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So they don't need to think unpopular thoughts about public spending then, do they?

Set the autocruise and measure up for curtains. I wonder who's going to get the drawing room flat in Admiralty House.

Henry - what would your lot do? Although fat chance of ever getting that far.

We all know your lot are whiter than white!


We would move the government's educational, social, health, welfare and pension liabilities and responsibilities to mutual societies. Public sector pensions must be moved to mutuals as soon as possible.

We would protect the value of the pound by ceasing to print 'funny money'. This will force government budgeting and thrift and stop cheating the people.

We would bring in French style mayors and mairies.

We would bring back full legislative power to parliament. No more European court of human rights, or EU.

We would cut taxes on North Sea oil production and facilitate the expansion of all forms of energy production within a competitive market, subject to environmental regulation.

We would cancel the aircraft carriers, reform the MoD and minimise the nuclear deterrent. We would work for King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia's peace plan for the middle east and build a better relationship with Tehran. Christian troops would only be deployed to muslim lands for short-term punitive missions. Muslim allies would fight all long-term wars.

We would take on the fire service, tube, and similar unions opening their jobs up to the free market.

We would expand and empower the probation service reducing the police budget to fund it. Justice policy would focus on the management of persistent offenders within long-term community punishment and curfews. We would abolish the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. I am in favour of bringing back corporal and capital punishment as the ultimate statement of resolve to defend society, especially children.

We would work towards the elimination of income tax, which we could have done by now if government spending had stayed at Major levels, adjusted for inflation.

That'll do for the first ten years I hope, but all suggestions welcome.

You can have Mr Cameron instead, which means you will have us later, with bells on.

"I am in favour of bringing back corporal and capital punishment as the ultimate statement of resolve to defend society, especially children."

Defending society by teaching children that physically harming other humans is normal behaviour?!

Not harming them, killing them.

The Conservative lead is beginning to shrink slightly or perhaps just oscillating in the 18-20% range.

Labour are not dead yet though they have the look of it.It is not impossible they might actually fight back and retrieve their situation to an extent.

There are a possible 2 years before the next general election and it is unlikely that the polls will remain in this static state for all that time.Certainly Labour are loathed and the Tories are the beneficiaries of that- but for two whole years ? Their has to be something more than taxation and the economy important though they are.

The Conservatives have to do something else to clinch it and that means addressing the constitutional problem in England, the only country where it counts for them politically. That means changing their opposition to an English parliament and championing it. Put an English referendum and an England Act in the manifesto.

Blair did it re Scotland in 1997 and he sailed home!

Jake, what utter tosh! This constant "the Tories have to do more" mantra is nonsense. The penny has finally dropped with enough of the electorate. The economy is coming off the rails in a very big way, between now and May 2010. Labour is finished, the elecorate are not asking the Conservatives for a blinding manifesto and a lot of promises (that they assume won't be kept anyway) they are saying we need a change and for the worst damage that has been done by Labour to be repaired.

I realy am now convinced that the lib Dems are going to gain Wolverhampton North East, at the next election.

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