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Look at me, look at me! I'm Nathan Rothschild and I'm really important! If I write a letter to the Times about important people everyone takes notice! Look at me everyone! I'm not 5 years old, honest.

Cameron backs George Osborne's judgment

Oh dear!

Obama needs to cut his ties to ACORN and their nation-wide voter fraud actions! http://tinyurl.com/6nra74

If only Rothschild could be persuaded to come clean about why he’s been making trouble! It wouldn't surprise me if this somehow unravels very badly for the Dark Lord.

Unfortunately, it will only play badly for the Dark Lord if Osborne resignes. If you sup with the Devil expect to pay the price. Serious times call for serious politicians and this "boys" game is trivial and boring. Politics will be better with both Osborne and Mandelson off the front benches. Let them play in the background.

We have just been trashed on the 10pm BBC News - well done George!

This is such a bugger-up, it's going to go down as badly as we could ever imagine. The trick, it seems to me, is not to blab about what ya did on holiday, especially what you did with the then-Prince-of-Darkness. This was always going to be a kicking, it's just very unfortunate that the kicking is now relatively likely to go to court. Not what we needed.

Osborne is the victim of a smear campaign orchestrated by Mandelson and Campbell, aided and abetted by their stooges in the media, particularly Peston and Robinson at the BBC.

Remember though, revenge is a dish best eaten cold.

Peston gives every appearance of being carried away by his own publicity, into thinking that he is a good deal more intelligent than he actually is!

These Bullingdon Buffoons are a rum lot! Cameron, Osborne and Rothschild should be given a jolly good thrashing for behaving like a bunch of thick oiks.

Seems funny that Rothschild introduced Osborne to the idea that the Russian might want to donate and them accuses Osborne in a letter to a newspaper! The Rothschild clan have attempted to influence governments for two centuries to further their acquisition of wealth. They are too powerful and their activities in hedge funds and the like should be scrutinised and regulated.

Time to walk, George.

It matters little whether this is a smear or not. Osborne's judgement is front and centre. It was poor judgement. Very poor indeed.

If Cameron wants to portray his party as the new force in politics, then Osborne can't stay in post. If he stays it's the same old Nasty party. If he goes there's the opportunity to clear the decks and keep hands clean.

Few people, even the most die-hard loyalists, will be able to deny that this all started because of Osborne blabbing his mouth about a private conversation with Mandelson on holiday in order to score a cheap political point.

The timing obviously couldn't be worse. It looks like George has tried to play dirty tricks against someone much more experienced than him at that game and got burnt.

Everyone seems to be using this to try a stick their own personal boot in ... those that don't like osbourne saying he should go and those that don't like the BBC saying that it's all biased reporting - in every report I saw with Nick Robinson he was saying it stank of mandleson.
It's labour style nastyness... rise above it.

This whole pathetic affair is being blown up by Osborne’s inability to combat allegations by the press .Osborne only needs to refer the media to the scurvy dogs from the other side that have been having freebies ever since they came into office in 1997.
Unfortunately for Osborne he has not got the ability of Maggie,Tebbit, K Clarke or Hesseltine or many others to handle awkward situations and comes over as a boy doing a mans job.
It is a worry that when even mediocre interviewers seem to be able to give many of the Shadow Ministers a hard time we seem to flounder have we lost all our attack dogs we need them?
Even with this terrible economic situation our Shadow Ministers can not nail the case that Labour through history could not run a sweetshop never mind an economy. When the Conservatives are challenged about boom and bust they never put the point over that the Conservative party are always sorting out Labours mess.

Not smart, Dave, Gideon is in big trouble.

All he had to do was not frighten the horses to be a shoo-in. Really, was it that hard? If he was a competent heavyweight like Ken Clarke this wouldn't have happened. He's a child in a grown-up's world and he's not up to the job. He'd have to deal with people far more devious than his Bullingdon chums if he were to get into office, and it's clear he can't handle it.

But, he'll stay on, tainted, and just knock the shine of your lead.

David Cameron is now facing the sort of really hard choice that comes with a seat at the top table.

Osborne has got to go for 2 reasons;

1. He is a useless Shadow Chancellor, who has been totally off the pace for weeks.
2. He has got no common sense, political or personal maturity, or judgement. You DO NOT go on free holidays to Corfu with Peter Mandelson of all people. What was he thinking of ?

Blair proved he could be tough when need be, both with Mandelson and Irvine.

The question is, can David Cameron now do the same with Osborne ?

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