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Louise - I thought it was quite an interesting thought. I am sure that you are right. If the Brown bounce turns out to be short lived and we keep our support. It could happen.

All "resident" - a.k.a unwanted immigrant - leftie can come up with in defense of the totally discredited Beeb is that the Guardian agreed. Such a defense does not amount even to the most autumnal fig leaf. As others have noted, higher authorities than that puffed up publication have decreed that discussing donations is not a crime. Who knows? The discussion might have been purely hypothetical. The evidence is that it was. Are conversations about mere possibilities to be considered crimes? Of course, being a leftie our undesirable resident - the rat in the basement of this noble website - is quite used to notions such as thought-crime and show trials. Unluckily for him, however, the public has yet to achieve his own exalted degree of "raised consciousness". The facts of the situation, beneath the venom and spume of Campbell, Mandelson and all the other "good-day-to-bury-bad-news" low lifes who have served Labour over the years, show that their days of power are numbered. Their hysterical campaign about Osborne is very soon going to backfire. Look out for Mandelson's umpteenth resignation within the next seven days.

You know, I don't know why anyone is so surprised about The Times. Look beyond the sober-looking Times Roman type and it has been nothing more than a tabloid in taffeta for many years.

The lesson of this story is that Conservative politicians would during a period of economic difficulty be better spending their time in this country rather than poncing about on luxury yachts among people - Russian oligarchs, inherited wealth financiers and Peter Mandelson - that the average voter distrusts.

Will it be a lesson that they learn? I very much doubt it.

So Osborne told? So he should and let the whole country know just what a nasty, poisonous creature Mandleson is - the sooner the rest of us are told of his nasty, lieing ways the better

The editor is the one who's been keeping this one alive, not me. The papers broadly agree with the facts in the case.

The issue is Osborne's competence and political nous, which is sorely lacking.

And, I won't accept "immigrant" as a badge of disgrace. It's a badge of honour.

Posted by: Sir Piers | October 23, 2008 at 16:55

Candida Jones' article is a riot. Gentlemen, in case we need it, we must all learn to exude an air of bashful apology.

I picture a 70s film with Terry-Thomas as the cad chopping through the water in his speed boat knocking bathers aside. Then he says "You're an absolute shower" while pushing a nine-year old off the pier with a well placed shove in the back.

Rumour, innuendo and conjecture are no basis for an enquiry or litigation.

Brown was desperate to prolong 'yacht gate' as a distraction that would deflect interest from his awful RECESSION figures produced today (24/10/08).

As the BBC deemed fit to declare political war on G.O. in the interests of political balance, it would seem fit and proper to consider abolishing the BBC TV licence fee. The BBC has become too politicised under its Chairman Lyons and should have its Charter revoked.

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