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Transparent line of questions aimed at resurrecting David Davis and promoting authoritarian viewpoints – all intended at securing a spot for Tim Montgomerie on the Today programme.

I bet you are wrong BB. I bet it shows Tories deserting their vote for DD.

Alan S, I bet it doesn't. The sooner DD is back in the frame the better. He's a big hitter who understands the value of freedom, and who is prepared to put his career on the line to fight for it.

Looking at the questions, though, they are basically just a list of the most debated points on CH since the last survey.

I don't think its fair to say that taking a hardline on certain issues is being authoritartian.

For example recently I heard an account from a friend of how her daughter was hassled for money by a gang of other girls while waiting for a bus early in the evening. The young girl was traumatized after giving away her money, she did not want to give it, but feared the consequences if she didn't do so. Politicians should really do something about this time of activity and make 'asking for money' illegal, unless of course authorized to do so for charity etc.

Like most people I don't want to see politicians interfering with peoples lives but there are times when political intervention is called for and welcome. I should like to see senior politicians take a stand on issues such as 'asking for money' and other problems that blight the quality of life for many people.

David Davis is a man of substance who is in touch with ordinary people today, unlike many on the shadow front bench. David Cameron sidelines him at his peril!

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