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"We had a bit of a go at The Blue Blog on Sunday (hopefully constructively)."

But not, evidently, to any effect..

Gove's piece is excellent, but has zero comments (the other post you mention still only has 1 comment - same as at 9.00am this morning). The Gove post should be on HERE, where people will actually read it and comment upon it - posting it on Blue Blog is the equivalent of consigning it to the 'twilight zone'.

The point is, nobody is reading the Blue Blog, as it already seems to have achieved a reputation across the blogosphere of being amatuerish and not worth visiting. Either take it down or put someone in charge who knows what they are doing (Tim?)


What odds would someone give me for Lord Adonis being a Schools Minister in the first Cameron government - all seems very friendly...I see backrooms deals being done!

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