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What no question again which offers a third way when it comes to taxes, public spending and debt? Come on Tim, another leading question.
We could have the option of cutting public expenditure and sharing the savings between reducing debt and taxes.
But most importantly, whats the point of asking what the Tories would do instead in the current economic crisis. Why not ask what we think the government should be doing instead?
A better question might be to ask about Conservative economic reconstruction manifesto as Danny Finkelstein argued on Comment Central?

Yes I did wonder why 'cut taxes and spending' wasn't offered as an option.

But you can type it in manually!

GB£.com, I did!

Good points Chris and GB#.

I've added another option - "Cut taxes and borrowing with the proceeds from cutting spending" - which isn't ideal but I'll analyse the split sample.

Thanks Tim.

You neatly sidestepped the European issues on which there is any point in asking a question. Do Tories like the Euro? Of course not. Do they want to leave? Now, that's a question.

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