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How depressing. Is this the level British politics has stooped to?

Good lord, I thought we'd got past this vacuous nonsense when nobody bought that book by Tony called 'My vision for a young country' or whatever it was. Is anybody going to buy this? Is it going to appeal to anyone who actually knows who Dylan Jones is? This smacks of the kind of instant book that appears around US presidential elections that will be swiftly forgotten. I imagine the print run is fairly small.

Was it Neil Martin in the van?

Dylan Jones makes Piers Morgan look modest.

What's the point of this? We don't need to know what he thinks of Gavin and Stacey, we need to know what steps he's going to take to sort the economy out.

Perhaps we're allowed to know both johnlocke.

Don't be a killjoy. Politics should not be all grind, grind, grind.

Surely you can see that Price has picked this particular passage because it's gossipy and easy for her to talk about? I very much doubt the entire book is about this sort of thing.

Hope he got the numberplate of the t0sser who was trying to injure him.

Prosecute him. DON'T let him get away with it.

Why are people so rude and aggressive these days?

The extract from the MoS looks quite informative, actually. It certainly told me a lot more about Cameron - the sheer amount of preparation that goes into PMQs is quite surpriding, for example.

Excellent that he has a low opinion of Clegg as well. He just looks like a third rate Blair to be honest.

Nick Clegg speaks highly of David Cameron too.

And this is the man campaigning to be our next Prime Minister - what a joke.

Haha, it wasn't me in the van but someone else did ask!

What I really want to know is what he thinks of the repeal of sections 6 and 46 of the Child Support Act 1991. I doubt thats in the book...

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