges from these negotiations."

I agree with Tim, I think it was his best speech yet.

A good, rousing speech, and dare I say it actually sounding like a Conservative ( and whisper it...a bit Thatcherite?) Not been a big fan before ( voted for DD) but he has now won me over, and shall happily renew my membership when due next month!

His best speech yet. I have not been as excited listening to a political speech since Mrs T.

Top marks Dave

The Party Leader's final speech is always difficult, as it has to address several different audiences. This year, circumstances made it even more difficult, and I believe DC handled it superbly - I don't agree with every last dot and comma, but the overwhelming majority of the content was thoughtful, direct and sincere.

I also liked the fact that from what I saw via ConsHome's link, there was no fancy, overthetop set.

I look forward to Mr Cameron becoming our Prime Minister.

christina Speight, I agree, we needed a forensic dissection of Brown's economic record, and didn't get it.

Quite funny really to read the anti-tory spiel these RRU people make, just reminds us all how terrified they are of Cameron.

You must live a very quiet life Ceidwadwyr !

Wow - stunning speech. Who needs experience when you have a man of this calibre at the helm. Both Cameron and Osborne really did the business this week. Maybe integrity can be restored to politics...

You must live a very quiet life Ceidwadwyr !

Strange “passing leftie” is missing – although as “passing leftie” is constantly posting on here, I think they’re more like a resident leftie.

Jill, I accept your new moniker.

Give me a chance! I only saw a few minutes of the speech. It didn't frighten the horses, and that's all it needed to achieve.

There was a suicide joke, but it was quite funny.

I am astonished how easily readers here are pleased. We are at a turning point in our nation's existence and Cameron barely mentioned the subject and nobody seems to care. Forget all the silly people who are here to sabotage the blog - ignore them. But I wish the party well and I'm now profoundly depressed.

I was pleased yesterday - he spoke like a national leader. Today he was a doorstep salesman . What a crashing disappointment.

Iain, Christina. I agree that is what we need at some point, but that time is not during a 1-hour speech at the end of a conference. That sort of thing would play well with the political junkies, but the criticisms we heard, combined with the interesting solutions proposed to stop it happening again, struck the balance right for most people I'd imagine.

An awfully slow and tiresome start, I almost legged it. However did warm up rather well, eventually well delivered. Two very good digs at Gordon after about 10 mins, but very lowkey. Thought at the time the man can't do sombre gravitas at all, but then livened up a bit and at about 30 thought might as well see where it goes. Off to examine the text.

David (One of many) @1652

But that was what he promised yesterday and the political commentators will make mincemeat of him for that broken promise!

As for "the criticisms we heard, combined with the interesting solutions proposed to stop it happening again" WHAT criticisms and WHAT solutions? The live feed was continually broken and CH:'s live blog didn't mention the subject at all.

All the rest was HE cares about- the touchy-feely stuff. Let me tell you people are scared right now and need some leadership which was sadly missing.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

The Draper lot on here are so bloody obvious it's embarassing!!

In the public arena Cameron has a disadvantage compared to Brown in the matter of experience.
Some of the other qualities which Cameron might have stressed to his advantage, he has damaged by his behavior over the last year.

For example:
(a)This week, at a time when William Hague stated that he would push for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, David Cameron would not give a Yes/No answer to television's Andrew Marr when being interviewed.
(b) Earlier he promised to take us out of a grouping of European pro-integration centre right parties, only to state later that he would delay any action for a number of YEARS!

These kinds of actions do not give confidence. They rather lead to the conclusion of a 'smooth operator'.

Sorry Dave but you'll have to do better!

No sooner had ET posted: “The Draper lot on here are so bloody obvious it's embarrassing” [and aren’t “Dolly” Draper’s rebuttal unit becoming tedious] – then “Northern Conservative” posts a damning comment. Northern that person may be, but Conservative – never!

Did anyone pick up on the fact that DC had his full Shadow Cabinet seated behind him on stage, while GB would not dare put his "Novices" behind him for fear they would stab him in the back in the middle of his so called substantive speech?

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