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Did Channel 4 also attempt the same infiltration of Labour?

Err, maybe they did, maybe they didn't. Not much to do with journalistic values either way.

As I recall C4 did a (pretty awful) infiltration thing to Labour in the 2005 election but not one on the Tories.

What is there to hide in any case?

I think there are no depths to which certain journos will not sink in order to infiltrate and dig for dirt! Well done CCHQ for foiling this woman and it will pay to keep on the alert!

And it would appear that Ms Williams is no longer on Facebook - probably very wise in the circumstances!

Another fine use of taxpayers' money by Channel 4...

"I write to confirm that the donation of the sum of £334 made in two
payments on the 4th August 2008, and the 1st September 2008 were made by
me but the true donor was Channel Four Television."
On the basis of this statement from her, why is the COnservative party not making a complaint to the police?

What do you expect from a television channel that supports Labour in return for taxpayer handouts. Don't believe me? Who gave C4 £55million after they complained to the government that they had 'no cash to go digital'? The incorruptible Media and Culture Sec. Tessa Jowell, who was such a good judge of character as to marry David Mills, money launderer of Berlusconi and tax fraud mastermind. C4 news and current affairs make the BBC look impartial... Hmm. Oh ha ha ha.

hey if you have nothing to hide why not just invite journalists to attend???


I don't know what she hoped to discover other than invitations to drinks parties and receptions at conference! C4- desperately stupid as well as criminal.

Three things spring to mind:

1. The "journalist" is a muppet. Who would seriously arrange their holidays around Tory fund-raising events?

2. Despite her attempted deception, I hope CCHQ took legal advice before releasing her personal details into the public domain. It's something I wouldn't have done.

3. Shed loads of typos in the CCHQ document. Was it intended for public release?

Is this a genuine CCHQ document? What is it supposed to be? A press release? The pdf file looks very dubious given that it isn't dated, doesn't have a reference number, address or contact details for the press officer. It does, however, disclose some very private personal data including home addresses and a bank account number. Disclosing these details on a document published on the internet is highly irresponsible, regardless of the allegations against Ms Williams.

I'm not sure why this is such an issue.

If Channel 4 want to donate to the Conservative party that is fine.

Team 2000 is not something that needs hiding away. By publishing personal/bank details of the journalist we are building this into a negative story for us.

As a precaution I've removed the PDF.


The taxpayers give millions to the Labour Party in the form of sympathetic coverage.

So a couple of quid from the taxpayer to the Tories should only be welcomed

Thank you Tim. I was extremely concerned about it.

They will be everywhere!

Sion Simon now even more in the trough. You know, I think I'm going to give in. Absolutely nothing from the Party hierarchy. I despair that we are so bloody weak. DC, being a nice guy just isn't enough. Did you see the most unbelieveble comment on Guido from Draper's lot. How on earth are we poor foot soldiers meant to cope? Are, yes. Just like the poor but honest remaining real working class fighters. Stuff you silly unimportant activists. I am so close to quitting. Give me a reason to stay. Whoops, little man, don't need you.

Does anyone watch dispatches anymore anyway? I've seen a few recently and they are all unbelievably biased towards whoever is trying to make a story out of nothing that week that it can even put me off believing what I know to be true.

No, they wouldn't be infiltrating labour as there is no story there - everyone who would be influenced by media knows them to be corrupt already... no-one cares about them anymore.
The remaining who vote labour are die-hard labour fans, or those that know nothing of politics but don't want to be 'nasty'(they believe the lies) and so wouldn't be watching political programmes anyway.

Channel4 does not need to infiltrate Labour.
As with the BBC they are Labour.

It’s all very well to be angry at a TV journalist posing as a Conservative, but shouldn’t we be equally angary at a Conservative posing as a TV journalist!

“Tories faced claims of a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign last night after an MP’s daughter posed as a journalist to question his opponents. Xanthe Steen, daughter of Anthony Steen, sparked anger with her appearance at a Totnes factory during Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy’s visit. She had already interviewed Labour candidate Tom Wildy when Mr Kennedy arrived. But any plans to ambush the Lib Dem leader were thwarted by his youthful Press secretary Daisy Sampson - a former schoolmate of Xanthe. Miss Steen had told reporters she was covering the visit for a satellite channel called Now”

Finn if that story is true then Miss Steen has been extremely foolish and unhelpful but I doubt whether in the long run - unless repeated - it will have had much impact!
Anthony Steen is a rather strange man and I suspect he and his family are not exactly in touch with the real world!

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