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Brilliant! A candidate for a PP broadcast?

doesn't play for me......

John, it didn't play for me either... until I clicked the pause button twice. Go figure.

Funky music. Had me making some shapes..

Another fantastic video, very well put together. We should definitely use a video like this for a GE party political. Of the two I do prefer the 2007 conference one though, fast paced and energetic.

Very, very good... :D

Damn good video - the sort of thing to use for a PPB.

It is good and the tune sticks in your head after a while, I'm sure I wasn't the only one humming it.

I'd like CCHQ to publish the introduction video they used prior to Boris' speech on their website. That too was a very good video.

Excellent- sums up key messages succinctly in a "soundbite" way. The video equivalent of Labour's 1997 pledges card, just more accessible and relevant to the modern age. Definitely used for a PPB.

*sorry should say use, not used!*

Yes! this years video is brill! had my teenagers dancing about the room. Please use it for the tele broadcasts- its inspiring stuff! Also the Boris video is very good too.

The embedding code doesn't work unfortunately (just leaves a blank screen) but the video is excellent.

I wholeheartedly agree; have placed a link to it on our association web, and we might consider playing it as an introduction to our open primary.

How do you embed this in Wordpress?

The music in the new video reminded me of a hook in Kate Bush's "Cloudbuster" (“I just know that something good is going to happen”). Was this a subconscious message of things to come?

oooooh aIII - remixed by Utah Saints, of course.
didn't remind me of that at all.

Who is it that has made all these vids? are they in-house or done by someone else - there are a few techincal things like the small black text on the 2nd vid, but I can't see anyone saying they are bad videos even if they don't agree with the message!

Norm, I believe the text is small on that one because it was designed to be a conference presentation last year on that ridiculously wide screen they had. They should have fixed it for the online version, but I guess that explains it a bit.

The Conservatives have become so good at this sort of thing - including PPBs - in recent years. The contrast between our fresh, enthusiastic and professional videos and Labour's dour, boring and colourless ones really is striking.

There seems to be a lot of back slapping at the moment and yes it was a good presentation, but many people are commenting that the Conservatives are not winning people over but Labour are losing them.
Watching Question Time I could not help admiring the skill of Lord Heseltine with ease he put his points over with strength conviction skill and demolished the opposing views convincingly. In every interview he commands respect and always keeps the interviewer in their place and can be very aggressive when need be.
These remarks can be applied to so may of the previous Government incumbents like Thatcher, Tebbit, Clarke and many more in depth. It strikes me apart from William Hague most of the present Shadow Cabinet seem to get pushed around and are treated rather badly and when I see Andrew Neil more a less sneering down his nose at everybody apart Boris and Hague it makes my blood boil.
I would like to see much more aggression more passion and assertion and please stop being ever so humble.
People like Maude, Spelman, Villiers, May do not cut it in interviews or on appearances on Question Time and the like.
In a financial debate on Europe and not one person could stand up to somebody like Nigel Farrage or Lindsay Jenkins and win.
The worry I have is that in depth the current Shadow Cabinet comes over to most people weak and ineffective and the interviewers who are biased towards Labour have a field day.
It is a great pity Fraser Nelson is not a Politician just play last weeks Question Time it was the perfect lesson on how to demolish opposition.

Improve conference? Since the other two conferences come first, then a line of 10 pretty ,high kicking, chorus girls would go down just fine!

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