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A lot of smooth words but nothing that'll make any difference to anything.

wtf is up with the muting of the questions?!?!

I thought he was very good. I hope he lives up to it in power (if he gets there).

Thought DC came across well. He is always better when extolling some positive suggestions and practical ideas.

DMCX are you a trigger happy Fast Response Rebutter?

I charge you with lacking any smooth words and not making a shred of sense.

Go away somewhere where I don't have to read the drivel you post.

"DMCX are you a trigger happy Fast Response Rebutter?"

It's Derek Draper himself.

Its not an interview, its a series of sound bites.

How do we know that the answers fit the questions?

A bit off topic Tim, but will you look at steps to stop the likes of Draper trolling on here if his unit does get the go ahead?

Watching its good, Cameron will hopefully make an excellent pm.

DMCX = labour troll

what's kay burley an expert in?

bmx boy proves the Drapercuckold unit is up and running! Is the bmx about bikes or a Birmingham Airport employee Draper Troll? I suggest that The Draper (I enjoy watching my wife)unit is definitely on the go.

DCMX? BMX? So the D is for Draper and the X? We will need blogosphere code breakers gang.

It seems clear to me that Campbell is back. What you are seeing is his ridiculous lines coming out, for example Blears claiming the Tories are despicable for apparently wallowing in people's misery(A Blatant lie), when the reality is that Brown is the man who is totally chuffed at the financial crisis.

I think Cameron's team should remind people constantly that Campbell(the man who cost David Kelly his life) is back at his most dishonest, that he led the country into war on a lie, that if there was any natural justice he would be at least in jail, and that Gordon Brown's only chance is to rely on a tissue of lies.

So did Dave and his flunkeys ask SKY news for a list of their questions before he was interviewed, the groomed Dave looked very shifty and ill at ease when asked about his fuel bills. I suppose that's the kind of thing Sam deals with :)

He comes across very well here. A stellar effort.

"Its not an interview, its a series of sound bites."

Yes it is an interview, an hour long one to be shown tonight on Sky news at 8pm. What you have just seen is the trailer for it.

Caption Contest. "You're common as muck. What do you want? Money?" Yes, Mr. Cameron, about our interview.

"The PM has experience but his experience his of bungling regulation of the financial sector and building up the largest ever fiscal deficit"


I'll make more regular IP address checks, Andrew, to check for trolling.

Thanks ChrisD; I've changed the title of the post to make it clearer that this video is just extracts.

?: I've amended that sentence. I blame jetlag for my error!

I saw part of this interview last night and I actually think he did quite a good job. As for Brown's attack on Cameron concerning parading his children in the public eye, which is a question addressed in this show, I think that was an unfair statement on Brown's part. I watched the show in question regarding Cameron's family life and I found it interesting and informative. I can only think it must be inspiring for other families of children with disabilities.

"Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Afghanistan""

LoL. Do you remember:
"Tony Blair explained his priorities in three words: education, education, education. I can do it in three letters: NHS."

Yet strangely, healthcare is now only listed in third place amongst Cameron's list of priorities on Webcameron (site is actually down this morning).

Cameron certainly does 'plan for change'. He plans to change his priorities with the wind.

Missed this! Editor please could you clarify - is it only PART of a full interview which is on tonight? If so, what time?

Welcome back Tim! Hope you get over the jet lag soon!

Welcome back Tim, the length and time of the interview seemed to be tacked on at the end of the trailer as an afterthought.

P.S. Welcome back Tim! Look forward to seeing you in Brum.

This video is nonsense. If the questions have been muted, then how do we know whether Cameron is doing well or not? Would you do the same for Boulton interviewing Brown?

As a Conservative member, who really wants to know a lot more about Cameron, this piece of work by ConHome is a shameful travesty. Please re-post it with the questions audible.

He had a gas bill over £1,000 last year

Producing a lot of hot air is expensive!

This is the most ridiculous clip I've EVER seen.

No sound from the questioners? BE SERIOUS

why did you mute the interviewers??

I didn't Ben. The video was like that for some strange technical reason.

Even the Sky website mutes Kay Burley's questions. Anyone watching this show last night will know why! I don't know when I have last seen such a hostile interview, I was really quite shocked the way she kept interupting and contradicting Cameron. All things considered he held his own in front of an obviously biased panel of questioners, and I was impressed with the things he said. For not knowing how much his electricity bill is, neither does my husband hah. Nor does he even know how much the gas, phone bill or the children's shoe sizes. I take care of those things in our home I am guessing so does Mrs. Cameron.

*_* very great post!

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