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Well as long as brown doesn't use it to take her there to gloat about how he's undone all her good work (he might not phrase it like that) then I agree it looks like a non-political invitation and also hope she has a great time.

Hahahaha, he's really getting desperate now. Come on you Thatcherites, vote for me! Please!

The Cameroons can't wait to distance themselves from Margaret Thatcher - the greatest leader they ever had!

If any statement is made it should be made by the great leader herself. I offer the following rough draft, to be delivered in her inimitable style direct to any press and TV cameras which might gather outside:

"Mr Brown and I are meeting as former and present Prime Ministers. It is very kind of him to invite me. I am not meeting him as a Conservative and he is not meeting me as Labour - just as Prime Ministers both of whom have had the honour of leading Her Majesty's Government. I am not here to support his policies and, unless he's got something to tell me later, I very much doubt that he's here to support mine. Got it? Are you quite sure you've got it? Right, let's go and see the garden and have lunch. Come on, Gordon." (Mrs T then walks off purposefully with the said Gawd trailing in her wake.)

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