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"RichardJ - No, you do not agree with Nadine's position on abortion in any way whatsoever, quite the opposite."

Really? How do you know what I think? Perhaps you are referring to the fact that I linked to a pro-choice blog. Where abouts did I say that I endorsed its position on the abortion issue?

Philippa Stroud

I sincerely hope not.

Not quite an MP yet, but a rare Tory with any balls is Priti Patel.

Put Dave (or any roon) and Priti's backstory to the Obama checklist.

No comparison really.

Bromley's Councillor Pauline Tunnicliffe is only similar because she aspires to be like Sarah Palin, however she neither has Sarah Palin's brains or class!!! ~Plus Sarah Palin did not lie or shag her way to the top!!!!

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