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McLabour OUT!!!

The Tories are on 44%, up one, Labour on 29%, up one, and the Liberal Democrats are unchanged on 19%. At a general election, that would translate into the loss of 140 Labour seats and a majority of more than 100 for the Tories. Though Labour's share of the vote has crept up in the last two months, the result is still its worst August rating since the early 1980s.
From The Guardian web site!?


Don't be pathetic, Steve.

Why do the LibDems only rise when their leader is on holiday?

Will W, I like that, it gave me a good chuckle!

I take it the these figures are across the UK, What is happening in Scotland? Will we see a majority of SNP MP's returned? As this will have a major impact on the our plans for the first term.

Although David's victpry now seems assured I am still concerned about the possibility of extremists damaging our party

Take the following which appeared in today's Guardian Diary

Hugh Muir The Guardian, Tuesday August 19 2008

Back with discomforting news about discord within the Swinton Circle, the group that inhabits the murky ground between the crazies on the far right and the outer reaches of David Cameron's Conservative party.

Many from the circle met recently in central London, the better to plot the demise of the EU and multiracial Britain. By all accounts, things didn't go well.

There was, it seems, a furore about the alleged infiltration of the meeting and of the group itself by NF/BNP types who only serve to lower the tone. Bad blood between Alan Harvey, the London chair, and Gregory Lauder-Frost, the former political secretary of the Monday Club, appeared to sour everything - reflecting what one web poster described as "scenes more redolent of a bear garden than a meeting of a respected Conservative organisation".

Harvey is accused by his detractors, we see, of being a mole for the anti-fascist group Searchlight. ("No comment" is Searchlight's reaction. So we'll have to watch him closely.) Meanwhile, enthusiasts everywhere worry that the circle may soon be excommunicated by David Cameron, just as the Monday Club was cut adrift by Iain Duncan Smith a few years ago.

"If the Swinton Circle is in self-destruct it will be entirely due to you, Alan Harvey," writes one anxious activist. He is distressed and worried about the situation but then so are we. Aren't you?

Are these appalling people on the 'approved list' or have they been thrown out like the Monday Club

Do you believe everything you thyat you read in The Gruaniad?

I have no love for the Monday Club or its racist allies but am deeply suspicious of witch hunts that are normally targeted at Eurosceptic groups.

The Swinton O is far more extreme than the Monday Club

Their Chair is a former supporter of the apartheid racist regime in SA and he has publicly denounced Jewish people as 'Kikes'

Are you and Cameron too scared of this man to do something about him?

I get the impression that a majority of voters have made up their minds that they want a change at the next election and that Cameron will do. So unless he f**ks up big time before polling day, it should be a shoe-in. Whether he will be any good in the job is another matter, but the general public are willing to give him a chance and that's democracy for you.

Such an empty vessel Dave is, he will make a fantastic PM! Just ask Boris, Mayor of London, about our broken society..hahaha

Please don't sound so anti-Scottish Steve, that's not what our hard-working Conservative candidates in Scotland want to hear.

Incidentally I post quite a lot and that 'Steve', wasn't me! Lol. I'll use my surname as well next time!

Don't worry, there'll be another along in a moment.

In the Guardian (21 Dec 2006) journalist Ian Cobain reported on how he had infiltrated the BNP, was appointed a London official, and was given a membership list. On the list was "Gregory Lauder-Frost, former political secretary of the Conservative Monday Club, the rightwing pressure group, (who) emails to say he is unable to be an active member, as he spends most of his time at his home in the country".

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