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## Memories... ##

Anthony Wells says the changes are C +1, Lab +1, LD unchanged.

It's fabulos stupendours news that the Lib Dems have kept 16%. Less than a year ago some polls showed 11. This is a firm base to build on, and the party conference will spel out clear policies and all the answers to tomorrow. It's very excriting, and on track to overtake Labour and then the Tories in time to win the next election.

Oh no, Labour are up by one, we are doomed.


Nice Freudian slip with that spelling mistake. You're almost there...

Labour up one? The sympathy vote is still in play then :)

I doubt that the poll results can be quantified so easily. The demographics of Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland are quite different. Labour weakness in Scotland does not automatically translate into more seats for the Tories - and neither are really represented in Northern Ireland.

The great swing will not produce many seats in the larger Northern metropolises - just reduced Labour majorities or even a few seats going to the LibDems.

In the South the picture is again different - some seats are forever Labour but LibDem losses will be quite large.

The largest flux will be in the Midlands.

A much more sophisticated interpretation is needed to have true picture of likely gains and losses.

Recent polls in the North of England ( Manchester , Sheffield , Liverpool , Leeds , Newcastle etc show a Labour lead of 2%.

I thought there was a great Cameron revolution taking place ! In Manchester there is only one Tory Councillor and he is a Lib Dem defector . In Leeds there are only 22 Tories out of 99 ! In Sheffield , Liverpool and Newcastle it,s much the same.

Given all the problems Labour are having , it,s a disaster for Cameron. He might be convincing the south of England but not the north !

Really Gezmond? Which polls are you referring to?

Malcolm, polls taken by independent sources ! Details not available for information at present.

"Recent polls in the North of England ( Manchester , Sheffield , Liverpool , Leeds , Newcastle etc show a Labour lead of 2%."

I would have thought that was brilliant news, compared to the way those cities voted in 2005...

'Independant Sources'-Gezmond? You haven't been looking at tealeaves again have you?

You always have a good answer VoteDave lol , Tea leaves Malcolm ? I only drink coffee !!

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