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Could not agree more Tim

I wholly agree. The speech (like his speech last year) hung together so well. He has an amazing ability to "walk" logically through issues so that one can feel the consistent moral and practical values behind the man.In the end I think Cameron is right. Being Prime Minister means dealing with events as they come, and, to stand a chance of doing that, one needs a moral and practical compass.I believe he has shown that he has that. I was extremely impressed.

A very good speech. The last paragraphs brought a lump to my throat.

BUT - I think he is wrong about libertarianism, and wrong to use the word in a negative context, too.

It was a brilliant speech, hes going to win the next General election by a landslide.

There was however just one thing, where he says "I do not want to be Prime Minister of England, i want to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom".

Lets clear that up right away.

*It is only ENGLAND that will elect the Conservatives.

*The "British" Prime Minister (the present incumbent as we all know is the Unelected communist no mandate in England man Broon) thanks to McLabour, has virtually NO SAY WHATSOEVER on Scotland ane Wales, so basically yes, the "British" Prime Minister IS the Prime Minister of England!

*Scotland, Wales and N Ireland all have their OWN National Parliament or Assembly, along with their OWN "First Minister", basically De Facto Prime Minister of these Regions - England does NOT.

I'd like to end by saying that im not disputing that there are Conservative voters in the Scottish EU Region, but i personally dont know either of them.

Clearly cant have listened to the same speech, dull delivery and only promise a tax cut for business. Oh and will sweep away Quangos, that just before we will set up an office of fiscal responsibility - silly name but yet another Quango. As for your Wandsworth inmate - I didn't hear any answers. Having the shadow cabinet behind cant have helped - what a dismal looking lot.

That wont play well in the smoking area next to the Dog and Duck

Spot on and frankly those who were expecting Cameron to use his speech to dismantle Brown's record in depth were always going to be disappointed. People want to know what their politicians stand for and today we really got that. Yes, we didn't hear so many specifics but it was a keynote conference speech in which we really got the sense of his vision for the country, obliterating Brown's jibes that he is a "PR man". I particularly enjoyed the way he turned the fact that he is a novice into a positive. Change is in the air!

Hey Gordon why are you going by the name of Icarus????.

Sorry, your gonna have to do better than that, what a pathetic feeble response.

"..regardless of the effect on others. That is libertarian"

No it is not.

The very definition of libertarianism is that you should be free to make your own choices as long as they do not harm others.

Steve, I agree, Cameron keeps on defining himself as being against the English, when its the English he will rely on to vote him into office, its as essentially the de facto First Minister of England where he will wield most of the power he has, and it is the English who have had to content themselves with being second class citizens under this Labour Government, it’s the English where most of the power of the British state resides, yet its the English with whom Cameron picks a fight and demeans as being beneath him to rule as Prime Minister, when that should be an honour.

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