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"Boris V Cameron is going to be the media's device to undermine DC"

No! Don't blame the media. Blame Boris's ambitions.

Boris is determined to be PM.

Six years into a Cameron govt he'll have stopped being mayor of London and will be returning to the Commons.

All the real troubles will start then.

I jotted down my own list before looking at yours. These were the extra points I had:

It's not just Darling, August was the month when it became clear for certain that we are in recession. Real world not politics.

It was also the month that confirmed we have a major problem with Corporate Tax driving British companies abroad.

Osborne confirmed tax breaks for marriage and, linked with that, "Cameron on Cameron" confirmed the family as his overriding theme.

I had down those contrasting holiday photos: Cameron in his flowery Boden shorts and Brown in a jacket. Both posed, but both carrying a message.

Death of that Scottish Labour MP.

And surely the VP picks in the US presidential race and McCain drawing level in their polls? (you didn't say it was just UK).

Finally, I assume the Milliband challenge must have been (just) in July?

Good post Londoner,particularly over Corporation tax.Hopefully the economy will be the dominant subject in Conservative party thinking/announcements during the coming weeks. We'll see what George Osborne is made of then.

This blog seems to have it's very own device to undermine DC:


Conand, would you rather read cameronhome.blogs.com?

This blog has to decide whether to represent the views of the whole movement or just social conservatives.
If it's purely going to be banging the drum for the right in these matters, then yeah I would rather read CameronHome.

Conand: the point of the poll results I published yesterday was to show that the 'libertarian paternalism' or 'nudging' statements made by frontbenchers enjoyed more support among party members than you would think by reading the right-wing blogosphere. That poll more closely represented the whole movement (at least within the Conservative Party), not just those who leave comments on blogs.

WE are still letting the Government's attack line on the economy go unchallenged.

"We are very well placed to weather the storm" sotto voce "because we put right the mess the Tories made". Very clever. Not true, but very clever, because, inexplicably, we have stopped hitting them with the debt stick.

"They failed to fix the roof when the sun was shining" was a brilliant verbal image and indefensible. Why did we stop using it? The public had barely heard it before we changed tack and started attacking them for being divided. That is Westminster Village stuff. A real turn off for the electorate.

Highest EVER debt in the G7/8.

Missed borrowing targets for 7, (or is it 8, now?) years.

Brown's Bust.

Please, get back on an agenda the public can understand and away from party political point scoring!

If Tim is so opposed to giving a fair view to other perspectives why has he employed Jonathan Isaby? Mr. Isaby being a libertarian. QED.

"That poll more closely represented the whole movement (at least within the Conservative Party), not just those who leave comments on blogs."

I wonder if the broad mass of the Conservative Party membership shares the unyielding belief in foreign interventionism that nearly all the CentreRight writers appear to adhere to.

I'd be curious to know how representative they are.

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