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Argh, how can people be so stupid?

Does nobody ever stop and think "what would the public think of this?"

Cameron needs to foot his foot down and call for an end to any clowning around. No more stupid Tatler photos, no more Nick Bourne-esqe gaffs, no irritating behaviour on Question Time (Alan Duncan's pathetic retort to Harriet Harman when she caught him out on mortgage regulation for example).

If Nick Bourne is to be replaced and the two most likely successors are Jonathan Morgan or Darren Miller, then I would suggest Mr Morgan, who has more experience of the Welsh Assembly, and has handled important briefs like Health for several years.
I think he also has a slightly stronger base in Cardiff North than Darren Miller does in Clwyd West.
Indeed, having the leader of the Tories in the Welsh Assembly representing a FPTP Cardiff seat would be quite symbolic of growing Conservative strength in Wales... and following on from that point, Nick Bourne deserves our thanks for his part in leading the Welsh Tories to a relatively strong recovery.
Maybe he could become a peer and a Welsh Tory spokesman in Westminster. He has the experience so should please a certain G Brown.

Non-conservatives personally like Rhodri Morgan because he cares deeply about Wales and Welsh people. Listen to him speaking at Dic Penderyn day, watch him enjoy the rugby, ask him how much he cares about the NHS, ask him about Welsh language schools. You'll find a decent man who is passionate about Wales and the people there. The problem isn't exactly Rhodri Morgan. Isn't the real problem that the Welsh and Scottish are getting freebies while the English are not? The other issue is the SNP and the rise of nationalism. David Cameron wants to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, but that would be difficult with only a few Welsh MP's, and a powerful SNP party. The problem for the Conservatives is sincerity. People who genuinely care about Wales, its history, and its people become hugely successful. Rhodri Morgan is one of those people. Trish Law is another, look at how she trounced New Labour, it was the unfakeable sincerity and care about Welsh people that did it. How many votes did this John Redwood faking his way through the Welsh national anthem cost the Welsh Conservatives in 1997? http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=RIwBvjoLyZc
Obviously this pisstake panflet was a mistake. Those guys should have tried lovebombing, because Rhodri Morgan is popular, and he said he would retire not before long. The way to win Welsh votes is to sincerely care about the people in Wales. Attacking Rhodri Morgan is a vote loser, except for Conservative votes that are already in the bag. Welsh vote winners: an official pardon for Dic Penderyn, support for Welsh sport such as Rugby, don't close or mess up Welsh language schools or mess with Welsh speaking families who have been speaking Welsh with each other for generations, and NHS NHS NHS. Margaret Thatcher is hated in Wales, but that's because she's blamed for the loss of jobs. The way to beat that is the creation of jobs and regeneration of broken communities which ties in to the broken society theme of the Conservatives. Cheryl Gillan is a cool person, but it comes across like she was chosen because she was born in Cardiff and there is a dearth of others who could do the job. She's not even an MP for a Welsh constituency, even though she was born in Cardiff. For all her many good qualities, she lacks the "I love Wales with all my heart" aura of sincerity that oozes out of Rhodri Morgan and Trish Law, which is the key to success in Welsh politics. It feels like the Conservatives want an "outsider" to control us, and coldly don't care about the Welsh at all. If they don't care about us with all their heart, they should find people who do, because with that success in Wales will flow.

This should be a blog for UK-wide stories. This is too parochial.

DCMX - last time I looked Wales was part of the UK.

Darren is a very effective AM and political operator and would be pleased to see him lead but wonder if it is a little too soon for him to step up to the plate as it were. JM is also very effective and comes across as being slightly more experienced and measured. He also has the advantage of being Welsh and it would make a nice change to be led by a Welshman.

The truth may hurt but Rhodri and labour have been a disaster for Wales it is just a shame that the solid political message has been confused with the unecessary personal attack.

In absolute terms we in Wales suffer from a health service that is significantly worse that that enjoyed by our neighbours in England.

Darren is a friend of mine and I would be surprised if he feels that he should lead the party in Wales presently. I should add that Darren is a fantastic AM who works his socks off for both his constituents and the party in Wales.

To return to the main point labour has done very little to advance the overall well being of those of us resident in Wales and their stewardship of the economy leaves much to be desired. One singular achievement was to destroy The Welsh Development Agency which did an excellent job.

As ceidwadwr has already said Wales is part of the UK no doubt DCMX is of the same opinion of a lot of people who post on this site in that nothing exists outside the M25.
I wholeheartedly agree with the comments of John B, as for davids post, whatever your'e on I just wish you would share it out. Rhodri & Labour have been a disaster for Wales and this was reflected in the last Assembly elections and will be even more so in 2011

P.S. I dont recall DCMX saying the posts about Boris/Sir Ian Blair were parocial.

Bourne has been a disaster for the Welsh Conservative Party. He has run the organisation into the ground by running it as a personal empire for himself and a closed circle of cronies for whom internal elections and plum jobs are stiched up for.

He has surrounded himself with a staff of (mostly) young, male former Conservative Future activists who ponce around the Assembly on salaries they don't deserve.

He has had no impact outside of the Party in Wales. He has no charisma, no public profile, is a socially liberal, old wet Heathite who failed to cut the mustard in English Conservative politics. His sad attempts to ingratiate himself with the Welsh-based media (BBC Wales, Western Mail) have neutered the Party in Wales.

Even if Bourne goes, unless there is a complete overhaul in Welsh CCHQ, the Welsh Assembly and the Board of the Welsh Party, the Party will simply stagnate and die in the province.

"the province"

What is Wales a province of I wonder?

But even if Bourne resigns, it's going to be hard to replace him. There will have to be a ballot of the entire Welsh Conservative party, which will take months and cost a fortune.

Welsh Conservatives have been highly successful having built up a stable base and adapted to changing circumstances even before the Cameron changes did. Personnel always change over time but they would be wise to continue on a successful course and not to change the winning formula.

Bourne's biggest problem is that he is in no sense collegiate. A failed parliamentary candidate, he has attempted to build up an alternative power base in the assembly, stoking up problems by at best grudging co-operation with colleagues in Westminster.

His support for extra powers for the assembly has irritated much of the grassroots in Wales. He has many good qualities, but he is also divisive.

I'd like to see him go, but it's hard to see which of the alternatives could do any better.

Nick Ramsay AM will succeed Nick Bourne as Leader of the Welsh Conservative Party!

It's already been decided! The writing is on the wall. Only the blind refuse to see it!

The man is a total prat! He has absolutely no understanding of people who need jobs to keep a roof over their heads - I have argued with him on the street before now!!!
He had no idea of the real world like most MP'S!!!!!

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