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George Osborne is ready to be Shadow Chancellor? Bit late now!

I click 'next' after Q3 and it sends me back to Q1...

Very interesting survey this month though. Very interesting indeed.

Apologies for that Ed. I have just amended Shadow Chancellor to Chancellor and during the thirty seconds I was in the survey I could have thrown you out. MANY apologies.

No worries, Tim. Thanks for explaining.

What I will do is compare the answers pre the change with those post the change in order to check the veracity of the results.

But he's not ready to be Shadow Chancellor...

I think Michael Howard would make a welcome addition on the front bench as home secretary. Tough, right wing - a little more of what's needed after 11 years of soft on crime.I do think there should be a mix of new faces and new talents also.

I understand Michael Howard is retiring as MP for Folkestone & Hythe at the next general election, so that may lessen his chances of becoming a Cabinet member. Do you have him in mind as a Leader of the House of Lords?
The Conservatives are currently heading for a large victory on current polls, but we can't just assume that will happen - even in our 1983 landslide our lead in the popular vote was 15%, less than most polls are predicting now. We need to keep up the momentum.

Lord Chancellor has been mentioned, Votedave.

michael howard how about the star of a new tv show

howard the brown slayer!

My future Conservative Cabinet:

Prime Minister: David Cameron
Chancellor of the Exchequer: George Osborne
Deputy Prime Minister: Kenneth Clarke
Leader of the House: Theresa May
Foreign Secretary: William Hague
Home Secretary: Dominic Greive
Justice Secretary: David Davis
Education Secretary: Theresa Villiers
Health Secretary: Andrew Lansley
Transport Secretary: Michael Gove
Social Jusitce: Iain Duncan-Smith

Don't bring back Howard, Rifkind etc. it would be viewed as a step backwards. Ken Clarke is the exception as he has always had popular appeal. Can't be bothered listing the rest, but pretty much as we are now...

Leon, not so sure about that - I think Hague would be best as DPM. Clarke should be Lord Chancellor. He's got the experience for it.

Didn't bother completing the survey, by the end it was obvious by the way questions and options were formed that we were being lead to your opinion.
Felt like just saying, why bother asking, you would be quicker just filling it in for me!

We can play an interesting 'future cabinet list' game; I'd like to say "but it must not include Ken Clarke", and in a true spirit of openness I feel it would be interesting to appoint a range of non-elected participants, in the "Government of all the Talents" spirit.

Jeremy Clarkson as senior transport advisor.

Richard Branson & Alan Sugar: heading the Office of Wealth Creation.

Stelios Haji-Ioannou and Michael O'Leary as air transport consultants.

Bjorn Lomborg: head of environmental policy.

Delia Smith: strategic advisor to the Food Standards Agency.

Bernard Matthews: DEFRA advisor.

Did you have any questions in mind ChrisD?

ConHome should make survey/poll avaiable, where you can specify an individual for each future conservative cabinet post... based on the numbers.. it would make interesting viewing!

"Did you have any questions in mind ChrisD?"

Tim, been taking part in the surveys for a couple of years, in fact only refused a couple when I have felt I was being lead.
It was when I felt the need to fill the comments box for a fourth time, and could not simple skip the leading question of dividing any spare cash between paying off the debt or tax cuts that I just stopped bothering.

I think that you made the mistake of assuming that there was only two types of Conservatives, the thoughtful ones that will want tax cuts to boost the economy, and the *fluffy ones* that simple care more about the size of our poll lead.
We are a much broader church than that in the party, and we do care about more than the polls.

I think Michael is the problem. He over-promoted trustafarian Gideon in the first place.

ChrisD: On this thread or via my email ([email protected]) please suggest questions that would address my "mistake". I'm not intending to over simplify choices. Thanks.

I do have a question in mind. What about our continuing loss of personal liberties? ID Cards? Education? Top up fees in the NHS? Why must we ignore these things and only discuss the economy? There are other things important in life besides money but I guess if we don't talk about them we will forget they exist.

Can we just leave the Michael Howard thing alone. He's standing down. I'm sure he'll appear in the Lords in time, but for now he is not going to form part of the short term future, so he shouldn't appear in this survey.

Europe is a burning issue for most Tories. Why are there no questions on Europe?

Leon Bancroft: Education Secretary: Theresa Villiers??

Theresa Villiers? Ha!!! - I wouldn't let her run a whelk stall - her 'performance' in Shadow Transport has been underwhelming to say the least

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