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We are all now waiting for Chris Paul to negate these results, coming as he does from LaLa Land.

Incredible. The reward of wisely doing nothing whilst everything falls around the others' ears.

Fantastic news, of course. I wonder what the figures will be like once Clegg's closing conference speech is taken into account.

It's great to see that there are twice as many Conservatives out there as there are Labourites!



Have Labour gone below 24% yet? And have we been as high as 50% before?

Very good news indeed!.

But a word of caution, McLabour may have banned elections come 2010!.

The trick will be to keep Gordon Brown as PM!

I watched the news on TV tonight and from clips of Nick Clegg's speech, I am led to conclude that he is not a patch on David Cameron and his style of attack is vacuous. Andrex puppy? Guff too about going on to govern - borrowed from Charles Kennedy!

He didn't deserve a clap, let alone standing ovation! Of course, I did forget it was a LibDem conference after all....

Yippee!!! Well what have you got to say LabourHome!

I agree, the Jock Joke Broon must stay!, he will be the last ever scottish Prime Minister.

However if they do replace him then theyre out anyway!, perhaps even on a worse scale!, so they are just shuffling the deckchairs on the titanic!.

As for Clegg!, all the moron was doing was ripping the Conservatives and Cameron, yet at the very same time hes trying to impersonate him!, even shamelessly stealing his walkabout on stage style, that party is truly a joke, still though theyre entitled to their opinions, always good to remind ones self though that they will NEVER ben in power (in England i mean).

The little guy on some remote island who heeded David Steel's advice to "go home to your constituencies and prepare for government", and who has been busying himself ever since with all the minutae, must be thinking that the time has come at last when, in the middle of the LebDims Conference their rating has actually fallen. But then, after Clegg's speech, I'd say the LD's rating still hasn't bottomed out!

Someone must have abducted Gloy Ploppwell, he hasn't yet said that the Liberal Democrats were down on 11% and are on course for victory.

My attitude to opinion polls on political voting intention remains that they have an Alice Through the Looking Glass Quality and are easily hugely distorted.

I look forward to the Liberal Democrats being reduced back in parliamentary terms to where they were 20 years ago - as usual for Liberal\Alliance\Liberal Democrat - 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. Hopefully Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne will both lose their seats so they will have significantly reduced opportunity to bore the nation stiff with (especially Clegg) aimless waffle.

Clegg was using an auto cue. So much for "speaking without notes" Loser

According to Electoral Calculus, on these figures we'd win Glasgow North!

Steve, I'd like to see them try by 2010!

This poll was done before Clegg's faux pas over pensions and his comments about private schools for his kids and before this weeks round of financial disasters.

There was a poll in 1992 I think which had Labour on 62% and us on 18.5%, (LDs still only managed 12% I think), so not far to go now!

If the Boy Wonder had any cojones we'd be on 80% by now.

there was also a poll in 1994 (according to labour home worth a laugh if ever there was)
which had the tories on 20% and labour on 60%

"Yippee!!! Well what have you got to say LabourHome!"

Labour Home i can confirm are currently dicussing on the thread of the poll that
1) it is a conspiracy
2)it is all down to the leader
3) with policies that are coherent they can come back

oh and also they believe they can win if sir alan sugar becomes their leader nice!!!!

Alas, i don't think there's much chance of either Clegg or Huhne losing their seats now we no longer have a single council seat in Sheffield or Eastleigh (constituency). The tide have been flowing against us here for a while. However, there is a great deal of opportunity elsewhere throughout the country (and Fib Dem heartlands as well!)

No doubt everyone will have put these figures into electoral calculus to see the predictions in action, but seeing as the results predict gains in Glasgow, Newcastle and Manchester amongst others, I would take it with a huge pinch of salt! Whilst we have great potential here, our associations have been allowed to collapse, we have no voting intelligence, scant campaigning activity and most people in these areas will not have seen a Tory for decades! instead, come election day, most households will have been inundated with knocks and leaflets carrying the now familiar message: 'Only the Lib Dems can beat Labour here'

If anything these kind of polls should tell the Conservative party big wigs at central office to forget the target seat obsessions - with popularity like this, they're an easy no hassle gain - we need to start diverting more attention and resources to the more industrial north of England and celtic fringe, or our credibility to govern for the whole country will be severley limited once we switch sides on the green benches.

"Jock Joke" and "McLabour"... how pathetic.

Tim Fell - what I said to Lord Ashcroft two years ago, an agent in every seat

The Labour Party have today changed their emblem from a rose to a condom as it more accurately reflects their political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks and gives you a sense of security while you are actually being f***ed

The Fib-erals are on 12%. This was taken before their confernce so they should drop another few points off the back of that.

Nick Clegg's "get ready to govern" call and his claim that they are on-course for a victory leads me to believe that he has hired Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaff (ex-Iraqi information minister) as his chief speechwriter and strategist.

And where is this sensational poll result to be found on the BBC News website? Nowhere!

Doing their masters' bidding as usual I see.

Let's spend some of this accumulating political capital - what about a pledge to abolish the license fee by the end of a first term.

Bring the BBC's reign of terror to an end!

I too have noticed how quiet our friend Gloy Plopwell has become! His Party this morning is down 4 points so we won't be treated to any squeeeeeeeks of excitement today I think!

Line from the LabourHome article (not a comment):

"The only real consolation is that 24% seems to be a Labour hardcore for the moment and might ensure that we don't fall below 100-150 seats in any disaster."

I've always been quite impressed by the 'Orange Book' Liberals - if they are coming to the fore then surely more and more of them will start to come over to our side? Maybe a time to make overtures to them rather than simply slam their complete lack of a consistent underlying philosophy, as they (and their supportes) must already be aware of that!

Mrs Campbell: Well Done, I'm glad to hear I am not alone in thinking it. Living in Scotland, as I do, I don't know of a single seat here with an agent, not even our target seats! We can't expect to win without the local ground work

Wlf: I quite agree. Let's not forget we are the unionist party, in all senses of the word....Leave the divisive politics to Labour and the BNP/SNP/PC/MK

Steve at 00.27 said:

I agree, the Jock Joke Broon must stay!, he will be the last ever scottish Prime Minister.

Editor, when are you going to ban racist comments of this nature? Would it be acceptable to say this about a Pakistani or Afro-Carribean?

Is it any wonder that the Party in Scotland is not making better progress when sites like this purporting to be the authentic voice of the Tory grassroots allow space to blatant racists?

What next, no blacks in the Cabinet?

The trouble with the Lib Dems is that their figures do not add up. How can they abolish council tax and cut 4 pence of the basic rate of income tax then raise another 3 pence on the basic rate of income tax? They haven't been specific enough about where the savings are coming from and taxing the wealth creators could lead to a flight of captital resulting in less tax revenue. Another thing is that the Lib Dems rarely mention the PSBR. Surely cuts in government waste must go to substantially reducing public borrowing. Oh and Vince Cable was recently praising Norway for having the price of unleaded petrol at over 130 pence a litre.
As for the poll bear in mind that opinion polls have understated Tory support in the last few elections so the real lead could be over 30 points.

What sort of swing do we need to get rid of Harriet Harman?

I think unseating Mrs Jack Dromey might be a big ask, but if you want to hear everyone's favourite "sista" trying to explain away this shambles of a government, tune in to Question Time tonight. She's up against Alan Duncan (one of our best media performers) and Ian Hislop, so it could be an interesting one for Mrs Dromey!

Tim Fell,
You highlight a very important issue. Associations are dying on their feet in all parts of the Country. National media and PR are being substituted for grassroots activism. All very well until the parties are neck and neck. Then it is the best organised, efficient and properly funded party that would win.
As for The BBC. Disgusting behaviour and criminally corrupt bias. Central HQ should show their anger and refuse any contact.

Cleethorpes Rock, 'a big ask' is one of the worst expressions in the modern language lexicon!
I expect Hislop will do more damage to Mrs Dromey than Alan Duncan. Alan used to be good but I haven't seen him perform well in debate for some years.

What a joke , i saw a flying pig last night it looked like David Cameron ! What does he think about the present banking crisis ?

What does he think about Speculators and the banks who have caused these problems that we are all suffering from ?

What would he do about this ?

No response he has no anwser,s as usual when things go wrong he says nothing and offers no solutions, we need a real leader not one who goes into hiding when things get rough.

He will be found out sooner or later, then these polls will reflect reality.

All the people above who are having an orgasm today are the very ones who when polls go the other way call them rogue polls,which can,t possibly be right, then they rejoice when they go the other way .

Wake up dreamers ! The real result in 2010 will be completely different. Please keep this message and reflect the day after the next election.

It's over.

Thank-you Malcolm Dunn. I've obviously been watching too much football this week and the subsequent interviews!

I agree with you on Hislop. I expect him to go after Mrs Dromey with the vigour he did Lady Archer a few years ago.

"Editor, when are you going to ban racist comments of this nature? Would it be acceptable to say this about a Pakistani or Afro-Carribean?"

I don't get in a tizzy if the Scottish insult or make jokes about England. Stop pretending to be offended, the very fact that the word "jock" isn't looked upon in the same way as, say, the "n word" is due to historical reasons.

Still a significant vote for the Lib Dems. Clear policies have been spellt out at the conference, and still plenty of time to resume the stupendous momentum. There were a few polls showing 11% last October, so it can be achieved. Overtake Labour by Christmas, and the Tories by the end of 2009, crossing over to win an overall majority in May 2010. It's an excriting, fabulous time.

Gloy I love your optimism! I think you should start exporting your "happy pills" to the Labour Party - they will be sorely in need of them! :-)

Gloy Plopwell is a joke.
If he or she actually exists.

RichardJ: The whole point is using Scottish terms as a derogatory put down, not using them in general. We are still perceived by many in Scotland as anti-Scottish, the preservation of our Union is under greater threat than ever, this is not the time to start going down the road of using irrelevant Scottishness to attack Brown when he has already delivered so much to our arsenal lately.

I would equate the distastefuleness of Jock/McLabour comments with those Tory Toff comments Labour used in Crewe a few months ago. It isn't nice and the public don't like it!

Have you noticed that when ever Gloy Pooptalk tries to say the word exciting, he (she or it) always spells it excriting.

Im telling you its a Freudian slip and what he (she or it) clearly means is excruciating!

I mean 12 pc, and this is before opinions are taken on what i beleive has been a terrible week for Clegg. He's again been outperformed by a joddery old chap like Vince Cable. They would be mad to swap Clegg for Cable though, he does well in his amusing short bursts, but i think leadership would show him up like it did Ming Campbell.

I would not count the chickens yet. We are still 18 months away from the GE and there will be plenty of banana skins.

What we need is a set of coherent policies that will show that we are ready to assume power and convince the electorate that they can trust us. So far this has been rather patchy and short on detail.

And a little less crowing is advisable because we should not come across as cocky/arrogant (remember Kinnock and his Sheffield rally?).

Too Late Yogi Cameron and Osbourne already are !!

From what I've seen Cameron has been very clear in stating that nothing is over till HM makes the call. He has repeatedly said that we shouldn't become complacent etc so I don;t think he can really be attacked for such a thing!

I've complained to the BBC about this reciving no prominance on their website. Its just not good enough when they are facing attacks for left wing bias from ALL angles and even within.

I'd do anything to see that license fee scrapped...does anyone agree that could see us top 55 pc ?

I don't think so Gezmond. As ever you're clutching at straws.

get back to your constituencies and prepare for government!

Has anyone else noticed that this poll gives 12% to 'others' and in our political process 'others' is usually comprised of the most dangerous elements around - BNP, Green, SNP, Plaid, Socialist Labour/Communist etc....quite a worrying development perhaps?

Re BBC I must admit it seems as if they are almost working with the Govt to push a particular line. Seems that way but hey I accept I could be wrong as I don't watch that much TV as I'm too busy.

Hold on, let me get this straight - there are people here who haven't yet realised that Gloy Plopwell is a spoof?

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