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Fortunately the public aren't that gullible. The BBC conducted a "press the button if its good" test on Cameron's speech with floating voters. They thought it was boring, lacked passion and hated the fact he mentioned Thatcher. I expect a surge in the polls to Labour as a result of Cameron's dreadful speech and lack of leadership. Go Fourth!!

Cameron, said if we fail in Afghanistan then the Taliban come back and the terrorist training camps will come back so our armed forces are defending our freedom and our way of life.

Afghanistan President Karzai said: We were fully in charge of Helmand before the arrival of the British forces and when they came in, the Taliban came. American and the British forces guaranteed to me they knew what they were doing and I made the mistake of listening to them.

David Cameron knows that regardless of the war in Afghanistan there is already a network of British terrorism training camps preparing recruits for mass murder. Security officials believe hundreds of men including a gang that made a failed attempt to bomb London's transit network have passed through camps across the English countryside. Parks in the Lake District, in northern England, and the New Forest, in southern England, and quiet corners of the southern counties of Berkshire, Kent and East Sussex were all used for such training.

Jonathan Evans, head of domestic intelligence agency MI5 has said Britain faces an ever growing number of potential terrorists within our borders currently about 2,000

How can armed forces in Afghanistan protect us from a danger that is already here, how can they defend our freedom and our way of life fighting another costly hopeless Vietnam type war?

Our boys are not in Afghanistan to defend our freedom and our way of life and it’s not the terrorist that have taken away our sacred, habeas corpus protection against illegal imprisonment, it’s our own lawmakers that did that and they spy on our every move and rob us of our rights and document and index us all like cattle or criminals and they lied about Iraq and 9/11 and Afghanistan and it’s not a war against terror, it’s a war on our freedoms and way of life so the real enemy that we need to worry about is the enemy within.

The people of this country never wanted war but our politicians voted for war spending billions of taxpayers money engaged in two unnecessary wars and from that comes the backlash of terrorist attack and Government erosion of our civil liberties all in accordance with their strategy. Study the Iraqi war, 9/11 the inside job, Northwood Conspiracy. Code-named Operation Northwoods and you will hopefully understand that the powers that be consider the lives of our soldiers and civilians to be expendable.

The will of the Government is never the will of the people, all Governments are corrupt knowing this we give them unreserved authority to slaughter other civilians, imprison a teacher that discharge an empty air gun confronting miscreants while protecting armed police that kill civilians, like the innocent boy, shot dead at Stockwell tube station. If we want to know who is to blame for all this and so much more we need only look into the mirror. We gave them unconditional authority and one day we will pay the blood price!

this is gold. absolutely everything I wanted to hear. spot on.

though whether or not cameron was wrong or not about libertarianism is beside the point. even though this was a conference speech, it was tailored for the public, who tend to be naturally wary of such concepts.

Wrong on libertarianism, wrong on EU.
Liberty is a "good" on its own. In fact it is the most valuable "good" for human beings.
What about the socialist and beraucratic construction called EU?

E. S.

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