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I see the ties are off again!

Snore, snooze, yawn. What would it take to wake this guy up? Oh, that bit of life experience in the real world that he hasn't got. Complacency and hard work indeed!

He himself says the election could be next month and has the amazing gall to criticise Labour for fumbling with their own navel.

This chap has no policies and precious few teamworking skills. Timewaster. Right, back to work in the real world.

Would policy revelation be appropriate at this stage, given that plagiarism is not punishable?

Definite outlines yes, but with turbulent financial weather ahead, circumspection must be the order of the day.

Henry, if UKIP were 19 points ahead of the Tories, we might have an issue. In fact, the Tories are 19 points ahead of Labour, and 47% ahead of UKIP. Get over it.

Mayhew,outraged "didn't make it with The Tories". Typical dinasaur.

Powellite, if the Tories had any policies with which to address the failing economy, the impending energy crisis, mass immigration and associated social collapse, the ever increasing cost (both direct and indirect) of the EU and the defence of the realm then we might have an issues but, unlike UKIP, they have not.

Neither have the Tories a leader who has shown that he is in any way fit to be PM.

DC is quite right. We could still be 18 months away from a General Election and lots can happen - my view is that if Brown goes, a replacement will get a bounce in the polls ( relief that Brown has gone) and then say to the Country he or she needs time to sort things out. You never know, the public may believe this and be understanding. Any attempt to force an early election will be thwarted by the Labour majority and the new PM will have time on his hands.

We MUST not be fooled into believing what the media are saying about a big win- we must not forget the electoral odds are still stacked in Labour's favour.

I can't see why you seem to be getting upset Henry. What David Cameron is saying is true, the election is far from won and yes Labour is in a shambles.
David -at-home why don't you spend your time looking to improve your own party rather than just criticise ours. God knows, UKIP could do with some improvement. As far as I could tell,UKIP received no positive publicity at all from your conference, only the fact that Knapman wished to knife Farrage. What a farce!

I have to agree with our Leader, no complacency.

Especially this week when we have the ultimate cure for insomnia lurking - the Lib Dem conference.

Are you joking Malcolm?

Yesterday Merrill Lynch and Lehman Bros ceased trading as independent institutions, liabilities and losses unknown. Fannie May and Freddie Mac have been nationalised, losses unknown, Bear Stearns has gone, Northern Rock has gone. Have you seen the losses our banks have taken, the amount of debt the people of this country have and the amount our government doesn't admit to, but we know it has?

What does this gentleman, the man who is about to take power, have to say: 'We must not be complacent!' Could that even be an option at the moment? Does he have any sense of his responsibility to be outlining his coming government's policy? We need to know right now what he and his team are going to do, based on serious engagement with experts, guided by conservative principle.

"Decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all-powerful to be impotent".

It b*ggers belief and it's happening, tie-less, in front of our eyes.

When are you guys going to accept that you are 'popular' enough and get real.

I'm upset because our Dalibama is the change you can't believe in, the bankruptcy you can. Call me unpopular.

Firstly he isn't about top take power unless Brown opts for an election and I doubt that Turkey will vote for Christmas.
I am well aware of what's happening in the City and so is Cameron.So a foreign investment bank is going bust, what exactly do you expect the leader of the opposition to do /say about it? In your view do you think Cameron should put a tie on ,fly to Rome and give Berlusconi his wisdom on the financial woes of Alitalia? I suggest it's you who should get real Henry. For someone with your background these posts do you no credit at all.

Ooh, that hurt Malcolm!

Yes, he should put a tie on and explain that the circumstances require very significant change to government and business policy, and that does not mean crude cuts.

What do you mean by foreign investment banks? These are global institutions with major roles in the City. If you are not bothered by financial instability on this scale, what about UK government debt, the reduction in the tax base and the decline of the pound, should he be concerned about that perhaps, in your opinion? We need him to start addressing the country as the leader in waiting that he is, not continuing to campaign as a party political hack after the government has effectively collapsed.

Global business and the country need to see that he has a creative plan for these hyper-challenging times. He should lay out clearly to the world what the policy of his government is going to be, partly so it can be adjusted according to feedback before he gets into office. Even if that does not happen immediately, as you say, the Civil Service and business will start to take a cue. We don't have time to kill wandering around without a tie talking about the need not to be complacent. Dear me, no Malcolm.

Henry Mayhew - why don't you do us all a favour and play 'dare' in front of the trains at Clapham Junction? I doubt if anyone on here would miss you were you to accidentally fall under one..

Let's play it together Justin. They might get twice as lucky.

Henry - why don't you come back to the Conservative Party instead of expressing your outrage from the outside looking in? You might feel happier at DC's performance if you felt you were sharing in it.

Yea, good point Sally!

"We need him to start addressing the country as the leader in waiting that he is, not continuing to campaign as a party political hack after the government has effectively collapsed."

Posted by: Henry Mayhew - ukipper | September 15, 2008 at 15:02

Henry, you always remind me of Corporal Jones at every difficulty the world faces. The difference is Jones was trying to be helpful yelling "don't panic", all you do to make yourself feel better is use the event to bash Cameron. I doubt that Cameron could ever do anything that you are prepared to call him "leader in waiting" instead of "political hack".

Corporal Jones was not so wimpish that, confronted by a foulup by Hitler, he would attack Churchill.

I think that Mr Mayhew's criticism of DC would carry more weight if he wasn't a UKIP supporter.

I haven't seen Mr Farage or any of his colleagues giving sound advice on how to overcome this economic crisis

Oh, sorry I forgot it is all down to the EU which we should leave now

Justin Hinchcliffe,
Apart from a weak attempt at humour, trumped by your opponent, your comments, as so often before, do not really add to the point of this debate.

Sally Roberts, I think that most regular contributors accept and acknowledge that you are a loyal and dedicated Cameron and Conservative party supporter; but perhaps blind faith and uncritical devotion at all times may not be in the best interests of either of these. The, mostly constructive, but often outspoken and sometimes acerbic criticisms expressed in this blog should be welcomed as a very valuable, continuous, free opinion poll of the concerns and ambitions of those who are broadly supportive of a Conservative government, but who feel that they still need to know
more about Cameron's own core "conservative" principles and committments.

Before I would actively campaign, or even support Cameron, I would want to know, not as a vague aspiration, but as a definite committment,
1. Would he be prepared to call a referendum over the Lisbon Treaty ( as a manifesto committment) in the event that this has not been ratified by Ireland by the time if and when he becomes P.M.?
2.Will he put Britain's energy security needs (excluding windpower) first, even if this means a confrontation with the EU's energy policy directives?
3. In the event that he is elected and attempts to renegotiate the terms of Britain's relationship with the EU, will he submit these proposed changes to a referendum offering the options of acceptance, or rejection which, would of course, might imply withdrawal from the EU?

In anticipation of your reply Sally, yes, I am again banging on about the EU, but, in this case because its directives specifically relate to the energy security policy of our next government and this is something about which all potential voters need and deserve to be informed in terms more specic than political platitudes.

David: Love your post. You are absolutely right that I am panicking today. One of my mates runs UK / European capital markets for a bulge bracket bank and has been telling me for a couple of months that there is no money out there. It has gone, so there is no non-governmental elasticity. The stats on credit card defaults in the States and the UK are appalling. There seems no way that this thing is over, so Mr Cameron's piece to camera seemed inappropriate.

I really hope it is not true that I bash DC for Gordo's failings. I try to be firm but fair. You would probably be right if you accused me of not giving him enough marks for his incredible presentational skills, but they seem too Obama-like for comfort. Will they seem relevant when he hits a bump? I will try to give him yet more rope, but please can we see some seriousness?

Sorry I'm a kipper JAT but politics without principle is a mug's game. There is no money in it and not much appreciation, as you can see.

Henry Mayhew, If Sally has invited you into the tent you KNOW you are wanted and will be in a position where we can listen to you!

Was there a need for this video? Its an appeal to the country through his staff. Sound solid, mature, no panicking and yet no missing the severity of the current economic climate whilst looking PM-ish. He called the entire staff out to a meeting lasting a minute and a half where he said not to be complacent???

This video doesnt work with me and just makes him out to be playing mind games with the public. Not Good Enough. Ill wait till Conference before I decide whether Im interested in the Party but at this rate theres no chance. This is guff.

Why do the Lib-Dems always poll higher in real elections than they do in the opinion polls?

Because they get media exposure.

Cameron's team are very sensibly making sure that DC is exposed to the public in as many and as wide a variety of media as possible. However, they are not so stupid as to reveal detailed policy at this stage, which would either be shredded or stolen. (The shredding, I'm sure, is being done in-house and behind the scenes to make sure the policies are bullet-proof).

The one major policy we have put on show - and of which more detail has been released this week - is the education reform package. That is getting more air because no other party will nick it. Despite it being one supported by the Swedish socialists, which ought to have made it a straight lift for the Lib-Dems, none of their members, or Labour's either, would live with anything so simply egalitarian.

Others in the field are Welfare reform - already nicked by Labour along with IHT and CGT reform.

We don't need any more detailed stuff at this stage. We are showing our direction of travel - which is about all the electorate pick up on at this stage - and they seem to like it.

"We are showing our direction of travel - which is about all the electorate pick up on at this stage - and they seem to like it."
Ah, democracy as waiting at the bus-stop and hopping onto the most attractive bus, on a momentary whim. And you present this, in all seriousness, as a desirable, successful policy? Politics as a popularity contest, policies made up on the hoof regardless of fundamental principle... And some people here wonder why so many of us are cynical about politics and, specifically, contemptuous of the Conservative Party's claim to offer an alternative!
I suggest among other things that the electorate you apparently regard as sheep-like impulse buyers might actually be boosting the Tories in the polls out of no more flattering an impulse than disgust with the present lot and a vague hope that the Tories might cock things up a little less severely. Bit like regarding the lime-green bus as slightly less repulsive than the cerise one...
But I don't suppose this matters, so long as "your lot" has its turn on the gravy train.

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