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Great appointment.

Wonder who is going to take over Open Europe?

I hope he learns to shave soon.

Another EU sceptic in a position of influence. Good.

Might I suggest it is a little disingenuous to write of the decline of the IEA.

The IEA continues to produce cutting edge material of the right - but it is not wanted aboard the Cameron bandwagon - not liberal enough.

This is an excellent choice for PX. Neil understands the importance of independent political campaigning, as distinct from party political hackery.

Lindsay Jenkins's terms are incorrect. The IEA is too liberal, i.e. libertarian, for David Cameron. Cameron is a social democrat with left-wing policies on the environment and a politically correct approach to candidate selection.

I hope that Global Vision will take over the leadership of the Eurosceptic Movement from Open Europe. The latter, under the careerist O'Brien, was too Europhile for my taste. We are Better Off Out of the EU and should join EFTA instead.

I think Libertarian you and I agree on David Cameron - what is 'right' is perhaps semantics.

We also agree on Better Off Out.

As the recently appointed director of BOO (hon. I may say!) I intend that BOO will be the lead in scepticism and realism of all things EU.

One thing we will not be doing is inviting that great Frenchman Giscard d'Estaing to London to give us our options!

The IEA has wasted its influence under John Blundell. Noone thinks much of it anymore. Lord Harris and Arthur Seldon have not had good successors.

Even though I disagree with him on the EU, Graham Mather did a good job at the IEA. Ironically, he was booted out for being too close to Major and the Tories. Blundell was told to change that by the trustees. He has been too successful - the IEA has no influence, on politicians or in the media, at all.

While it is correct to say that the IEA is of no interest to Cameron, and that isn't their fault. The IEA has gone into a long decline all of its own accord. Today, it focuses mainly on nostalgia. It has totally lost the cutting edge it had under Ralph Harris and Arthur Seldon. It is a shadow of its former self.

The big problem with the IEA began when its centre of gravity moved from 2 Lord North Street to 54 Millbank.

Sorry, I meant 58 Millbank!

Intellectual and communications skills.
That's all we need - another Spin doctor.

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