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I prefer the word independent myself.

Let's hope that his spending cuts will include scrapping the subsidies on wind power. Then people would see how totally uneconomical this source of part-time alternative energy really is.

The Torie's promotional stunt of getting into bed with Ecotricity( which already gets subsidised to the tune of £17 million per year) clearly shows that Cameron is more concerned with political publicity than national power productivity.

In times of economic crisis such as this and also a threatened shortage of power supplies, we urgently need to invest in economical sources of power production, even if this means missing some of the EU's totally unrealistic emissions reduction targets. Doubtless this might lead to confrontation,when the EU attempts to levy draconian fines when we miss these targets (and also our waste disposal ones)and voters have a right to know how Cameron proposes to respond to this problem.

I agree with you David Parker about scrapping the subsidies on wind turbines, I think we have them as a result of some SMART lobbying!!! They do not produce anywhere near enough power, for the room that they take up, and it won't be until they have clogged up our estuaries and littered hilltops, producing minimal power, that this lot of cretins will realise what they have got round their necks!!!

I sometimes envisage a plane crash in the midst of one of those eyesore areas!

I think that MP's need to be much more wary of SMART LOBBYISTS!!, and they need to do their homework much more comprehensively on the salesmans suggestions (after all that is all that those SMART people are!). Of course the present lot of politicians - including Tony Blair and his lot i.e. Prescott were only too susceptible to flattery etc:....

Why did you write the word 'smart' in capital letters?

Malloch I wasn't referring to fashion! And if there is a current usage for smart it probably doesn't match what I meant! Sharp would be another word that could be used.

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